Bowling Alley Attendant

Bowling Alley Attendant


New York, NY

Male, 35

For a few years in high school I was a lead attendant at a bowling alley. Responsibilities included everything from taking payment for the various package offerings, handing out shoes, dealing with mechanical issues with the lanes and solving any and all problems that arose.

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Last Answer on January 18, 2013

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Did you encounter a lot of customers who ran out without paying?

Asked by jake the snake over 11 years ago

We were all prepaid, so nope.

Is there a product we can purchase that can convert normal shoes (running, dress etc) into bowling shoes?

Asked by Joda about 8 years ago


when bowling with a group of 10 or more people does each person pay seperately

Asked by Shann over 8 years ago


What do bowling alleys do with old balls? How long do they keep bowling balls before replacing them?

Asked by brikhaus over 11 years ago


If bowling ball comes out of gutter before reaching head pin does it count

Asked by Jon over 6 years ago


How do I pick the right ball when I throw a reverse hook?

Asked by Bo over 3 years ago


have you ever heard of stiltronic scoring system?

Asked by mike over 10 years ago