Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


Boston, MA

Male, 35

I practice oral and maxillofacial surgery in a major metropolitan area in the US. Despite the fact that I was a dentist before I was a doctor (now I am both), taking out teeth is but a mere bank rolling of my true interest... Cutting into peoples faces :)
- Wisdom teeth
- Facial fractures
- Head and neck tumors
- Facial cosmetic procedures
- Fixing your jacked up bite

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Last Answer on August 27, 2015

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I had bone graft (mine & cadaver) placed on lower jaw for implant of tooth #19. After 3 months surgeon placed implant. Graft partially separated when implant placed so he closed the gum over a short implant, said it will all heal. Will implant fail?

Asked by Gracie about 7 years ago


Hi! I have short maxilla I think according to a doctor I consulted with in Korea. Is this rare? Would the average maxillofacial surgeon be able to fix this. Research online makes it sound rare and difficult but he said it’s a simple and easy fix. Ty!

Asked by Andrew over 3 years ago


Why there is a small white spot on my tongue after having had a biopsy?

Asked by Vito almost 5 years ago


I had a biopsy done on the side of my tongue.
after a week there is a white spot at the place of the biopsy. Is it normal or not?
Thank you

Asked by Vito almost 5 years ago


During BSSO of the mandible for hemimandibular hyperplasia, can the screws and the plate on the side of the mandible being stretched be placed bellow the alveolar nerve instead of above toward the top of the mandible? What are the consequences?

Asked by A.Moose over 7 years ago


I had my upper left wisdom tooth out on Thursday and now my left nostril is sore. Is it part of the oro-antral communication they say I have and are hoping will close up. Or is it infected?

Asked by Anna almost 7 years ago


20 years ago I had a car accident that caused total mouth tooth loss and a dislocated jaw , I’m having lots of denture problems as well as asymmetrical facial appearance and frequesntly have headaches and jaw pain. Is this something I could
Correct ?

Asked by Cassie over 4 years ago