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Movie Theater Employee
Movie Theater Employee PeopleOrderPopcorn (Boston Area, MA)
I work at a movie theater. I work the concessions but I've worked long enough to know a little something-something about...
Today, 12:02 AM
Las Vegas Cab Driver
Las Vegas Cab Driver vegascab (Las Vegas, NV)
Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want...
Yesterday, 4:41 PM
School Bus Driver
School Bus Driver The Bus Driver (Southeast, GA)
I have been a bus driver since October 2006. I know the inside story, the scoop, the down low dirt of what it takes...
Yesterday, 12:07 PM
Correctional Officer
Correctional Officer Bob Walsh (Stockton, CA)
I worked for the California state system, starting as a Correctional Officer and retiring as a Lieutenant in 2005. ...
Yesterday, 9:50 AM
Python Breeder
Python Breeder CapeFearConstrict (Wilmington, NC)
I've been working with ball pythons for over ten years now. Two years ago I decided to breed them as a business. I...
Apr 21, 4:51 PM
Starbucks Barista
Starbucks Barista Green Siren (Central, TX)
After working all day in a cubicle, I'd spend my nights as your friendly, neighborhood Starbucks barista! I remembered...
Apr 21, 4:00 AM
Basketball Referee
Basketball Referee Rndballref (Chicago, IL)
For the past twenty years I have officiated high school, AAU and park district basketball games. I have met people...
Apr 20, 7:34 PM
Forensic Scientist
Forensic Scientist LIsa Black (Cape Coral, FL)
I spent the five happiest years of my life in a morgue. As a forensic scientist in the Cleveland coroner’s office I...
Apr 20, 7:57 AM