New Brunswick, NJ

Male, 33

As an avid lifter, I decided to compete in an amateur bodybuilding competition to showcase my hard work and appreciation for the sport.

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Last Answer on May 17, 2012

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How prevalent is steroid use in pro bodybuilding?

Asked by Dominick almost 6 years ago

In natural competitions the competitors are drug tested. The percentage probably depends on the level of the show. National shows and larger competitions have more competitors and higher stakes. Some competitors have sponsors and endorsement deals so it is imperative for them to do well and steroids might give them that extra edge.

How much does your body weight fluctuate between competition periods and non-competition periods?

Asked by Sollymon almost 6 years ago

My bodyweight fluctuated over 50 lbs between off-season and actual competition day.

What prompted you to begin competitive body-building in the first place? Were you always big on fitness?

Asked by Jacinda81 almost 6 years ago

I began lifting in college as a hobby to stay fit. I was overweight as an adolescent and decided to change my habits so I was not an overweight unhealthy adult.

What motivates women to become bodybuilders? Seems like the least feminine thing on earth.

Asked by sorrycharlie almost 6 years ago

Everyone has their own motivation to compete in the sport. I would imagine it is the same reasons a male would. Simply because a woman bodybuilds doesn't necessarily de-feminize them. There are, however, other categories that females can participate besides bodybuilding at most shows that might be considered more 'lady like'. These are the figure, as well as, bikini competitions. The figure competitions are classed by height, not by weight.

Do you utilize supplements (protein shakes, creatine, etc), and if so, what kinds?

Asked by DrewBreezy almost 6 years ago

Yes, it’s important to utilize supplements to gain maximum results. Protein shakes are commonly used, as well as different amino acids (such as Branch Chain Amino Acids BCAA's), fish oils, glutamine and fat burners.

Before a competition, are there certain last-minute exercises, foods, or other fat-burning methods that are "musts?"

Asked by J_Cage almost 6 years ago

Days before the competition is usually when you’re feeling your worst physically. The joke is that the worse you feel, the better you look. The day before the competition you do not work out. Your diet is strict to deplete your body of water. It is necessary to dehydrate your muscles to create the striations and definition for your muscles. Usually you carbohydrate-load this day so your muscles fill out. However, you do not eat rice because it is made with water or drink any liquids. Some competitors will go to steam rooms or saunas to sweat out as much water as possible. Others might use diuretics.

Do you frequently get stopped by strangers to ask questions or offer compliments regarding your physique?

Asked by Matti143 almost 6 years ago

Surprisingly, yes. They'll make comments such as, "Do you workout?", or "I wanna look like you." It's bizarre when I'm out in a club or a bar I've had people actually come up to me and grope my chest while making comments on the size of it.