Subway Store Manager

Subway Store Manager


Brisbane, QL

Male, 24

I have been working in Australia at Subway restaurants for 6 years and have been a manager at a Subway in a shopping center for the past 4. Unlike from what ive heard about McDonalds managers, Subway managers are VERY hands on; washing dishes, serving customers, cleaning and everything in between. I will Q&A some common questions to save peoples time

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Last Answer on January 25, 2016

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Hi, my name is Keith and I'm currently applying for sandwich artist position at Subway, who should I best put for my reference information?

Asked by Keith about 8 years ago

Hi Keith, Unless you are applying for a management position, you really shouldn't need any references and I would suggest just saying "references available on request" on your C.V. Depending on your age, references should be people who have worked with you or a teacher if you haven't any work experience.Just remember to ask if it's ok to have them as a reference first.

What's the most difficult situation you have been in as a manager? How do you manage your time?

Asked by curious customer about 9 years ago

Probably when the owners of the store had to travel overseas for a family matter so I had near no contact with them and had to make some important decisions without the owners input.

To manage time I arrive a little early, leave a little late and make sure to get enough sleep. I don't do much work outside of my work hours.

Why are employees under 18 paid less than minimum wage

Asked by Zeus over 8 years ago

"national minimum wage - $17.29 per hour in the case of an adult, (and who is not a junior employee, or an apprentice, or a trainee"Under 18's get paid less than minimum wage because they are not an adult.

My son is 14 and just started work at subway in nsw. He was paid 9.10 per hour for his first shift but each shift after he has been paid less. Can you tell me what the hourly rate is for a 14 year old casual please

Asked by lisa almost 9 years ago

I'm just going to copy+paste what the fair work ombudsman government website says;

Your modern award is the Fast Food Industry Award 2010Your modern award classification is Fast food employee level 1, Under 16 years of ageCasual - standard $9.26 per hourSaturday $11.11  (25.00%) per hourSunday $12.97 (50.00%) per hourHe might be entitled to a laundry allowance of $1.25 per shift too.

How much subway restaurant cleaner salary?

Asked by Michael over 8 years ago

The point of this Q&A is to offer a first hand perspective on what it is like to work in a Subway restaurant as it is not something you can just easily find online. This is probably the 4th question that doesn't ask for my opinion or that perspective and just asks for "how mush should I get paid". It varies a lot and there are online tools that are easy to find and to use to help you with your answer. If you live in Australia, start here: you live in another country, I cannot help you.

Also the Subway fast food servers are expected to do the cleaning also, so there is no Subway 'cleaner' job title.

TL;DR - Stop asking me "how much should I get paid" you can easily find that information through a quick google search

what is the current rate of pay for a 18 year old permanent part timer,also do they get holidays and sick pay?

Asked by bart over 8 years ago

We only employ on a casual basis. For that, the rate of pay for a casual 18 year old is $16.10 per hour. In QLD, Australia. There are many online tools to help you find your correct rate of pay, I suggest you use them.As for holiday and sick pay, yes I believe you should still be entitled to that

Do your employees mostly like their jobs? Do any of them act like they're "too good" for the job?

Asked by Gerry about 9 years ago

It seems to be that the longer someone works there, the more they grow to dislike it and the older they get, the more they feel like they can do, and should be doing better. From my experience it is mostly the customer service side that employees dislike the most and it is their relationship with the people they work with that will keep them there for longer than they would otherwise stay. Unfortunately working at Subway is not a career, its just a job and staying at a job without progression leads to feelings on bitterness and the notion that you are "too good" for it.