Subway Store Manager

Subway Store Manager


Brisbane, QL

Male, 24

I have been working in Australia at Subway restaurants for 6 years and have been a manager at a Subway in a shopping center for the past 4. Unlike from what ive heard about McDonalds managers, Subway managers are VERY hands on; washing dishes, serving customers, cleaning and everything in between. I will Q&A some common questions to save peoples time

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Last Answer on January 25, 2016

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FAQ: Why did they change the name of the chicken fillet?

Asked by Noodle almost 10 years ago

Because one day a customer decided that the name "Chicken Fillet" was misleading because it wasn't technically a 'fillet' of chicken. So they complained and got Subway to change it to the Chicken "Classic". And ever since it has confused customers who want the "old Chicken Fillet" and has been a pain in the ass for employees trying to explain to customers that the Fillet and Classic are the same product, just a different name.

TL;DR - A customer complained that the name "Fillet" was misleading.

FAQ: Why doesn't Subway do gluten free bread?

Asked by Noodle almost 10 years ago

They do, technically. Subway is currently testing a gluten free roll and brownie in 19 Subway stores in the Duluth area (in Minnesota, USA. So sorry Australia it will still be a while yet)
So its been in its testing phase since early 2012 I believe and will gradually expand and change on consumer feedback.

I read about someone with celiac, testing one of these stores. She writes about how she had the worker change his gloves multiple times because of cross contamination (if you touch ANYTHING; Oven/microwave door, cutting board, knive, someone elses sub you could have contaminated it) and then also having him get fresh salads from out the back and new knives to cut the bread.
So based on that its going to be very hard and probably nerving to effectively serve someone that you might make sick by touching the wrong thing. Especially when you are under pressure to pump out subs every 30 seconds during lunch rush, then someone requires you to break up the serving system and take minutes to focus your sole attention on their sub. Thats just my opinion, Im sure on worldwide release Subway will sort out a new system to effectively serve gluten free customers.

TL;DR - They do have gluten free bread, its currently in its testing phase in a few select stores. initial reports say its very troubling to avoid contamination when serving it.

What's minimum wage at a Subway in Australia?

Asked by JF54 almost 10 years ago

The rate of pay changes depending on wether you are full time, part time or casual. And your pay starts when you are 15 years of age, and minimum wage goes up each year until you turn 21.

(Please note that the figures I give are not exact and are estimations and for example only)

So, at our Subway, everyone is employed as CASUAL. And a junior that works there is 15 years old and gets paid around $10.30 AUD per hour. BASED OFF THAT, my guess for casual workers based on age are as follows;

AGE/HOURLY RATE; (Australian Dollars)
15 - $10.00
16 - $11.50
17 - $13.50
18 - $16.10
19 - $17.10
20 - $19.20
21 - $20.50

Also note that minimum wage increases about $0.70c or so every couple of years to keep up with inflation

Do you think Subway's reputation is different in Australia than it is in the US?

Asked by ERika almost 10 years ago

I believe it is similiar. I don't know much about the US but most people like it here. It is more expensive but thats just how the Australian economy works. Even so we get customers paying $7 AUD for a footlong and commenting on how cheap it is. So I guess its just a matter of perspective.

So anyway, I would assume because Subway runs the business the same worldwide, countries like USA, Australia, New Zealand etc would think of the brand the same

FAQ: Why doesn't Subway stock (insert drink here), its my favorite!

Asked by Noodle almost 10 years ago

Subway have a contract with the Coca-Cola Company, where they provide us with a glass door drinks fridge + a good discount on wholesale coke products, and in return we buy their products to sell.
At any one time (80% or something) of the drinks offered for sale have to be Coke brands.
At any one time, we are only aloud to offer 22 'lines' of drinks. We MUST stock 600ml Coke, 600ml Diet Coke, 600ml Coke Zero, 390ml Coke, 390ml Diet Coke, 390ml Coke Zero and Mount Franklin water (i think). This takes up 7 lines of our 22 maximum (this is enforced during our monthly inspection)

So this leaves 15 lines of drinks that each Subway can choose themselves. So once the Subway stocks other popular items such as 600ml & 390 ml Fanta, Sprite, Mother energy drink and Vanilla coke it will leave them with 8 more lines.

So they will want to start branching out to cover different tastes (and have atleast 2 flavors of each so If customers don't like one they will probably like the other) so then they will choose two flavors of each; iced tea x2, Powerade x2, flavored milk x2, fruit juice x2

So after you stock the core drinks, stocked the more popular drinks and then stocked a variety of drinks to cover general customer needs/wants you usually have 0 (1-2 if you are lucky) lines left to bring in a new drink. And remember if its not a coke brand then its likely to not be stocked.

Is tipping really completely absent in Australia and do you get tourists who tip you anyway? And do you accept it or tell them to keep it?

Asked by pnes.owens almost 10 years ago

This one may be a little difficult for me to answer because at Subway we are not aloud to have a 'tipping jar' on the front counter (or anywhere).

But from my experience, in the past 5 years I have been tipped about 3-4 times and it is nearly always in the situation where someone is in a hurry, the change comes to 50 cents or less and they just run off and you hear a faint "keep the change" in the distance.

From what I have observed, places like resturants and cafes have a tip jar but most people don't tip, a few people use the jar to 'throw away' the coins that they just got from change (mostly $1 or less) and only like 1% actually tip generously.

My friend, when he was working at a sports bar said that he got tipped frequently tho. Usually after someone had ordered a round and their hands were too full for the change (and you would want to look generous infront of your friends by not taking the change) or when some older guy wone a bet on a horse race and he would share a bit with the bartender while getting another drink.

So in conclusion, tipping is not completely absent. But it is a rare occurance in anything but bartending (probably only because people are drunk) and when it does happen it is mostly just the loose change they don't want so they throw it in the tip jar or tell you to keep the coins.

And you will almost never get looked down upon if you don't tip in Australia.

Our wages are generally higher (bartenders usually get paid about $23 - $25 an hr) so we don't rely on tips so get by. But having said that, lots of things are more expensive


TL;DR - Its not absent but it almost never happens. And if it does its just loose change.

What do you think is actually the HEALTHIEST option at Subway (given that you know how everything is prepared behind the scenes:)?

Asked by Jocelyn almost 10 years ago

Everything is prepared in a very food safe manner and we don't add anything to the product after we get it

The HEALTHIEST option is to have a salad bowl, with no meat, no cheese and no sauce. Just loaded with salad. - but thats cheating a bit

But probably anything listed as '6 grams of fat or less'. The chicken strips or turkey are probably the healthiest, on a wrap with no cheese and no sauce would be really healthy. Sauce and cheese are more unhealthy than you would think

Also pretty much anything that is processed gets absorbed in your body differently than whole foods so non processes products are the healthiest

But, in my case, I eat Subway 8+ times a week (usually for breakfast & lunch monday - friday). I have the unhealthy options like meatballs, pepperoni or chicken fillet, with cheese and 3 different sauces. So I probably have the most UNHEALTHIEST sub you can get every day and I have stayed 63 - 66 Kgs for the past 4 years. And the only exercise I do is biking to work and back so you probably won't get fat from eating Subway :)