Paving / Asphalt Superintendent

Paving / Asphalt Superintendent

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Richmond, VA

Male, 33

I have been a supervisor of large paving projects for VDOT and other agencies for 13 years.Mostly interstate.See the guys or girls working behind the orange cones on the road? that's me! ask me anything

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Last Answer on March 28, 2014

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Does it piss you off when cars don't slow down as they pass your crew? And will cops really double a speeding ticket if it's near your work zone?

Asked by Ryanleaf about 8 years ago

YES! YES! YES! That is an excellent question.Yes it does piss me off when people can't follow all the signs that we are required to put up.We have a certian exit shut down with signs,baracades,police officer sitting at the bottom of the ramp with the lights on and people will still come up the ramp! Yes if you receive ANY TYPE of moving violation in any part of a work zone your ticket is gonna start at $500.That is not just the officer's doing...thats the law.I'm not calling any one individual stupid.But the General public as a whole are very stupid.We had a guy a couple years ago just stopped in the middle of the interstate beside our work zone just to ask us if he could come through the zone.We didn't even let him finish asking..we are screaming GO GO GO but it was too late a car behind him hit him and killed the guy.I had to perform CPR on this guy and take that emotional mess home with me all because he wouldnt respect the work zone.

How long should a newly-paved road last before it needs to be re-paved? Will it last longer in warmer climates?

Asked by Troy about 8 years ago

That depends on alot of different factors..The amount of traffic on it,the weather,the type of asphalt.But just to give you an idea, In Virginia when an interstate is paved it is exspected to last about 30 years.Of course the amount of recycled asphalt they use in new asphalt now really speeds up the deterioration.

Do you worry that working around hot asphalt fumes all day will wreck your health, and are there studies showing them to be either safe or harmful?

Asked by Dave about 8 years ago

Well the "smoke" you see surrounding the paving equipment if you've ever passed by it is just steam caused by the equipment spraying water on the asphalt(it keeps it from sticking to the rollers and the paver).However it does have a smell to it.It is harmless though.I'd have to break open my MSDS book to go into further detail.

How much does it cost in material and labor to pave one mile of a 4-lane highway?

Asked by CTS about 8 years ago

Thats a pretty easy one..I'm basing this on a job I'm doing right now where we are being paid by the ton of asphalt we put down.That includes all of my labor cost EVERYTHING.The price for that is $125 per ton.Your highway lanes are 12' feet wide so 4 of them is 48' and 1 mile is 5280' so I would lay 2'' of asphalt compacted.What that means is I would lay 3'' so that after the roller compacts the asphalt it will be 2'' inches thick.That would total 5,227.2 tons x $125=$653,400

If a city wants to repave a major road, how do they decide how to re-route traffic, what times of day/night to do the work, etc? Is it a massive organizational undertaking, or do big cities have it down pat by this point?

Asked by Carlos Danger about 8 years ago

Beleive it or not the city simply Hires a company such as mine to do all that for them.They have a budget set (your tax dollars) and I and other companies bid on the work they want done.The lowest bidder is the one doing the work.I have to subit a traffic plan for each route being paved to the city for their approval and then they inform the public.Of course we try to always minimize the burdon to the public by working at night when possible.But no matter what we do it will not please everyone.

How long after you pour hot asphalt does it dry and solidify?

Asked by Jamie about 8 years ago

Well you don't pour it per say..It's hauled in dump trucks at about 300-350 degrees.its dumped into a machine called a paver.The paver spreads the asphalt at a thickness set by the two people riding on the back of the paver called screw guys or jack guys.After the asphalt goes down and is rolled it has to cool before letting traffic drive on it.I like to see it cool to about 100 degrees or less.

Is pouring asphalt all that different from pouring cement? Do people try and carve initials into newly-poured asphalt?

Asked by Avion about 8 years ago

Yeah pretty much everything about paving asphalt and pouring concrete are two different trades.I don't know much at all about concrete work.I've never seen anyone put their initials into asphalt.The roller would smooth them out anyways.