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MailmanDave (Long Island, NY)

I am a City Letter Carrier for the US Postal Service in NY. I've been a city letter carrier for over 15 years and it is the... 613 13 hours ago
Radio program/music directorRadio program/music director

Jim the radio guy (Boston, MA)

I have spent over 25 years in radio as a program/music director as well as on-air for various stations in New England. Feel... 19 Yesterday
Basketball RefereeBasketball Referee

Rndballref (Chicago, IL)

For the past twenty years I have officiated high school, AAU and park district basketball games. I have met people who have... 239 Yesterday
Swim InstructorSwim Instructor

JustAddWater (Reisterstown, MD)

I'm a Red Cross certified WSI Swim Instructor, specializing in Stroke Mechanics and Technique work. (All ages and abilities.)... 5 Yesterday
Subway Store ManagerSubway Store Manager

Noodle (Brisbane, QL)

I have been working in Australia at Subway restaurants for 6 years and have been a manager at a Subway in a shopping center... 18 Yesterday
Opera SingerOpera Singer

MezzoGirl (Los Angeles, CA)

I sing beautiful music -- primarily opera -- but I also do concert work, church music, studio/scoring sessions, and whatever... 38 Yesterday
Antiques DealerAntiques Dealer

bluetiger (fredonia, ny)

I have been buying and selling antiques (and some collectibles) for over 30 yrs. started out buying and selling to help... 21 2 days ago
Investment BankerInvestment Banker

Frank (Los Angeles, CA)

“It seemed like a good idea at the time.” As a liberal arts grad with mountains of debt and molehills of direction, I... 54 2 days ago