New York, NY

Male, 33

I was a bouncer at one of the biggest sh-thole bars on the Upper East Side of Manhattan from 2005-2007. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on July 30, 2013

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is the bouncer wrong if he picks an argument. I show no agrression what soever. Then the guard punched me in the face. Then the full bouncer staff pummeled me while i was on the floor. Cops took statements. He was also beside me boasting near cops.

Asked by unicorn over 9 years ago

I do not believe a word you are saying. I have never seen anyone get 'punched in the face for no reason'.

I've seen a lot of people claim they've been 'punched in the face for no reason' after acting like aggressive drunk assholes all night.

I just got a fake id (yes I know it's bad), but should you know all the dumb questions like what is your zodiac sign, or is that a giveaway?

Asked by Jay Joe almost 10 years ago

Is it a giveaway to be able to correctly answer questions about information on your fake ID? Take a wild guess.

How do you deal with a Head of Security that transfers his duties to you, leaves his post constantly to chat with customers and other employees, eats while working, and breaks house rules for patrons that he knows? Is he reliable to watch your back?

Asked by New to the Game over 9 years ago

There is a lot going on there. I can't answer this question without knowing the details. I would say this however: If you don't feel safe, quit.

Can I ask for ID after someone has entered the bar and has been served?

Asked by Semi almost 10 years ago

Why wouldn't you be able to? The job is to protect the bar, having underaged people in the bar is a threat to the bar.

Are bouncers allowed to frisk, search, or touch you in any way?

Asked by coach Q almost 10 years ago

I don't know of any rule against it. Obviously a male bouncer shouldn't be patting down a female customer and vicer versa.

Are New York fake ids the best id to use in the midwest? As I have a real one and I used it in Milwaukee WI and the bouncer said it was fake and took it. It was actually real so i went back with the police.

Asked by Jason over 9 years ago

This question makes no sense.

If you seriously have a real id and the bouncer thinks that it is fak, what is the best way to convince him that it is really your id and he will let you in? Also, how do you spot someone who has an id that looks real, but you just know suspicion

Asked by Jason over 9 years ago

First thing I do is ask them to spell 'fake'. If they can do that I let them in.