New York, NY

Male, 33

I was a bouncer at one of the biggest sh-thole bars on the Upper East Side of Manhattan from 2005-2007. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on July 30, 2013

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Do you have the legal authority to use physical force? Like, if a guy's causing a scene, can you physically force him out of the bar or would that open you up to assault charges?

Asked by sam about 12 years ago

I don't know about legal authority. If a guy (or girl) is being a knuckle head, they're going out the door. If you're in the middle of the bar duking it out with them, then you're doing something wrong. It's not Roadhouse. If you leave physical marks on someone you open yourself up to assault charges. I've heard of bouncers getting charged with assault for punching someone. I've also heard of bouncers giving the side of someone's head a quick trip to the door jam on the way out and getting away with it.

if a guy touches me at a club and i tell you, would you throw him out? do you have to legally throw him out?

Asked by Me! about 11 years ago

I don't know about all this 'legally' stuff everyone keeps asking. There is no bouncer court. To answer your question, it depends. I sized people up from the second they walked in. You can spot a creeper immediately and we usually keep a close eye on the creepers

You can also spot an insane woman immediately.

If you are A) not an insane woman and B) the person who you are saying touched you has been acting like a creeper all night I would most likely ask them to leave you alone (depending on how they 'touched' you - if it's sexual harassment I would just throw them out).

A lot of times the creepers walk away for a little while and, inevitably return. If that happens I may ask them to leave.

What happens if you have no choice but to get physical, but you're outclassed in terms of size or headcount?

Asked by crunk over 12 years ago

You have to outsmart them. My move was to say "Oh yeah? You want to go? Let's take this outside." They usually get all puffed up and head straight for the sidewalk at which point I tell they guy working the door this chump isn't allowed back in and then I’d go back inside. Problem solved. You can also try to reason with them, like "Do you want to end up in jail tonight?" Or you can try the fearless thing, "One of us is going to the hospital, one of us is going to jail. I don't give a fuck which one of us ends up where." Of course that doesn't always work. I had a few very close calls, especially when I was outnumbered and I thought I might end my night hurt very badly.

I took a drink of something not knowing what it was and a bouncer saw me I was under age so he told me I had to leave as I was leaving he grabed me and pulled on my arm. Am I allowed to press charges

Asked by ash about 11 years ago

First of all, I don't believe a word of your story. "I accidentally picked up a drink that had alcohol in it. I had no idea! I'm just an innocent child in this big scary world! Whoa is me!"

Second of all, the bouncer probably wouldn't have had to grab you by the arm if you weren't acting like a jackass.

Third, based on your question I am confident that you are a jackass.

So, the answer is no, don't press charges.

Do you think a lot of bouncers take the job because they get off on the power that comes with it? or is the whole "power trip" thing blown out of proportion?

Asked by Herc about 12 years ago

This completely depends on the person. Most of the guys I worked with just wanted a job, they didn't care about the power trip thing. I personally applied for a job as a bartender and was offered the bouncer gig instead. I never went looking for any kind power trip. That's not to say there aren't a bunch of meat heads looking to prove they're tough guys out there...

What do bouncers look for when checking an ID or drivers license?

Asked by Ava almost 11 years ago

Children with IDs that are not real or do not belong to them.

if the bouncer knows my id is fake what's the best thing i can say to at least get him to give it back to me since i'm obv not getting in.

Asked by asdf over 11 years ago

Just be honest and be nice about it. Say something like, "Sorry, it was worth a shot." If the bouncer is having a good night they might give it back. DON'T freak out and act like an immature asshole.

Actually do. It's fun to watch.