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Mailman MailmanDave (Long Island, NY)
I am a City Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service in NY. I've been a city letter carrier for over 15 years and it...
Yesterday, 10:33 PM
School Bus Driver
School Bus Driver The Bus Driver (Southeast, GA)
I have been a bus driver since October 2006. I know the inside story, the scoop, the down low dirt of what it takes...
Yesterday, 9:32 PM
Freelance Web Designer
Freelance Web Designer WebFreelancer (Paradise Valley, AZ)
I've been a full-time freelance web designer since graduating college 2 years ago. I work from home and specialize in...
Yesterday, 6:59 PM
Waffle House Server
Waffle House Server WafflePrincess (Jacksonville, Fl)
Ive been a waitress at waffle house for quite awhile now. I take orders and generally try to cater to, and please even...
Sep 14, 5:44 AM
Correctional Officer
Correctional Officer Bob Walsh (Stockton, CA)
I worked for the California state system, starting as a Correctional Officer and retiring as a Lieutenant in 2005. ...
Sep 12, 9:58 AM
Toll Collector
Toll Collector TollBoothGuy (Brooklyn, NY)
I spent just short of five years as a toll collector on the western end of New York State. Ask me anything, but please...
Sep 12, 12:10 AM
Antiques Dealer
Antiques Dealer bluetiger (fredonia, ny)
I have been buying and selling antiques (and some collectibles) for over 30 yrs. started out buying and selling to...
Sep 11, 10:59 PM
Nail Technician
Nail Technician Nailsforlife (Gainesville, FL)
I've been a Nail Technician for two years. I currently work in an upscale spa. Ask away!...
Sep 11, 12:26 PM