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Mailman MailmanDave (Long Island, NY)
I am a City Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service in NY. I've been a city letter carrier for over 15 years and it...
Today, 4:24 PM
Antiques Dealer
Antiques Dealer bluetiger (fredonia, ny)
I have been buying and selling antiques (and some collectibles) for over 30 yrs. started out buying and selling to...
Today, 2:34 PM
TV Meteorologist
TV Meteorologist Kevin Selle (Dallas/Fort Worth, TX)
I've been a broadcast meteorologist on television since the early 1990's. Happy to answer any questions about the weather...
Today, 11:58 AM
Firefighter arringnl (Goose Creek, SC)
Firefighter/EMT since 1985. Currently operating on a 75' Quint Ladder truck. Handling all phases of Fire/EMS/Rescue...
Today, 10:36 AM
Starbucks Barista
Starbucks Barista Green Siren (Central, TX)
After working all day in a cubicle, I'd spend my nights as your friendly, neighborhood Starbucks barista! I remembered...
Today, 2:41 AM
Sr. Software Engineer
Sr. Software Engineer The Mentor (Jacksonville, FL)
I have been in the IT industry for 8 years. I started as a Desktop Specialist and worked my way into a developer role....
Yesterday, 4:24 PM
Las Vegas Cab Driver
Las Vegas Cab Driver vegascab (Las Vegas, NV)
Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want...
Yesterday, 2:10 PM
Correctional Officer
Correctional Officer Bob Walsh (Stockton, CA)
I worked for the California state system, starting as a Correctional Officer and retiring as a Lieutenant in 2005. ...
Yesterday, 12:29 PM