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I was a bouncer at one of the biggest sh-thole bars on the Upper East Side of Manhattan from 2005-2007. Ask me anything.

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How do you know when an ID is fake? Are there dead giveaways that pop up again and again?

Asked by Dommer over 12 years ago

If an ID is from Wilmington, Delaware, it’s fake 100% of the time. Wilmington, Delaware is the hands down, all star of fake IDs. There are a few other states that are often faked: Texas, Michigan, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Wisconsin, California – there are probably some others I can’t remember. Usually if someone looks young and they have an ID from one of those states you can start to wonder if it’s fake. California is the hardest to spot. The other ones vary in terms of how fake they seem. If I wasn’t sure I’d ask them some simple questions. For Michigan you ask what the ‘U.P.’ is. Everyone from Michigan knows it’s the Upper Peninsula, everyone who has a fake Michigan ID looks at you like you just punched their mother. For California I would ask, “Who’s the governor?” and they would get that panicky look in their eyes and say something like “I don’t follow politics.” Really? You missed that fact that Arnold Schwarzenegger is the governor of your home state? That one slipped by you, huh? (Remember I worked as a bouncer four years ago). New York ID’s are harder to fake. People always scratch out the year of their birth and write in a new date with a red colored pencil. There used to be a license number at the bottom that also had their birth year in it. People always forgot to change that number. The new IDs came out right around the time I quit so I don’t know any tricks for that one. The other thing people pull is to get someone else’s ID and try to pass it off as theirs. Usually you just look for eye color or height differences. You can ask them something like their zip code – you’d be amazed how many people forget to memorize that. I had a kid come up to me once with someone else’s ID that said she was 33 years old. I gave her a raised eyebrow and she said, “Yeah, I know, I’m old.” I said, “How old are you?” I got the 'punched your mother' look.

If you suspected but couldn't prove that an ID was fake, would you still let the customer into the bar?

Asked by UESbeast over 12 years ago

I saw TONS of fake ID's. I never wanted kids in the bar, if for nothing else than they start a lot of fights. One of the owners (I call him “The Pig”) had a thing for 17-year-old girls, so my instructions were to let them in if he was working that night. A few times I wouldn't let kids with fake ID's in and they would pull out their cell phones, call The Pig and he would escort them in. One time while I was working, I heard a kid ask another kid to the prom.

As a bouncer, how did you decide who got into your bar vs. who didn't?

Asked by reja over 12 years ago

Girls always got in, no matter what. The owner was extremely racist and didn't like it when black or latino customers came in. He often tried to find excuses to kick them out.

What's the craziest line someone ever used with you to try and get into the bar?

Asked by hiclover2 over 12 years ago

After I wouldn't let this one kid in, he said, "Do you know who my mother is?"

How do bouncers get paid? Is it a flat rate, an hourly rate, or commission?

Asked by puurrrk over 12 years ago

I got paid a shift fee, other bars pay by the hour -- it all depends. If we had to deal with something crazy like St. Patrick's Day or we handled some sort of situation that could have gotten very ugly we usually got 'Combat Pay.' which was a bonus or double-pay.

Every so often, a bouncer will run my ID through a small machine before letting me in. Does this machine verify the validity of my ID, or is it just there to keep a record of who was in the bar that night?

Asked by bouncethis over 12 years ago

I actually don’t know. Those really came into effect after the Littlejohn murders when they started making bouncers have security IDs. I’ve never actually used one. My guess is they use them to see if an ID is real or not. Probably for insurance purposes.

Do bouncers have to be a certain size? And do you have to somehow prove to the hiring manager that you can actually whoop some ass?

Asked by killjoy over 12 years ago

Number 1 is you have to be gigantic, which I am not (6', 190lbs). I have no idea why I got hired as a bouncer. The owner told everyone I was a former Navy SEAL and everyone was afraid of me. I was fine with that. Plus, most of the job is head games. If you have to get physical with someone (and we did) you aren't doing your job right or you are in a worst-case scenario. The whole point of the job is to make problems disappear, not escalate into brawls. Brawls are bad for business and draw the attention of the neighborhood and the cops. The place where I worked had lots of illegal stuff going on so avoiding cops was a priority. That said, brawls do happen so, yes, knowing how to 'whoop some ass' is important. Nowadays, in New York City anyway, you also have to have a security license which costs about $200 and involves a background check. This went into effect after a bouncer named Littlejohn killed a John Jay College student. I never got one -- I didn't feel like investing any money in such a shitty job. Eventually the bar I worked at got raided and I got a court summons for not being licensed. That's when I finally quit.

Do bouncers have the right to keep ID's they believe are fake? I had a few taken from me back in the day, and while it's fine that the bouncers wouldn't let me in, they're not cops. Can they legally keep my alleged fake ID?

Asked by Jobstr Frank over 12 years ago

I have no ID what the rules are on this. I do know that if you had a fake ID and you were a dick about it, I was taking it. The crazy thing is: A) Most kids on the Upper East Side are huge dicks when you don’t accept their fake IDs. They actually throw temper tantrums. B) As soon as you take their IDs the first thing they do is threaten to call a cop! Because you just took their FAKE ID! To this day I do not understand the logic there. Usually if someone came up with a fake I’d say something like, “Sorry kid” and it give it back to them and send them on their way. If that wasn’t working for them and they decided to get all up in my face, I would say “All right, let me see it again.” At which point they ALWAYS gave it back to me. And then I kept it. Then they would usually throw a full blown teenage temper tantrum, right there on the sidewalk, still believing they’re somehow going to get in. When they were finished I would say “Okay, for $80 I’ll give it back to you.” They’d freak out again. Then I would explain “Hey, I know you paid $100 for this down on MacDougal Street, so technically by selling you this back, I’m saving you $20.” Economics. I was doing them a favor.

How often would you find yourself in real danger?

Asked by nippy5 over 12 years ago

Bouncers get fucked up all of the time. The doorman at the first bar I worked at got stabbed on his way home with an eight-inch kitchen knife. I had a guy come to the bar after he'd just gotten out of jail -- I had to throw him out and he said he was going to come back and shoot me. I had lots of people tell me they were going to wait for me to get off shift and jump me on my way home. There’s a saying amongst bouncers that “it’s not a good night until you're home in bed.”

What's the best way to get in good with the bouncer at the door, assuming it's a place I plan on returning to frequently?

Asked by Tokeyo over 12 years ago

Trying to “get in good” never worked with me. That meant you wanted something. A lot of people like to pull that “I’m friends with the bouncer ” crap, especially when they start drinking. Then they usually want you to throw someone out because they don't like them. I didn’t want anything to do with that. Ass kissing certainly never worked. Ass kissing’s weak. Best advice is, if you plan on frequenting a place, just frequent it and don’t be an asshole. “Getting in good” with a bouncer, or anyone for that matter, should be something you have to earn. If you’re there enough and you make yourself a friendly face and not part of the problems, they’ll come around. Unless you just outright suck. Then you’re on your own.

Have you ever stepped in when you saw a male patron over-stepping his boundaries with a female patron?

Asked by Tailwindnyc over 12 years ago

ALL THE TIME. One thing you become acutely aware of working in the bar industry is how many creepy, freak-bag weirdoes live in New York. Towards the end of my bouncing career I worked in one of the sleazier, shitbag bars in the city, so we had extra weirdoes. After a while you get to the point where you can spot them coming in. You know exactly who to watch and they ALL always do the same things: 1) Come on very strong. 2) Initiate physical contact very quickly. Usually something possessive, like grabbing the victim’s arm or putting their arm around the victim. 3) Ignoring any and all signs that the victim isn’t interested, including when the victim says “I don’t want to talk to you anymore” and turns and gives the creeper full back. 4) Around this time they start buying drinks or shots to get the victim completely inebriated – and here’s the crazy thing: the victim almost always accepts the drink! This makes things especially difficult because the creeper takes this as a sign that his charms are working. A creeper like this is one of the hardest to kick out because they don’t believe they’re doing anything wrong and they think you’re picking on them. The scary thing in my case was that the owner of the bar was the biggest creeper of all of them.

Ever been seriously hurt on the job?

Asked by tatersalad over 12 years ago

I pulled a few muscles dragging people out, especially when it was cold outside. Cut up my hands a few times, though nothing too serious. The key is that if someone is going to get hurt, it’s the other guy. p.s. You know why bouncers wear black? Because blood doesn't show up on it.

Have you ever been sued for roughing up a customer?

Asked by durbin over 12 years ago

No. I never 'roughed up' a customer. The job was never a tough guy head trip for me, it was just, well, a job. If you're out to rough up customers you're in the wrong line of work. Plenty of people threaten to sue you or the bar when you throw them out. People are always threatening to sue over the dumbest things is bars, usually when they've done something wrong and want to avoid taking responsibility for it. The best is when I wouldn't let an underage kid with a fake ID in and they would threaten to sue me. I guess it says something about our culture.

Any of your bouncer friends ever get jumped, seriously hurt, or even killed by a vengeful customer?

Asked by Jay-P over 12 years ago

Unfortunately, yes. I worked at bar in the East Village where a bouncer threw a guy out. That guy waited till the bar closed, followed the bouncer home and stabbed him in the back a few times with an 8” kitchen knife. Bouncing doesn’t come with a health care plan so something like that can be pretty devastating. The guy got away with it, by the way. In court he said the bouncer tried to attack him and he was defending himself. The guy was from Connecticut and had rich parents with good lawyers. I’ve personally had a lot of threats. Sometimes you would throw someone out, they would threaten you and then later in the night you’d see them across the street watching the bar. There was a guy who sat in front of the bar in his car once waiting for me to come out. If we had someone really creepy like that at the end of the night we would usually escort whoever was being threatened to a cab. You never want to walk home alone if you think someone’s after you. You also have to do this sometimes for the female bartenders and waitresses – they get some real stalkery characters waiting for them outside.

Is there any kind of requirement to have something with hair

Asked by steve lo about 11 years ago

First off, your question makes no sense. I'm assuming you're asking about some sort of requirement about the length of your hair? If so, there is no requirement - I worked with a couple of guys who had dreadlocks. The down side of having long hair is it makes it easier for someone to grab.

what is a bouncer's average size in height, weight and all ways in body size to costumers?

Asked by Marcos Regalado about 11 years ago


What do bouncers look for when checking an ID or drivers license?

Asked by Ava almost 11 years ago

Stop asking me these qustions. I'm not going to help you get into a bar with a fake ID. There is an entire internet out there that I'm sure has tons of info about this. Stop asking me.

Did you get greased at the door a lot? Does management frown upon that or do they look the other way?

Asked by tada over 12 years ago

If I knew I had to let in underaged kids I would sometimes make them pay me to get in. But for the most part I didn't let people 'grease' me. If you do that, then they've got something on you, they'll try to use that against you: "Hey, I gave you $50, why are you throwing me out?"; "Hey, you're my friend, this guy is giving me a hard time, why don't you throw him out?" You have to be 100% locked up (especially for someone my size). People are constantly trying to play power games with you -- taking money from them gives them an advantage.

Ever hook up with any of your customers, OR one of the bartenders at your bar?

Asked by blizzzzard over 12 years ago

All of the above. You can throw cocktail waitress on that list too. Never dated anyone, though. If you were into me because I was a bouncer than I definitely wasn’t into you.

Can a bouncer strike you in the face even when they were not physically touched, assaulted ,or threatened? How much force is excessive force in your opinion?

Asked by almost 11 years ago

Striking someone in the face after they have not been physically touched, assaulted or threatened is excessive force in my optinion. That being said, I have never seen a bouncer do anything like this.

I have seen a lot of drunk idiots lie about what happened to try to duck responsibility for their actions.

I've been told that such bouncer lines as "Sorry, you're not on the list" or "It's a private party tonight" are typically bullsh*t excuses to just keep certain patrons out. True/untrue?

Asked by slimjimXX over 12 years ago

True. Sort of. I've used "Private party" to keep people out, but I've also worked many actual private parties.

Do you have the legal authority to use physical force? Like, if a guy's causing a scene, can you physically force him out of the bar or would that open you up to assault charges?

Asked by sam about 12 years ago

I don't know about legal authority. If a guy (or girl) is being a knuckle head, they're going out the door. If you're in the middle of the bar duking it out with them, then you're doing something wrong. It's not Roadhouse. If you leave physical marks on someone you open yourself up to assault charges. I've heard of bouncers getting charged with assault for punching someone. I've also heard of bouncers giving the side of someone's head a quick trip to the door jam on the way out and getting away with it.

if a guy touches me at a club and i tell you, would you throw him out? do you have to legally throw him out?

Asked by Me! about 11 years ago

I don't know about all this 'legally' stuff everyone keeps asking. There is no bouncer court. To answer your question, it depends. I sized people up from the second they walked in. You can spot a creeper immediately and we usually keep a close eye on the creepers

You can also spot an insane woman immediately.

If you are A) not an insane woman and B) the person who you are saying touched you has been acting like a creeper all night I would most likely ask them to leave you alone (depending on how they 'touched' you - if it's sexual harassment I would just throw them out).

A lot of times the creepers walk away for a little while and, inevitably return. If that happens I may ask them to leave.

What happens if you have no choice but to get physical, but you're outclassed in terms of size or headcount?

Asked by crunk over 12 years ago

You have to outsmart them. My move was to say "Oh yeah? You want to go? Let's take this outside." They usually get all puffed up and head straight for the sidewalk at which point I tell they guy working the door this chump isn't allowed back in and then I’d go back inside. Problem solved. You can also try to reason with them, like "Do you want to end up in jail tonight?" Or you can try the fearless thing, "One of us is going to the hospital, one of us is going to jail. I don't give a fuck which one of us ends up where." Of course that doesn't always work. I had a few very close calls, especially when I was outnumbered and I thought I might end my night hurt very badly.

I took a drink of something not knowing what it was and a bouncer saw me I was under age so he told me I had to leave as I was leaving he grabed me and pulled on my arm. Am I allowed to press charges

Asked by ash about 11 years ago

First of all, I don't believe a word of your story. "I accidentally picked up a drink that had alcohol in it. I had no idea! I'm just an innocent child in this big scary world! Whoa is me!"

Second of all, the bouncer probably wouldn't have had to grab you by the arm if you weren't acting like a jackass.

Third, based on your question I am confident that you are a jackass.

So, the answer is no, don't press charges.

Do you think a lot of bouncers take the job because they get off on the power that comes with it? or is the whole "power trip" thing blown out of proportion?

Asked by Herc about 12 years ago

This completely depends on the person. Most of the guys I worked with just wanted a job, they didn't care about the power trip thing. I personally applied for a job as a bartender and was offered the bouncer gig instead. I never went looking for any kind power trip. That's not to say there aren't a bunch of meat heads looking to prove they're tough guys out there...

What do bouncers look for when checking an ID or drivers license?

Asked by Ava almost 11 years ago

Children with IDs that are not real or do not belong to them.

if the bouncer knows my id is fake what's the best thing i can say to at least get him to give it back to me since i'm obv not getting in.

Asked by asdf over 11 years ago

Just be honest and be nice about it. Say something like, "Sorry, it was worth a shot." If the bouncer is having a good night they might give it back. DON'T freak out and act like an immature asshole.

Actually do. It's fun to watch.

People like you who claim that IDs are fake are my mortal enemies. I had a bouncer confiscate my legal ID when I was 23 years old. He wouldn't give it back, and when I had my lawyer contact the bar to get the ID back, they claimed they didn't have it. Then I ran into trouble getting my ID replaced, because the government wanted a police report to prove it had really been taken from me, but I didn't have one to show. So I spent the next 5 years without a valid ID, which meant I couldn't get a job or anything like that, and I became homeless until my family took me in, all because some fascist like you wanted to give me hell and claim my ID was fake when it really wasn't.

I have made it my mission in life to kill anyone who is in the capacity to check IDs, be it bouncers, or the people who ask for ID when one uses a credit card at the grocery. I will enact a killing spree until your scourge is wiped from the earth.

I am a 31 year old short-statured woman of 4'8", with a flat chest and a baby face, so people mistake me for a child. BUT I AM NOT A CHILD!!! I will murder the next person and anyone from then on who thinks that just because someone is small that they couldn't possibly be an adult. If you told people that you thought their ID was fake because they were young-looking, I am going to come kill you!

Asked by Lycere Cunningham almost 11 years ago

Well, congratulations. You're insane.

How many people become bouncers in the Unites States?

Asked by Marcos Regalado about 11 years ago

How the hell would I know that?

if i was drunk and a bouncer pushed me with force am i allowed to defend myself?

Asked by double trouble almost 11 years ago

Think about your question for a minute. Why not ask why you find yourself in situations where your drunken behaviour has the possibility of leading to physical altercations?

Work it out, man. Go see a therapist. Hug your father or something. Don't hang your immature shit out for all the world to deal with.

What are the main things you look for when trying to spot a fake I'd?

Asked by Joe almost 11 years ago

Joe, just wait till you're 21. You'll have the next 60 years to be a degenerate alcoholic.

is the bouncer wrong if he picks an argument. I show no agrression what soever. Then the guard punched me in the face. Then the full bouncer staff pummeled me while i was on the floor. Cops took statements. He was also beside me boasting near cops.

Asked by unicorn about 11 years ago

I do not believe a word you are saying. I have never seen anyone get 'punched in the face for no reason'.

I've seen a lot of people claim they've been 'punched in the face for no reason' after acting like aggressive drunk assholes all night.

To perform the "pat down" procedure, does the bouncer HAVE to be the same gender as the one being searched?

Asked by Me! over 11 years ago

I never worked in the kind of place that needed pat downs. I would assume they would have to be the same gender. I can't imagine a male bouncer giving a 'pat down' to a female patron and getting away with it. If they could there would be a lot more 'mandatory pat downs' going on at bars and clubs.

was at a bar asked me if i was wanted to bounce gave my number he called me next week asked if could work that nigh 7-3 had to work next day 5 am so passed. found out the place got raided and 20 underage kids 19,20were there what could happened to me

Asked by beagle almost 11 years ago

I'm not sure what could happen. Hopefully it would involve a lot correct punctuation.

I heard that bouncers are to search visually through handbags and not physically with their hands. Is is true?

Asked by Jason over 11 years ago

I don't know, I never searched any handbags. At the end of the day who cares what the rules are? It's unenforceable. Are you going to tell a cop, "Hey, this guy physically searched my hand bag, he didn't do it visibly!"

Can I ask for ID after someone has entered the bar and has been served?

Asked by Semi over 11 years ago

Why wouldn't you be able to? The job is to protect the bar, having underaged people in the bar is a threat to the bar.

I just got a fake id (yes I know it's bad), but should you know all the dumb questions like what is your zodiac sign, or is that a giveaway?

Asked by Jay Joe about 11 years ago

Is it a giveaway to be able to correctly answer questions about information on your fake ID? Take a wild guess.

How do you deal with a Head of Security that transfers his duties to you, leaves his post constantly to chat with customers and other employees, eats while working, and breaks house rules for patrons that he knows? Is he reliable to watch your back?

Asked by New to the Game almost 11 years ago

There is a lot going on there. I can't answer this question without knowing the details. I would say this however: If you don't feel safe, quit.

Are bouncers allowed to frisk, search, or touch you in any way?

Asked by coach Q over 11 years ago

I don't know of any rule against it. Obviously a male bouncer shouldn't be patting down a female customer and vicer versa.

Are New York fake ids the best id to use in the midwest? As I have a real one and I used it in Milwaukee WI and the bouncer said it was fake and took it. It was actually real so i went back with the police.

Asked by Jason almost 11 years ago

This question makes no sense.

If you seriously have a real id and the bouncer thinks that it is fak, what is the best way to convince him that it is really your id and he will let you in? Also, how do you spot someone who has an id that looks real, but you just know suspicion

Asked by Jason almost 11 years ago

First thing I do is ask them to spell 'fake'. If they can do that I let them in.

Hey My friends birthday is in less than a month he is 17 turning 18. We have tickets to see a show in nj this Fridays the show is 18+ will be not be permitted in. He is going with 2 other of age people

Asked by Emi almost 11 years ago


Do bouncers in Nj need a sora liscence

Asked by thedevilhimself about 9 years ago


As a bartender in a small bar; I have no other employees at the bar, making me have to be the bouncer too.Sadly; I have one customer who started shit and now I won't let him drink on my shift; if I tell him to leave and he won't; how do I get him out

Asked by DeFactoBouncer over 10 years ago


What do bouncers wear?

Asked by Me almost 11 years ago


At a local bar a bouncer threw out drunk assholes who were having some kind of problem with me being a foreigner.

Would it be appropriate for me to buy him a drink next time I see him, and can you actually have a drink while on duty?

Asked by Alex over 10 years ago


How often do bouncers look at the height and compare it to the person trying to get into the bar? And if it's a big difference would you be able to get in if you have a second form of ID?

Asked by Hannah over 7 years ago


Just got my first bouncer job for thé mayweather fight Tonight...What kinda crowd should i expacet and when do i no its time for a coustmer to leave ...

Asked by Dusty almost 10 years ago


Can you use a military ID to get into a club/bar because as embarrassing as it may sound I'm 21 and don't have a driver's license and no picture ID card besides my military ID because I was always told that would suffice and I never saw the need.

Asked by kberry22 almost 9 years ago


Is it creepy to go alone to a bar. After all it is a free country but what would be creepy about it?

Asked by Jason over 9 years ago


If you are having an ongoing dispute with someone male or female outside a bar or club and they ask you to never contact them again can a bouncer throw you out just because someone complains you are there

Asked by Jason over 9 years ago


If u have been not treated fairly at a bar or club and asked to leave may you call the owner or manager later on

Asked by Jason over 9 years ago


I live in Hawaii My Friend use my ID went to a club, and the bouncer took it.
I back the club twice

the first time they told me they didnt took it.
and after 3 weeks, I ask one of my friend who know someone in the club, and my friend said my ID s

Asked by Alice over 8 years ago


Can a bouncer refuse entrance if my ex partner is in the club

Asked by Worried lady about 9 years ago


Should a bouncer be overly aggressive or try to resolve a issuie peacefuly? Does it depend?

Asked by Old man Jenkins over 5 years ago


i barrowed a friends license for a party bus next weekend & im scared it wont work.. ive never had a reason to use one our eye color is the same & height we have the same hair color but i dye mine an its black right now.. will it work?

Asked by Jenna over 10 years ago


how the scan machine the use at the club can tell the card is fake?

Asked by kay over 10 years ago


i'm 20 and i'm using someone elses id to go to a club. I look like the person in the ID but not exatctly the same. But my wight, hight are the same. Do you guys really care about the picture? How does that work? Keep in mind I look older than 21

Asked by Amir over 8 years ago


do you allow photocopies of passports?

Asked by DomP over 10 years ago


I went to a club last weekend and used my own ID (I've just turned 18) but the bouncer didn't believe it was me, I showed him my bank card and social media accounts and he still didn't believe me. How can I prove it is me??

Asked by Jennifer over 7 years ago


I went to a club last weekend and used my own ID (I've just turned 18) but the bouncer didn't believe it was me, I showed him my bank card and social media accounts and he still didn't believe me. How can I prove it is me??

Asked by Jennifer over 7 years ago


If my birthday is in november but 4 days from when I go out what are my chances?

Asked by almost 21 over 9 years ago


i had my id took of me because iv had my hair died and shaped different so i don't look that much like it anymore and i don't take any other proof of who i am like a bank card.. mine was taken of me on thursday how do i get it back ? do police hav?

Asked by kayleigh almost 11 years ago


Okay so I had the newest NY ID and got it taken last night. How could he tell it was fake? It was flawless! There are pictures of these fakes online if you go to
Let me know what you think because I'm curious to how he knows

Asked by "New" NY ID over 9 years ago


The ID's you guys take up, do yah throw it away, or turn it in to the law?

Asked by Mike over 10 years ago


What kind of ID would you ask for someone who is not American?
Are international IDs acceptable?

Asked by Foreigner about 10 years ago


Hello, if I have a house party and have people here who aren't Secuirty can they still throw people out physically?

Asked by Aimee almost 11 years ago


Do you know how bouncers work at concerts? Do they have a id scaner or something like that?

Asked by France about 10 years ago


Is it legal for a bouncer to drink?

Asked by daniel almost 11 years ago


do bouncers call the cops when they notice you are using someone else's id?

Asked by Lou over 8 years ago


i want to go to an 18 and older show, you need your id to get in but im 17 and will be 18 in two months is there any way id be able to get in you think?

Asked by Cady over 10 years ago


I am from abroad and only visiting California for a few weeks. My mates and I want to go to a bar here but I am afraid that I might loose my passport in the bar. As that's the only form of ID I have,can I just color scan the first few pages instead?

Asked by Tawfiq over 10 years ago


Hey man, would a bouncer mind if you were a week underage?

Asked by Sam about 10 years ago


I don't live in America so the legal drinking age in my country is 18. I'm 19 turning 20 and was asked for ID at a bar, and the bouncer claimed it was a fake and said that the guy in the ID lives on his street. What do I do in these situations?

Asked by Alex over 9 years ago


is there some specific way to spot a fake Pennsylvania license?

Asked by towson almost 8 years ago


do you know any tricks to spotting a fake NJ license

Asked by greedyman almost 8 years ago


How common is the CT ID? What do you normally look for/ask with these ID's? And what like look for as proof personality/how the person dresses?

Asked by Arsine7117 over 8 years ago


Would you use an iPhone app such as to check IDs? Do you use any equipment besides a communication device?

Asked by SofwareGuy almost 10 years ago


Do bouncers always let girls in even when they know thier id is fake just because theyre hot ?

Asked by Steve over 9 years ago


I'm a journalism student at NYU writing my thesis on the fake ID market in NYC. I would love to interview you about your experience. Any chance you would be open to an in-person or over-the-phone interview? Please let me know:

Asked by Journalist over 8 years ago


Hey I'm going out of town to Charlotte, nc tomorrow morning and I lost my id but some how I took I a clear pic of it a week before not knowing and I also have a ticket in my name so it legit do you think I would be able to get in the club?

Asked by Destinee over 8 years ago


I will be turning 21 on New Years. I already bought my ticket to party on south beach. Do you think I will have problems getting in ?

Asked by Jas over 10 years ago


how much would you take as a bribe?

Asked by Zach over 10 years ago


how would you handle a person that has a fake id

Asked by mandy over 10 years ago


How old do you have to be to be a bouncer? And are there specific qualifications I need?

Asked by Austin over 9 years ago


are Indiana fake IDs easy to spot out?

Asked by laurr22 about 8 years ago


Im 6'6 and around 280 pounds and i like protecting others, deescalating problems etc would a bouncer be a good job?

Asked by Darius over 6 years ago


What is the worst case scenario if you are caught with a fake id to where the id is just age difference to the real one? Can you be arrested?

Asked by Silas about 10 years ago


I got kicked out of OMNIA nightclub, and the security wrote down my ID number. does that mean I can't get back in?

Asked by Anna over 8 years ago


I was drinking and told the bouncer at my usual bar that I was in love with him, now when I go he doesn't check my ID and just lets me in.... Is he avoiding me? Haha I would have assumed he would be accustom to drunk women being stupid....

Asked by Macmily almost 8 years ago


Have you ever used a box scanner, can you explain it?Also, as a younger looking male a lot of bouncers try to engage me in conversation to ensure it's my id.I don't like it when they intrude on my personal life. How do I tell them enough?

Asked by Biolombo over 7 years ago


I lost my Id last night. Can I still get into a night club with an expired Id, social security card, and birth certificate?

Asked by Jl over 10 years ago


As a server/bouncer, what what is the best way you would recommend asking for id's from people you suspect to be underage but aren't 100% so you don't want to make a scene with?

Asked by Dogmacatus over 7 years ago


A bouncer caught my fake id and said that if i showed him my real one he'd still let me in the club. i showed it to him and he let me in. but do you think thats a one time thing or would he let me in again?

Asked by stayflyjboy over 9 years ago


I just got my ID renewed for a second time and I normally only take cash into places so I don't have to carry a purse. Do you actually pay attention to the duplicate number?

Asked by Warhef almost 8 years ago


What is your relation with the police? They have your back or they want to get you?

Asked by Cesar about 9 years ago


I damaged a wall at a nightclub. The bouncers would not let me leave until and pressured me into pulling money from an atm. I am sure that they pocketed the money. I consider this extortion. What action should I take.

Asked by Francisco over 10 years ago


Approx. how much does it pay to be a bouncer in NYC on a week-end night ?

Asked by TonyB over 10 years ago


I'm turning 21 soon, but my main ID will have to be my passport at the time. I'm worried that this totally legitimate ID will be a)unusable and b)taken away from me cause of how young I may appear. Any thoughts?

Asked by bbath over 9 years ago


I'm in CT for only 3 more months, but will be turning 21 while I'm here so my Wyoming license will expire but I still want to go out, if I get a state id will I still be allowed into bars, clubs ect.?

Asked by Ari over 8 years ago


Are Connecticut fake ID's better than Pennsylvania?

Asked by rc over 8 years ago


Hello, my grandparents just opened a bar and they need a bouncer. I'm 19 and I was wondering if it's legal for me to be a bouncer as long as I don't touch the alcohol?

Asked by Johnny over 8 years ago