Bowling Alley Attendant

Bowling Alley Attendant


New York, NY

Male, 35

For a few years in high school I was a lead attendant at a bowling alley. Responsibilities included everything from taking payment for the various package offerings, handing out shoes, dealing with mechanical issues with the lanes and solving any and all problems that arose.

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Last Answer on January 18, 2013

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How come the "Service" buttons don't work 99% of the time and I have to go chase an attendant down when my lane is screwed up?

Asked by Arghhhhh almost 7 years ago

Depends on the lanes. A good place has a guy full-time running around in the back, behind the machines (especially during peak hours). BTW - This guy is usually a pretty weird dude, to be perfectly honest. When the service button is pressed, a light goes on behind the lane and he'll know to address the problem. The most typical problem is that a pin will get stuck in the ball retrieval hole and the balls will get clogged up back there. League bowlers are usually furious at this stage.

Better bowling movie: Kingpin or Lebowski, and why?

Asked by theDUDE almost 7 years ago

Both are great flicks. But really, nobody f**ks with the Jesus.

I'm suspicious, is it really the same bowling ball that gets returned to me?

Asked by edsumnermagic over 6 years ago

Sure is! Ask the crazy league bowler who brought his $500 custom ball to play with... The machines are made so that the belt speed gets the ball back before the pins are reset.

What do bowling alleys do to keep those nasty shoes clean?

Asked by xxx300xxx almost 7 years ago

Well, you have every right to be grossed out. It's disgusting how bad they smell after a night of bowling. The good news is that they replace them quite a bit and we used a pretty powerful disinfectant spray after each use. My best advice - wear a nice thick sock when you go bowling OR, better, treat yourself to a cheap pair of pimped out bowling shoes.

You ever pull pranks on each other to pass the time? A bowling alley seems rife with potential...

Asked by GK almost 7 years ago

Typical pranks were played on bowlers by messing with their names on the computer. Someone with the initials "AB" might roll a strike and see "@ss Bandit" up there on the screen.

Why do you think bowling tends to attract more working class types, as opposed to sports like golf or tennis which attract the white-collar crowd?

Asked by alwayswondered almost 7 years ago

Who knows...probably because they are better bowlers! Your guess is as good as mine, although bowling is a pretty cheap sport to play and I'm sure that likely has something to do with it.

Is is possible for someone to get their finger stuck in the ball and send themselves into the pins???

Asked by freespirit5795 almost 6 years ago

Stuck - yes. Often. Seen one dislocation. Not pretty. Sending yourself into the pins would require a lot of alcohol.