Subway Store Manager

Subway Store Manager


Brisbane, QL

Male, 24

I have been working in Australia at Subway restaurants for 6 years and have been a manager at a Subway in a shopping center for the past 4. Unlike from what ive heard about McDonalds managers, Subway managers are VERY hands on; washing dishes, serving customers, cleaning and everything in between. I will Q&A some common questions to save peoples time

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Last Answer on January 25, 2016

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What's your store procedure in case of a robbery attempt?

Asked by Van Halen about 9 years ago

Pretty much stay calm and give them what they want because its all insured. Then call the police and close the store straight after the incident.

How long do you have to spend at each level of employment at Subway before you are eligible for promotion?

Asked by Sanders over 9 years ago

There is no real set rule for this, it would depend on how much previous experience you have, how well you are doing and how much the boss likes you. There is typically a probational (or trial) period for the first three months of employment where you can pretty much get fired for any reason.My expectations are that you would have to be at least 18 years old and worked there for over one year to be eligible for promotion.Each level of employment are as follows; Trial period (0-3 months) -> Junior sandwich artist (3 - 12 months) -> Senior sandwich artist (12+ months and over the age of 18) -> Supervisor -> Manager -> Multi-unit manager Once you are a senior sandwich artist you can only advance further by showing a high level of skill and competency then being selected

Could you please tell me how much a 16 year old get paid per hr

Asked by jake almost 9 years ago

According to the Fast Food Industry Award 2010, in Queensland, Australia if you are a casual worker employed as a fast food server your pay is as follows;

$11.58/hr - 16 years old$13.89/hr - 17 years old$16.21/hr - 18 years old


I was so sorry to read about the Sydney hostage siege. Are retail and food shops in Australia all now re-evaluating their emergency procedures, or are people viewing that as an isolated incident?

Asked by Sloane about 9 years ago

Not that I know of, our store is in Brisbane so it is "away from the action" so to speak. In Sydney there may be some re-evaluation but a terrorist attack is unlikely to be centered around a Subway store. Sorry but I just don't know much about that whole situation.

What's the longest sub you've ever made for Subway? What kinda sub was it?

Asked by Bill W. about 9 years ago

Well at our store we don't offer the "Giant Subs" so the longest would be just the normal foot long. We did have one customer come in and order a sub with extra of every meat, So it was a foot long ham with extra; Bacon, beef, steak, turkey, seafood, chicken strips, roast chicken, salami, pepperoni and chicken fillet - something ridiculous like that. we ended up having to open up another foot long bread and put that on top so it would all fit and it costed around $35 or something for the one sub.

Random Q: I was always curious whether there are laws about putting up ad signs on highways. If there's a Subway store off a highway exit, how much does it cost to put that info and the Subway logo on a billboard or sign?

Asked by Arvin about 9 years ago

Sorry but I would have no idea about the cost of advertising. I'm sure putting an ad on a billboard above a highway would be rather expensive. As for laws, there are probably certain requirements to meet when putting a sign up.

Can a staff change store with different area manager?

Asked by Elie over 8 years ago

Staff can work wherever they like. I worked for two different Subways with 2 different owners at one point. But it counts as working two jobs so you get taxed a lot more on the 2nd job, and if working at one Subway conflicts with your availability at the other Subway, don't expect to be there for long.