New York, NY

Male, 33

I was a bouncer at one of the biggest sh-thole bars on the Upper East Side of Manhattan from 2005-2007. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on July 30, 2013

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How do you know when an ID is fake? Are there dead giveaways that pop up again and again?

Asked by Dommer over 8 years ago

If an ID is from Wilmington, Delaware, it’s fake 100% of the time. Wilmington, Delaware is the hands down, all star of fake IDs. There are a few other states that are often faked: Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Wisconsin, California – there are probably some others I can’t remember. Usually if someone looks young and they have an ID from one of those states you can start to wonder if it’s fake. California is the hardest to spot. The other ones vary in terms of how fake they seem. If I wasn’t sure I’d ask them some simple questions. For Michigan you ask what the ‘U.P.’ is. Everyone from Michigan knows it’s the Upper Peninsula, everyone who has a fake Michigan ID looks at you like you just punched their mother. For California I would ask, “Who’s the governor?” and they would get that panicky look in their eyes and say something like “I don’t follow politics.” Really? You missed that fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of your home state? That one slipped by you, huh? (Remember I worked as a bouncer four years ago). New York ID’s are harder to fake. People always scratch out the year of their birth and write in a new date with a red colored pencil. There used to be a license number at the bottom that also had their birth year in it. People always forgot to change that number. The new IDs came out right around the time I quit so I don’t know any tricks for that one. The other thing people pull is to get someone else’s ID and try to pass it off as theirs. Usually you just look for eye color or height differences. You can ask them something like their zip code – you’d be amazed how many people forget to memorize that. I had a kid come up to me once with someone else’s ID that said she was 33 years old. I gave her a raised eyebrow and she said, “Yeah, I know, I’m old.” I said, “How old are you?” I got the 'punched your mother' look.

As a bouncer, how did you decide who got into your bar vs. who didn't?

Asked by reja over 8 years ago

Girls always got in, no matter what. The owner was extremely racist and didn't like it when black or latino customers came in. He often tried to find excuses to kick them out.

If you suspected but couldn't prove that an ID was fake, would you still let the customer into the bar?

Asked by UESbeast over 8 years ago

I saw TONS of fake ID's. I never wanted kids in the bar, if for nothing else than they start a lot of fights. One of the owners (I call him “The Pig”) had a thing for 17-year-old girls, so my instructions were to let them in if he was working that night. A few times I wouldn't let kids with fake ID's in and they would pull out their cell phones, call The Pig and he would escort them in. One time while I was working, I heard a kid ask another kid to the prom.

What's the craziest line someone ever used with you to try and get into the bar?

Asked by hiclover2 over 8 years ago

After I wouldn't let this one kid in, he said, "Do you know who my mother is?"

Every so often, a bouncer will run my ID through a small machine before letting me in. Does this machine verify the validity of my ID, or is it just there to keep a record of who was in the bar that night?

Asked by bouncethis over 8 years ago

I actually don’t know. Those really came into effect after the Littlejohn murders when they started making bouncers have security IDs. I’ve never actually used one. My guess is they use them to see if an ID is real or not. Probably for insurance purposes.

How do bouncers get paid? Is it a flat rate, an hourly rate, or commission?

Asked by puurrrk over 8 years ago

I got paid a shift fee, other bars pay by the hour -- it all depends. If we had to deal with something crazy like St. Patrick's Day or we handled some sort of situation that could have gotten very ugly we usually got 'Combat Pay.' which was a bonus or double-pay.

Do bouncers have the right to keep ID's they believe are fake? I had a few taken from me back in the day, and while it's fine that the bouncers wouldn't let me in, they're not cops. Can they legally keep my alleged fake ID?

Asked by Jobstr Frank over 8 years ago

I have no ID what the rules are on this. I do know that if you had a fake ID and you were a dick about it, I was taking it. The crazy thing is: A) Most kids on the Upper East Side are huge dicks when you don’t accept their fake IDs. They actually throw temper tantrums. B) As soon as you take their IDs the first thing they do is threaten to call a cop! Because you just took their FAKE ID! To this day I do not understand the logic there. Usually if someone came up with a fake I’d say something like, “Sorry kid” and it give it back to them and send them on their way. If that wasn’t working for them and they decided to get all up in my face, I would say “All right, let me see it again.” At which point they ALWAYS gave it back to me. And then I kept it. Then they would usually throw a full blown teenage temper tantrum, right there on the sidewalk, still believing they’re somehow going to get in. When they were finished I would say “Okay, for $80 I’ll give it back to you.” They’d freak out again. Then I would explain “Hey, I know you paid $100 for this down on MacDougal Street, so technically by selling you this back, I’m saving you $20.” Economics. I was doing them a favor.