Paving / Asphalt Superintendent

Paving / Asphalt Superintendent

Super Pave

Richmond, VA

Male, 33

I have been a supervisor of large paving projects for VDOT and other agencies for 13 years.Mostly interstate.See the guys or girls working behind the orange cones on the road? that's me! ask me anything

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Last Answer on March 28, 2014

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My class is doing a virtual project. We want to know how much it would cost in material and labor to pave/repave and widen our 1 1/2 mile one lane road in our park?

Asked by Daryn Wiley about 5 years ago


Im doing a project. I'm just curious the price of asphault currently. My reference for comparison is this "a ton of asphault laid and rolled has fallen from $32 to $28.50 in the past decade or so" can you please advise current pricing??

Asked by bryan over 4 years ago


How much does it cost in labor and materials to repave OR patch one mile of 2 lane rural road?

Asked by FatGlasses about 6 years ago


Looking for a fun fact about cement for 4th graders. How many miles of a one-lane highway could you get from one million tons of cement? I'd love to say that you could get from Rapid City, SD to TK. thanks!

Asked by Gabrielle almost 6 years ago


In city streets and highways. How long does it take to allow vehicles to drive on repaved roads. I roads repaved during the night and vehicles driving on them the same day..

Asked by Russ over 5 years ago


On city streets, how long does it take before vehicles are allowed to use them. I see roads resurfaced overnight and driven on in the mornings...

Asked by Russ over 5 years ago


How much would it cost, with labor and materials, to build an asphalt country road big enough for two cars that's a half mile long?

Asked by Gwen almost 5 years ago