Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon


Boston, MA

Male, 35

I practice oral and maxillofacial surgery in a major metropolitan area in the US. Despite the fact that I was a dentist before I was a doctor (now I am both), taking out teeth is but a mere bank rolling of my true interest... Cutting into peoples faces :)
- Wisdom teeth
- Facial fractures
- Head and neck tumors
- Facial cosmetic procedures
- Fixing your jacked up bite

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Last Answer on August 27, 2015

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Do you remember when Anquan Boldin got his jaw shattered and was back on the field 3 weeks later? (http://goo.gl/MLSa6d) How is that possible? When my brother had routine jaw surgery, he couldn't do anything active for like 3 months?

Asked by AB over 9 years ago

So I guess answering this question late makes it more relevant since Geno Smith is now in the picture... 

From the article it looks as if Boldin fractured his maxillary sinus. People use the term Jaw so loosely. Typically it refers to the chewing portions of the mouth and the associated bones. This would be the mandible and the maxilla. While the maxillary sinus is part of the maxilla it is not really a chewing portion... nevertheless... the maxillary sinus is an extremely thin bone (we are talking less than a mm) and is extremely easily fractured. In fact, it is one of the more common fractures I see in the emergency department. Most of the time we don't even do anything to fix the fracture. We simply tell the patient to not blow their nose, suck on straws or do anything that will put increased pressure into their sinus. We give them antibiotics and let them return to their activities after a couple weeks. Now if the sinus fracture is associated with other facial bones like the zygoma, orbital floor, nasal bone, etc... that is a different story. So with that said... I am not sure... I certainly can't imagine a scenario where boldin actually required 7 plates and 40 screws... there isn't that much real estate on the maxillary sinus, but its the media so who knows.

Geno smith had a mandible fracture in 2 places (again a common fracture pattern). This required legitimate surgery with a few plates I imagine and actually requires a few months on the sidelines as the fracture is very susceptible to not healing if he over does it.

I am 27 yrs old, not a smoker, my lips are 100% natural. For the past two weeks, my lips have been getting smaller daily, major volume loss, shape change, and drooping on both sides (but one side much greater). What disease/disorder could cause this?

Asked by Feli about 6 years ago


I have suspected erosive oral lichen planus. I had a biopsy, but they didn't take samples of the ulcerative section. They just did the very outer section that is white. Is this normal?

Asked by Jim Kent almost 6 years ago


I was wondering i have a broken tooth on the right lower back and it's warped around to layer of bone and one is my jaw bone will the surgeon have break my jaw or can he get it without doing so thank you for answering

Asked by Darren over 7 years ago


Have a spot on tip on left tongue

Asked by Robert k over 6 years ago


I had double jaw surgery 2 years ago to fix my underbite, and my face looks very unattractive now. I hardly receive compliments on it. I want to go back to my original face, but keep my improved bite. What else can I do?

Asked by Jo about 8 years ago


I had oral surgery to correct my bite in feb 2010 and developed an oral/nasal fistula (a quarter sized hole in the roof of my mouth), a crack in my rt orbital socket, and a deviated septum. 3 yrs of numerous surgeries etc to kinda fix..is this normal

Asked by Tracy over 8 years ago