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Nail Technician


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Gainesville, FL

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I am a current licensed Nail Technician in Florida. I specialize in natural nail care, but have knowledge in artificial enhancements as well. I currently work in an upscale spa. Ask away!

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Can I put other color brand gels on gel FX base and top coat?

Asked by Ardelle about 7 years ago


I have to admit that I don't have experience with the Orly gel polish system but I can tell you what I know based on experience:

My recommendation would be NOT to combine gel systems. The simple reason being that gel polish is not like regular polish. Each brand is scientifically formulated to be used with their special base and top coat cured under light to give you the desired results you would expect (you would also need to make sure the different gel polish you are using cures with the kind of light you have; LED/UV). Also, I have noticed there can be a slight difference in the removal of different gel brands.

I have mixed gel polishes before and the results were not great. The gel polish either didn't last as long, had shrinking, or the coats looked streaky. There is a chance someone out there has mixed other gel systems with Orly FX and it works for them, so you could experiment. However with my experience, I would rather stick to one product line that has been giving me the results I want.

Why do nail salon workers wear masks? If there's dangerous fumes, why aren't the customers ALSO given masks to wear?

Asked by Ellen about 7 years ago


Service providers choose to wear masks because they are exposed continuously all day to that environment. As the client, you are not exposed as much as they are by one visit. Nail Technicians aren't just exposed to the fumes from nail products, but also the excessive nail dust while doing such services as acrylics many times a day. They (I say 'they' because I specialize in natural nail care only) wear masks for both reasons.

However, if you feel you need to wear a mask when getting your nail service then by all means, go for it! It shouldn't offend any of the Nail Technicians, as they understand the reasons behind doing so. I certainly wouldn't mind if my client decided she/he wanted to be protected as well.

When you're working on a client, are you thinking about what you're doing, or daydreaming about other stuff?

Asked by jericholions about 7 years ago

Interesting question! I am very focused on my work and can't say I think about anything else while on the job because I am very detail oriented... unless I am talking with a client about other subjects such as restaurants, movies, etc!

I got my nails done yesterday, i did sns, got a tip on them and almond shaped. It looks like the nail tips are curved upward and i can feel a dent in my nail where the tip is and its curving upward. What should i do?

Asked by Dawn almost 4 years ago


Hi there!
Im in the Uk, and im looking at teaching myself how to do my own nails. Im trying to find which brushes i should start with, but the sizes and brands and shapes are confusing. Could you recommend a set available in the Uk?

Asked by SusievanHalen 5 months ago


I just got my nails done (shellac acrylic) and I noticed there’s a strand of hair from the nail brush stuck on one of the nails. Is there a way to remove it myself with messing up the nail?

Asked by Monique over 3 years ago


i have snd with a tip so is it possible to take the sns off but leave the tip on? if so how?

Asked by lilia 5 months ago