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I am a current licensed Nail Technician in Florida. I specialize in natural nail care, but have knowledge in artificial enhancements as well. I currently work in an upscale spa. Ask away!

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What's the deal with girls who get one nail on each hand done in a different color? Is that a trend / does it have significance? (Sorry if that's a dumb question; I'm a guy and have no idea how this stuff works.)

Asked by TM over 7 years ago

Not a dumb question at all!

Nail lacquer/polish is all about being creative and expressing yourself. Having a different color on each finger may be a trend at the time, each color may mean something to the individual, or it simply doesn't have a meaning other than they were feeling creative in that moment and wanted something fun on their nails!

Nails that are painted a solid color or have designs serve the same purpose as having a tattoo or wearing certain style clothes to express who you are :)

iv got super long strong fingernails, a week ago i managed to get a crack in one and applied nailene ultra nail precise nail glue which is lasting but ... Im having a operation 27th Nov, will my crack last without anything on? I want to try keep nail

Asked by Emma about 7 years ago


I'm assuming you are asking if you don't wear nail glue, will the nail continue breaking (?)

The answer is yes your nail will continue to break, because you don't have anything bonding the nail plate together or protecting it (you can ask your Nail Technician about doing a nail wrap to save the nail, if you're doctor allows that before your operation - I'm guessing doctor disapproval is why you can't keep applying the nail glue to begin with).

If I was in your situation and couldn't receive a nail wrap, I would just trim the nail and all the others to the same length (unless you want to let that one grow to the other's length). After your operation you don't want to worry about your nail. After all, you want to focus on healing. I think there is only so much you can do for a cracked nail until it is time to let go of wanting the length and start fresh by trimming it. It's unfortunate, I know! Good luck to you and hope you feel better as soon as possible after your operation!

Is there one set of nails that stands out for you as the grossest you ever worked on?

Asked by atc over 7 years ago

Ha! If I had a penny for every time I've been asked this question. 

Sometimes I have clients ask me how I cope with touching other people's feet all day, especially if they are 'more gross than normal'. The more my client's feet need 'love' the more I enjoy it because I have a passion for what I do - you could ask my coworkers! I love helping people feel better through the service I give and the end result. I am fully aware that not everyone has the money to go get a pedicure every 4-6 weeks - but there is home maintenance you can do between pedicures, which I enjoy educating clients on.

To answer your question bluntly - No, I do not believe I can say there were a set of nails that were the grossest simply because I don't recall a single client that has walked out the door that didn't have better groomed nails then when they walked in!

Are you noticing moms bringing in their daughters for manicures at younger and younger ages? What's the youngest girl you ever worked on?

Asked by Emerson about 7 years ago


The youngest girl I've ever gave a child's manicure/pedicure on was less than 8 years old. I can't say that I've been noticing mothers bringing in their daughters at younger ages because my younger clients have always varied in age range.

For the past two years at the spa I work at, we have had a elementary school that pays for a group of girls who scored the highest on our state test to receive express manicures and pedicures. I think that is the only time doing a manicure or pedicure on a child has ever stuck out to me, because a school was paying for it. I wish my school did that when I was that age!

Can you tell me what is the trick for adding rhinestone without getting cloudy when you add top coat?

Asked by Sylvie about 7 years ago

I haven't had a problem with my rhinestones getting cloudy unless I am using nail glue to apply them first and accidentally get some on top of the rhinestone. If that is what you are doing: you should apply the nail glue to the nail in a very SMALL amount along with using tweezers to carefully place the rhinestone.Other than that, I would try switching top coats because maybe you have color polish residue in your top coat (is the top coat cloudy?) or change the top coat you are using.

I have bad calluses on my hands from years of playing tennis. I've tried everything to remove them, but I've had them since I was a teenager. Is there anything I can do, or will I have these forever?

Asked by jackrabbit about 7 years ago

I understand how frustrating callus removal can be. If you have tried many different removal procedures with no luck, I would recommend that you see a physician. However, if you feel that is unnecessary at this time, try this method:

1. Purchase a liquid callus remover (can purchase at Sally Beauty Supply) and apply ON THE CALLUS ONLY.

2. After the callus remover is applied, wrap your hand in a warm towel for ten minutes.

3. Wipe off callus remover with towel that you wrapped your hand in. Using a sand-paper like file, gently remove some of the callus (do not file too much and do not use a grate-like file, as both of these methods could cause the callus to grow back thicker).

4. Repeat every three weeks. Make sure to keep your hands moisturized just like you would your feet to prevent more callus.

It's important to remember that since the callus has been building over time, it isn't going to come off in a day; be sure to keep doing the removal process unless your skin becomes irritated. Best of luck to you!

Do nail salons get visited by health inspectors, and what are they checking for?

Asked by steamers about 7 years ago

Yes, they do. I have posted a link below from my favorite trade magazine to give you insight on what salon inspectors look for: