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"What's wrong with my mouse?" "Why doesn't this website work?" "How do I turn this computer on?" As an IT guy for a healthcare company, I get these and all sorts of other brilliant questions all day. It never ceases to amaze me how smart people can become so technologically 'dumb' as soon as they set foot in the office. But I suppose that's what happens when they know one of us IT guys is there to hold their hands. Ask me anything... and when in doubt, reboot.

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Last Answer on August 28, 2012

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How often do you find porn on machines you get asked to look at?

Asked by armnhammer almost 5 years ago

In the corporate environment not so much, but when you do side jobs or help people out they have a tendency to stick around while you work on the PC. (you find out why soon enough) Then you stumble across the files and cookies that show some pretty crazy websites. The look on their face is priceless, they act as if they have no idea how it got there. We really dont care it is just funny when you bust them. Most of the time the wife has that look on her face of i cant wait for him to get home. Glad I am long gone by that time.

Do you think computer science should be a mandatory class in K-12?

Asked by ruth almost 5 years ago

considering that my 2 year old daughter has been ipad and mac proficient for months, yes I think it is important because there is no escaping technology.

I'm sure everyone that comes to you thinks their problem is life or death, but what kinds of IT problems are the REAL holy-crap-drop-everything emergencies??

Asked by mixed upppp almost 5 years ago

When the corporate domain crashes, the PBX goes down. Anything the really stops production. when someone cant open a file or convert a format that is critical to them to us that is just day to day calls. When a server stops responding or the telephones can't make or receive calls that is the a very bad day. normal staff do not understand all the design and hard work that goes into supporting the real workings of a network or phone system they just call or email and think things just work. they have no respect for the hours and hours of hard work that we put in to get things running.

Do you like the other IT folks you work with, or do you keep to yourself? Seems like a cranky bunch in every office I've ever worked in - no offense! ;)

Asked by -7-7-7- almost 5 years ago

Well do keep to ourselves. I have a few select people i go out of my way to talk with during the day. When it comes down to it we have so many things going on and maintaining operations. Some are cranky, some just goof around but the serious ones are the guys that work 24/7/365. We have a job to do and it takes as long as it does to complete. So we are under a lot of stress. That shows through in some IT people, because people think things always work and never know how hard we work, and get no respect. Sounds like Rodney Dangerfield but it's the truth

When someone calls IT with a really dumb question and the answer turns out to be really really obvious, does the person usually admit it was dumb, or make some excuse as to why it wasn't?

Asked by ytrewq almost 5 years ago

Well it usually starts out with "I have a dumb question" that is a sure tell sign it will be something ridiculous. With that being said they know it is dumb; but we have to entertain it anyway. After you answer them they normally admit "oh yeah thats how I do it at home" for whatever reason they seem to lose any knowledge of PC's when they arrive in the office. Sometimes they just make you get it working then run to a meeting or some other excuse when you try to explain so you dont have to repeat yourself each week when they run the same report all the time.

What's the the stupidest question you've ever gotten?

Asked by k.g. almost 5 years ago

More of a story than question, About 5 years ago I was working at a customers location when a guy I have known for years ask me about an issue with his home laptop. I asked the normal questions, when did it start, did you load any software, did you open any funky email attachments? The standard trouble shooting skills every IT guy has in his belt. So at the end I asked him if he could just bring the laptop in so I can see it with my own eyes. So the weekend passes I go out of my way to stop by his office and when I see him he shows me a picture of his laptop!!! I looked at him and say "what am I suppose to do with this?" he looks at me and goes you said you wanted to see it. I dont have to explain anymore about this.

Is it true that Macs don't get viruses?

Asked by algrayson almost 5 years ago

They can get viruses it is not a myth. Apple products are just harder to crack because they use an old unix code that is a lot safer than windows. Newer Macintosh operating systems, such as the Mac OS X, is built on the Unix kernel, which is one of the oldest and most secure operating systems available. Microsoft Windows is used by a lot more people than the Apple Mac OS. Because more people use Microsoft Windows, it is a much better target than Apple computers. Most of the computer virus writers are more familiar with the IBM platform and Microsoft Windows, which means its easier for them create a virus for that platform. Many of the tools and scripts used to help users create viruses or other malware are designed for Microsoft Windows. Hence the reason why at home I only have Apple products. I let my 2 year old hammer away on the windows machines...why because they will break anyway so might as well let her have fun destroying something that will crap out on it's own.