Nail Technician

Nail Technician


2 Years Experience

Gainesville, FL

Female, 23

I am a current licensed Nail Technician in Florida. I specialize in natural nail care, but have knowledge in artificial enhancements as well. I currently work in an upscale spa. Ask away!

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Last Answer on January 20, 2015

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Hi, I have surgically removed the toenails of my big toes due to fungal infection. Is there a way to add a fake nail or something else for a wedding I have? Perhaps acrylic or anything else to be able to add colour on it?


Asked by tam almost 6 years ago


I am a RN and have to wear gloves all the time at work, my nails are dry and splitting. How can I stop this?

Asked by BlueBelle over 1 year ago


I've always had healthy, strong natural nails. Recently I began a job as a cashier at a grocery store, and now my nails are breaking, tearing, and peeling - despite keeping them short. What can I do to remedy this? Nail hardener hasn't helped.

Asked by Stephanie 11 months ago


What are the best nail lamps to use for curing gel nails and polish?

Asked by Sara Ann over 1 year ago


I had acrylic nails applied a couple of weeks ago, however yesterday I caught the acrylic nail and it tore up my natual nail underneath, it bled and I now think it has become infected. How will I remove the acrylic nail safely and will I need an Antibiotic?

Asked by Molly elder over 4 years ago


Do I need any kind of permit to start my own nail business, even if I start just doing it for friends and family?

Asked by stellzE almost 7 years ago


my nails are very oily and when I get acrylics they fall off can I combat this so I am not wasting my money?

Asked by kmuscutt23 about 4 years ago