Bowling Alley Attendant

Bowling Alley Attendant


New York, NY

Male, 35

For a few years in high school I was a lead attendant at a bowling alley. Responsibilities included everything from taking payment for the various package offerings, handing out shoes, dealing with mechanical issues with the lanes and solving any and all problems that arose.

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Last Answer on January 18, 2013

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To avoid the almost 5 dollar per game shoe rental cost is it against the rules anywhere to set the player count to 8 players when there are only 4 to essentially play two games for the price cut on just that one game. Can you cheat the system?

Asked by Earlybowlingbasics almost 2 years ago


are the rental bowling shoes ever sanitized after being worn before renting to another person?

Asked by Katrin about 10 years ago


Is it a rule that bowling centers have to oil lanes right before league starts bowling that day?

Asked by Barb Meahan about 9 years ago


Why don't bowling alleys have windows?

Asked by 88 keys over 10 years ago


I have old team bowling shirts ,Should I wear them on a new team or not

Asked by vern over 4 years ago


Last season and this season my league noticed a major increase in the number of pocket 7-10 splits . One pair of lanes has many more than the others. This past week there was a total of 12, 7-10 splits on this pair. Any ideas what could be the cause?

Asked by Joeajr almost 4 years ago


My gf and I have really gotten into bowling and I have been obsessed with learning to bowling properly. We would like our own bowling ball but they are expensive.
Would it be possible to drill multiple holes that fit both our fingers/thumbs?

Asked by Jono about 4 years ago