Subway Store Manager

Subway Store Manager


Brisbane, QL

Male, 24

I have been working in Australia at Subway restaurants for 6 years and have been a manager at a Subway in a shopping center for the past 4. Unlike from what ive heard about McDonalds managers, Subway managers are VERY hands on; washing dishes, serving customers, cleaning and everything in between. I will Q&A some common questions to save peoples time

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Last Answer on January 25, 2016

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Who are the celebrity / athlete endorsers of Subway in Australia and do you think buyers really care all that much about celeb endorsements?

Asked by Variscza over 9 years ago

The most recent ones I can remember were around the time of the Olympics where Subway had three Olympic athletes endorse its product over the duration of the Olympics; James Magnussen, 100-meter freestyle world champion in swimming Casey Eastham, Women's hockey player Torah Bright, Pro snowboarder Endorsements with celebs or athletes usually only come with a promotion of a sub and then they are forgotten about after the promotion ends. As for if people really care? Yeah, I believe the general consumer, whether they know if or now, get influenced by advertisements and promotions. If it didn't work then they wouldn't keep doing it.

How often do you open a bag of ingredients that has clearly gone bad?

Asked by RC Burns over 9 years ago

Never. If it is past its use by date, we throw it out. If there is something else wrong with it we have to sent a complaint to IPCA (the company that deals with Subway's distribution), get credit or a replacement for it then throw out the bad stock.

My friend said he works at Subway as a "sandwich artist". How seriously do your employees actually take the process of putting together a sandwich? Or is the "artist" label kind of tongue-in-cheek?

Asked by lolartist about 9 years ago

Our employees don't take the label of "sandwich artist" as literal and we have a joke about the title from time to time. I think its just called that because it sounds better than "sandwich maker". I don't really get it either.

Why does the Coke in the self-serve machine sometimes serve really weird-tasting or flat soda? Is it because of a machine defect or because the soda's been sitting there for days?

Asked by Data over 9 years ago

The current store I work in does not have a post mix machine, but from memory;

If it is wierd tasting - The flavored syrup has run out
If it is flat - The CO2 tanks that make it fizzy have run out

If this does happen to you, it is a great help if you let someone know straight away so no other customers have flat or wierd soda and it should be no problem for you to get a refill once the syrup/CO2 tank has been changed.

How post mix machines work is that when you press the button, it mixes water with syrup to make 'flat' coke, then pumps it with CO2 to make it fizzy (very similar to how a soda stream works) then it comes out of the spout. so it is VERY unlikely to be a defect and the syrup is mostly sugar so before its mixed it can sit there for weeks and still be fine

Did the thing about Subway bread containing an ingredient found in yoga mats make its way to Australia and was it a scandal there too?

Asked by CNT1 almost 9 years ago

From what I know it was only an issue in North America, as that ingredient is banned in Europe and Australia so there wasn't an uproar about it. No doubt some people in Australia and Europe didn't do their research and just assumed it was every Subway doing it. So i'm sure it spread far enough to do some damage to unaffected Subway stores anyway. To my knowledge they have stopped using that ingredient entirely now.

As Subway has exploded in size, have you noticed quality control or corporate oversight getting worse?

Asked by Sub almost 9 years ago

Absolutely not, if anything I think they have stepped up their game. They have recently spent a lot of effort changing the POS system so it will be the same in all stores (previously Subway stores had one of two POS systems which made traning and transferring to a store that used the other system difficult) And in terms of food quality a while ago now they completely revamped the Roast Chicken recipe, introduced a better cut of bacon, released a new egg - 'Poached Egg' and they have also introduced 2 new permanent salad items - Baby Spinach and Beetroot - at no extra cost to the customer . So I feel as the company grows they are constantly making an effort to improve the product and bring new things to the table.

As for corporate oversight, I think the effects would only trickle down because I don't notice much of a change. The promotional subs they bring out are usually a hit or a miss.

In the US, Subway used to be considered a hip chain that served high-quality food, but in the last 5 years a lot of people have started to lump them in with crappier names like McDonald's or Jack-in-the-Box. Is that also the trend in Australia?

Asked by Ruff over 9 years ago

Not from what I feel, Subway has grown a lot over the past 5 years, growing to have more franchise chains than McDonald's so I think Subway now gets compared to other big fast food chains. Our usual customers are mostly regulars who just like the product and service, and because we are in a shopping center they eat out five or so days a week so they know they have to eat atleast somewhat healthy. Some customers just really like salad and hate that you don't have the option to get as much variety and amount as other places And others just think they are too good for McDonald's I don't think its really hip at the moment because there are so many, everyone just wants their special start up business that's really good and only they know about.