Bowling Alley Attendant

Bowling Alley Attendant


New York, NY

Male, 35

For a few years in high school I was a lead attendant at a bowling alley. Responsibilities included everything from taking payment for the various package offerings, handing out shoes, dealing with mechanical issues with the lanes and solving any and all problems that arose.

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Last Answer on January 18, 2013

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Not that I'm complaining, but how come bowling alleys don't require shoe-swaps any more when renting shoes?

Asked by busterbrown over 11 years ago

Quite the opposite. Employees didn't want to be constantly touching YOUR shoes! Plus, and probably most importantly, it saves a ton of time at check-out to not have to be hunting for peoples shoes as they leave. Finally, the liability of holding onto someone else's shoes resulted in some nasty confrontations..."where are my shoes?"

How come the "Service" buttons don't work 99% of the time and I have to go chase an attendant down when my lane is screwed up?

Asked by Arghhhhh over 11 years ago

Depends on the lanes. A good place has a guy full-time running around in the back, behind the machines (especially during peak hours). BTW - This guy is usually a pretty weird dude, to be perfectly honest. When the service button is pressed, a light goes on behind the lane and he'll know to address the problem. The most typical problem is that a pin will get stuck in the ball retrieval hole and the balls will get clogged up back there. League bowlers are usually furious at this stage.

What were the best bowling team names you saw?

Asked by PinPals over 11 years ago

Sorry - don't remember too many. There was always a cadre of people with dirty team names, which were funny, but the real bowling names were usually the "Strike U Down", No Spares on Board, The Seven-Ten Chicks, Gutterlovers. Great question!

Why do you think bowling tends to attract more working class types, as opposed to sports like golf or tennis which attract the white-collar crowd?

Asked by alwayswondered over 11 years ago

Who knows...probably because they are better bowlers! Your guess is as good as mine, although bowling is a pretty cheap sport to play and I'm sure that likely has something to do with it.

Are the bowling balls ever cleaned?

Asked by Slambatta over 11 years ago

Gulp. No. Not that I can remember. Like the shoes, having your own ball is super pimp and you'd be surprised at how cheap they are AND how much better you bowl when a ball is fitted to your hand. More often then not, people end up using a ball that's too heavy just to get a good grip and the weight ruins your delivery.

I'm suspicious, is it really the same bowling ball that gets returned to me?

Asked by edsumnermagic over 11 years ago

Sure is! Ask the crazy league bowler who brought his $500 custom ball to play with... The machines are made so that the belt speed gets the ball back before the pins are reset.

I once saw a girl get her thumb stuck in the ball and go flying a good 20 ft down the lane -- ouch. What is the craziest bowling alley mishap you've ever witnessed?

Asked by Bailey over 11 years ago

That's a great one. Seen that before too. The worst once of that nature I saw also took half the fingernail too. OUCH! The craziest (best?) mishaps I've seen ALWAYS involve drunks. In this case, Mr. Drunk learned the hard way why bowling shoes are so smooth on the bottom. As he aggressively approached the lanes for his shot, his front foot stuck and he faceplanted on the lane. Buzzer sounds. Laughter ensues.