Bowling Alley Attendant

Bowling Alley Attendant


New York, NY

Male, 35

For a few years in high school I was a lead attendant at a bowling alley. Responsibilities included everything from taking payment for the various package offerings, handing out shoes, dealing with mechanical issues with the lanes and solving any and all problems that arose.

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Last Answer on January 18, 2013

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I'm the lead bowling attendant at a bowling alley and I've been having issues keeping the shoes clean. This isn't your typical bowling alley so this may not be the right forum. We are also a sports bar so people tend to mistreat the shoes. Any advice

Asked by Bowling Wizard about 10 years ago


How often do bowling alleys order new shoes. How many do they order and is it cheap or expensive also do they make money renting the shoes

Asked by Gary about 11 years ago