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Gainesville, FL

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I am a current licensed Nail Technician in Florida. I specialize in natural nail care, but have knowledge in artificial enhancements as well. I currently work in an upscale spa. Ask away!

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Last Answer on January 20, 2015

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Why are so many nail salons run by Asian families? Is it a cultural thing?

Asked by Debsmithey1 over 7 years ago

I researched this when first going to school to be a Nail Technician (since I didn't want to ask the question in class because it felt awkward) and stumbled across an article online. The article link I posted below is from a very reputable trade magazine for Nail Technicians (NAILS magazine) - my favorite trade reading material! This should answer your question:

Why do women care so much about their nails? Not that attracting the opposite sex is the only reason for it, but fwiw, neither I nor any other straight male I've ever known was ever turned on/off by nails.

Asked by T.J. over 7 years ago


Not all women like getting their nails done. I find for the most part women like to be pampered. During a manicure or pedicure they receive a massage as one of the steps in their service -- it's all about them during their appointment. For example, a lot of Moms come in that don't have time for themselves otherwise and like to spend that time relaxing while sipping on wine (at least, we serve wine complimentary at my spa) while getting a pretty polish on their toes or hands. For most women, getting a manicure or pedicure makes them feel beautiful, just like when getting their hair done or putting on makeup.

But, it's also a trendy thing to do. Women who love fashion or are creative like to come in to get their nails done (the latest fashion magazine will have the hottest trends on what color polish is in for this season and what celebrity is wearing the most trendy nail art) and have 'girl talk'. It can kind of be like a therapy session - a lot of clients end up feeling more like old friends at the end of their appointment to me. 

Last, it is really for our (and your!) health. Manicures keep nails at a healthy length, clean and hydrated while de-stressing you (the massage also increases circulation in the matrix area which in turn helps nails grow, for people who may have trouble with that). Pedicures do the same as manicures but also help with built up dead skin and ingrown toenails that make it painful for people to walk. Also, it helps with foot odor.

What's the ratio of guys to girls getting manicures at your spa, and have you noticed an uptick in male clients in the past few years?

Asked by dan79 over 7 years ago

I certainly have more female than male clients and if we are talking numbers -- in a month I'd say I might have 3 male clients total. In the two years I've been in the nail industry I have noticed men coming in with their girlfriend, spouse, partner, etc. to get manicures and pedicures done rather than coming alone. Most men that I've done nail services on prefer pedicures for the foot massage! I think it also helps that my spa has a men's changing lounge for massages and our pedicure room is semi-private. All in all, males are coming in more without shame!

Does what they put in the nail polish to make it last longer in the bottle actually make it chip quicker on nails -- and can I ask them not to do that?

Asked by jojo over 7 years ago

I'm assuming you are talking about polish thinner - it is specifically formulated to restore nail polish to it's original state! If the polish is thick, it is going to chip easier. That's why we thin the polish out - two thin coats help sustain the life of your manicure or pedicure :) I'm sure you can ask them to not put any thinner in the polish their using, but you shouldn't hold them responsible for the life of your polished digits since they were not able to do what they professionally believe is right -by their client's request.

what is the ratio of males to females?

Asked by ryanesha mathers over 7 years ago

I'm not quite sure if this question means males to females receiving nail services or working in the industry, so I'll answer in two parts.

1. If you meant the ratio of males to females receiving nail services:

Please refer to the very first question posted here.

2. If you meant ratio of males to females who work in the nail industry:

I can't answer for the whole industry as a fact, but what I have observed going into trade shows and visiting many different spa/salons is that there are about 85% of female Technicians and 15% male Technicians. I do not work with a male Nail Technician at my spa/salon, but there are males that work there that have different titles. It's a shame, because I feel we would definitely have more male client presence if we did have more male Technicians. 


How sanitary are the pedicure basins really?

Asked by a girl over 7 years ago

I'm not going to lie to you for the Nail Industry's sake. Pedicure basins are as clean as the technician makes it. There are a strict set of sanitation rules by law salons/spas have to go by in every state - if we don't follow them and get caught, the establishment may be fined heavily (sometimes even the technician can get fined or lose their license!). I can only speak for Florida's laws: You should make sure your Nail Technician is scrubbing the basins and running the water through with bleach or germicide for at least ten minutes (assuming it's a whirlpool basin). I would ask any new (or your current) Nail Technician what their cleaning practice is and what products they use to clean with. If they get offended by you asking then leave! I make sure I follow the rules by law and am very open and honest with clients - having groomed nails is not just cosmetic; it's about health too.

How long are manicures supposed to last, and what's the best way to prolong them?

Asked by Leanne1 over 7 years ago

1. How I first took this question: The time of your nail service varies from every spa/salon, but is usually according to what type of manicure you want.

For example, a dry manicure at my spa is inclusive of nail trimming/shaping/buffing, cuticle care and polish (15-20 minutes). A spa manicure is inclusive of everything a dry manicure includes AND you also get a soak, scrub, massage, mask and paraffin (60 minutes). You can even choose to get a hot stone massage as an additional charge.

With that said, the only way to prolong your manicure is to add extra services (you could possibly ask to pay more for extra massage time). You can definitely spa/salon shop as well to see who offers more for their prices... But are they giving you QUALITY service/products with proper sanitation? That counts!

2. This is how I think the question was meant: How long do manicures last after leaving the salon?

Manicures can last up to two weeks. However, most manicures end up lasting 2-3 days for most people. First, make sure to use cuticle oil daily to condition your nails and cuticles. Put a thin layer of top coat (purchase from your Nail Technician for the best protection) every other day to sustain the life of your manicure OR the best option - get gel polish instead of regular lacquer! It cures under a UV or LED light and will truly last up to two weeks. Also, any manicure is most likely not going to last two weeks if your hands are continuously in water as it expands your nail plate. 

What's the deal with girls who get one nail on each hand done in a different color? Is that a trend / does it have significance? (Sorry if that's a dumb question; I'm a guy and have no idea how this stuff works.)

Asked by TM about 7 years ago

Not a dumb question at all!

Nail lacquer/polish is all about being creative and expressing yourself. Having a different color on each finger may be a trend at the time, each color may mean something to the individual, or it simply doesn't have a meaning other than they were feeling creative in that moment and wanted something fun on their nails!

Nails that are painted a solid color or have designs serve the same purpose as having a tattoo or wearing certain style clothes to express who you are :)

iv got super long strong fingernails, a week ago i managed to get a crack in one and applied nailene ultra nail precise nail glue which is lasting but ... Im having a operation 27th Nov, will my crack last without anything on? I want to try keep nail

Asked by Emma about 7 years ago


I'm assuming you are asking if you don't wear nail glue, will the nail continue breaking (?)

The answer is yes your nail will continue to break, because you don't have anything bonding the nail plate together or protecting it (you can ask your Nail Technician about doing a nail wrap to save the nail, if you're doctor allows that before your operation - I'm guessing doctor disapproval is why you can't keep applying the nail glue to begin with).

If I was in your situation and couldn't receive a nail wrap, I would just trim the nail and all the others to the same length (unless you want to let that one grow to the other's length). After your operation you don't want to worry about your nail. After all, you want to focus on healing. I think there is only so much you can do for a cracked nail until it is time to let go of wanting the length and start fresh by trimming it. It's unfortunate, I know! Good luck to you and hope you feel better as soon as possible after your operation!

Is there one set of nails that stands out for you as the grossest you ever worked on?

Asked by atc about 7 years ago

Ha! If I had a penny for every time I've been asked this question. 

Sometimes I have clients ask me how I cope with touching other people's feet all day, especially if they are 'more gross than normal'. The more my client's feet need 'love' the more I enjoy it because I have a passion for what I do - you could ask my coworkers! I love helping people feel better through the service I give and the end result. I am fully aware that not everyone has the money to go get a pedicure every 4-6 weeks - but there is home maintenance you can do between pedicures, which I enjoy educating clients on.

To answer your question bluntly - No, I do not believe I can say there were a set of nails that were the grossest simply because I don't recall a single client that has walked out the door that didn't have better groomed nails then when they walked in!

Are you noticing moms bringing in their daughters for manicures at younger and younger ages? What's the youngest girl you ever worked on?

Asked by Emerson about 7 years ago


The youngest girl I've ever gave a child's manicure/pedicure on was less than 8 years old. I can't say that I've been noticing mothers bringing in their daughters at younger ages because my younger clients have always varied in age range.

For the past two years at the spa I work at, we have had a elementary school that pays for a group of girls who scored the highest on our state test to receive express manicures and pedicures. I think that is the only time doing a manicure or pedicure on a child has ever stuck out to me, because a school was paying for it. I wish my school did that when I was that age!

I have bad calluses on my hands from years of playing tennis. I've tried everything to remove them, but I've had them since I was a teenager. Is there anything I can do, or will I have these forever?

Asked by jackrabbit about 7 years ago

I understand how frustrating callus removal can be. If you have tried many different removal procedures with no luck, I would recommend that you see a physician. However, if you feel that is unnecessary at this time, try this method:

1. Purchase a liquid callus remover (can purchase at Sally Beauty Supply) and apply ON THE CALLUS ONLY.

2. After the callus remover is applied, wrap your hand in a warm towel for ten minutes.

3. Wipe off callus remover with towel that you wrapped your hand in. Using a sand-paper like file, gently remove some of the callus (do not file too much and do not use a grate-like file, as both of these methods could cause the callus to grow back thicker).

4. Repeat every three weeks. Make sure to keep your hands moisturized just like you would your feet to prevent more callus.

It's important to remember that since the callus has been building over time, it isn't going to come off in a day; be sure to keep doing the removal process unless your skin becomes irritated. Best of luck to you!

Can you tell me what is the trick for adding rhinestone without getting cloudy when you add top coat?

Asked by Sylvie about 7 years ago

I haven't had a problem with my rhinestones getting cloudy unless I am using nail glue to apply them first and accidentally get some on top of the rhinestone. If that is what you are doing: you should apply the nail glue to the nail in a very SMALL amount along with using tweezers to carefully place the rhinestone.Other than that, I would try switching top coats because maybe you have color polish residue in your top coat (is the top coat cloudy?) or change the top coat you are using.

Do nail salons get visited by health inspectors, and what are they checking for?

Asked by steamers about 7 years ago

Yes, they do. I have posted a link below from my favorite trade magazine to give you insight on what salon inspectors look for:

Can I put other color brand gels on gel FX base and top coat?

Asked by Ardelle about 7 years ago


I have to admit that I don't have experience with the Orly gel polish system but I can tell you what I know based on experience:

My recommendation would be NOT to combine gel systems. The simple reason being that gel polish is not like regular polish. Each brand is scientifically formulated to be used with their special base and top coat cured under light to give you the desired results you would expect (you would also need to make sure the different gel polish you are using cures with the kind of light you have; LED/UV). Also, I have noticed there can be a slight difference in the removal of different gel brands.

I have mixed gel polishes before and the results were not great. The gel polish either didn't last as long, had shrinking, or the coats looked streaky. There is a chance someone out there has mixed other gel systems with Orly FX and it works for them, so you could experiment. However with my experience, I would rather stick to one product line that has been giving me the results I want.

Why do nail salon workers wear masks? If there's dangerous fumes, why aren't the customers ALSO given masks to wear?

Asked by Ellen about 7 years ago


Service providers choose to wear masks because they are exposed continuously all day to that environment. As the client, you are not exposed as much as they are by one visit. Nail Technicians aren't just exposed to the fumes from nail products, but also the excessive nail dust while doing such services as acrylics many times a day. They (I say 'they' because I specialize in natural nail care only) wear masks for both reasons.

However, if you feel you need to wear a mask when getting your nail service then by all means, go for it! It shouldn't offend any of the Nail Technicians, as they understand the reasons behind doing so. I certainly wouldn't mind if my client decided she/he wanted to be protected as well.

When you're working on a client, are you thinking about what you're doing, or daydreaming about other stuff?

Asked by jericholions about 7 years ago

Interesting question! I am very focused on my work and can't say I think about anything else while on the job because I am very detail oriented... unless I am talking with a client about other subjects such as restaurants, movies, etc!

I got my nails done yesterday, i did sns, got a tip on them and almond shaped. It looks like the nail tips are curved upward and i can feel a dent in my nail where the tip is and its curving upward. What should i do?

Asked by Dawn almost 4 years ago


Hi there!
Im in the Uk, and im looking at teaching myself how to do my own nails. Im trying to find which brushes i should start with, but the sizes and brands and shapes are confusing. Could you recommend a set available in the Uk?

Asked by SusievanHalen 5 months ago


I just got my nails done (shellac acrylic) and I noticed there’s a strand of hair from the nail brush stuck on one of the nails. Is there a way to remove it myself with messing up the nail?

Asked by Monique over 3 years ago


i have snd with a tip so is it possible to take the sns off but leave the tip on? if so how?

Asked by lilia 5 months ago


I was a nail biter for 20 years and now I have stopped for over 8 months. Some of the white's are a wobbly white/transparent line and the nails are super weat, yet my thumb nail is rock hard and a perfect white.
Are there any remedies to help this?

Asked by Sam over 5 years ago


I have a client with thin weak nails from gels and acrylics when I try to use dips on her everything keeps lifting can you tell me what I'm doing wrong

Asked by Pam almost 3 years ago


will my nails grow back to original nail shape after being filed square. this nail tech filed my nails square. i have not bitten my nails in over a month just for this woman to file them too short and square. sooo.

Asked by 5 months ago


Am I supposed to tip my nail technician and how much?

Asked by Laura over 6 years ago


Once you already got your acrylics done and you feel like they’re too short,is there any way you could extend it at the shop?

Asked by Sophie over 1 year ago


I know it’s kinda stupid but can I file my nails with a nail buffer i know it will take longer time than regular nail file , but i think nail buffers are more gentle on nails than regular nail files

Asked by Yomy over 3 years ago


I know it’s kinda stupid but can I file my nails with a nail buffer i know it will take longer time than regular nail file , but i think nail buffers are more gentle on nails than regular nail files
Ps: I don’t have a glass file

Asked by Yomy over 3 years ago


Because our salon is closed, I am doing my nails myself. I can't reach my nail tech and wanted to know what she puts on the bare nail before she applies the acrylic. I'm guessing it''s some type of primer?

Asked by Irene C. over 1 year ago


I do my own nails(gel polish). I have everything i neex my only problem is after about two or three days the gel starts to lift off my nail. What can i do to make it last longer. Please help

Asked by Samantha over 3 years ago


So I have two questions, First one is, is a dipping powder the same as like a colored acrylic powder and can they be used as the same thing? and do you know a good online place to get colored acrylic powder ( brand names too )?

Asked by Sea Turtle almost 2 years ago


I changed nail salons recently for the last two gel french manicure fills my nails why are my nails a dingy dirty color.

Asked by Kathy almost 5 years ago


I do my own gel nails at home and have done for some time. I often give my nails a break and have just done them but I feel like I’ve had an allergic reaction as my fingers are now so itchy. I’m using the same things I’ve always used. Do you know why

Asked by Sarah over 1 year ago


Hi. Why do my nails yellow when I wear clear nail polish? I usually wear a base then a light pink polish and a top coat. No matter what I use my nails start to turn yellow within days/weeks. Any idea? Thanks in advance.

Asked by gbipot about 3 years ago


I've been trying to do my gel manicures at home to help save myself money. I've tried 3 different lights and my gel is always sticky. It can sometimes take 5+ minutes per layer to cure. What could be the cause?

Asked by shannan almost 3 years ago


Hi, I have surgically removed the toenails of my big toes due to fungal infection. Is there a way to add a fake nail or something else for a wedding I have? Perhaps acrylic or anything else to be able to add colour on it?


Asked by tam almost 6 years ago


I am a RN and have to wear gloves all the time at work, my nails are dry and splitting. How can I stop this?

Asked by BlueBelle over 1 year ago


I've always had healthy, strong natural nails. Recently I began a job as a cashier at a grocery store, and now my nails are breaking, tearing, and peeling - despite keeping them short. What can I do to remedy this? Nail hardener hasn't helped.

Asked by Stephanie 10 months ago


What are the best nail lamps to use for curing gel nails and polish?

Asked by Sara Ann over 1 year ago


I had acrylic nails applied a couple of weeks ago, however yesterday I caught the acrylic nail and it tore up my natual nail underneath, it bled and I now think it has become infected. How will I remove the acrylic nail safely and will I need an Antibiotic?

Asked by Molly elder over 4 years ago


Do I need any kind of permit to start my own nail business, even if I start just doing it for friends and family?

Asked by stellzE almost 7 years ago


my nails are very oily and when I get acrylics they fall off can I combat this so I am not wasting my money?

Asked by kmuscutt23 about 4 years ago


Whenever I get my nails done, they tend to point upwards and I hate it so much. Is it just basically my nails and there is nothing I can do about it? If so, I'll just never get my nails done again lol

Asked by Hithere almost 5 years ago


Can I bite and chew on your fingernails like candy?

Asked by Leon 3 months ago


How do you colour a gel builder extension? Do you use a coloured gel builder like BIAB or do you paint a clear gel builder with a gel polish like CND shellac, gelish etc...?

Asked by Kat about 2 years ago


I've seen woman with new acrylic nails that look frankly, terrible. I don't want to spend the time and effort at a salon only to be disappointed with the result. Do you recommend i bring a photo to the tech of exactly what I'm looking for?

Asked by Chris is PA almost 5 years ago


how do nail tech use math in doing nails please explain
even with liqiud and just eevrything you would use

Asked by lexy over 4 years ago


I went to a nail salon and the tech filed off layers of my nail. They are paper thin and hurt to do anything, even wash my hands. What can I do to try and protect the layers left and heal them?

Asked by Rebekah over 2 years ago


I get these little stiff things on the edge of my finger nail. I cut them off with nail clippers but it doesn't eliminate them permanently. What are they and how to get rid of them?

Asked by Mike about 1 year ago


I really want to get acrylic nails done, but one of my nails has grown weird because of a car accident i was in, would i still be able to get my nails done

Asked by alyssa over 4 years ago


I don't have the most strong nails, and i had an idea to put a thin layer of hard gel\ builder gel on my natural nails as a protection and hardener so they won't break easily.
Do you think it's a good idea?

Asked by lioraviv over 5 years ago


Hi! I'm planning on working part time as a nail tech once I graduate (I am in high school atm). I am not in votech and don't plan to be. Any tips on practicing? (I'm going to go to a nail tech school after I graduate)

Asked by kana about 3 years ago


i’m 16 and recently have gotten into doing my friends and i’s acrylics. i’m fairly well at them. i have everything you’d see in a nail salon. but my sets don’t last very long.. maybe a week. why is this?? i prep properly and put acrylic prep on.

Asked by Emma 2 months ago


I get a beau's line in just my index finger (I'm hypothyroid) it's deep and ridge fillers don't work. I keep getting them. What can I use to hide it? I've been looking at polygel or acrylic on just that nail as I use nail polish.

Asked by Avaroe over 3 years ago


Hi just wondering I don’t know if my manicure is Gel or shellac but I had a gel top coat at home and I’m wondering can I put a gel top coat on top of shellac?

Asked by Jasia about 1 month ago


Hi, was just wondering if it is possible to get acrylic nail on a nail that has fell off?, as I want a full set of nails and don’t want just one finger bare

Asked by Caitlyn about 3 years ago


Hi, I am doing gel nails at home and I recently bought a new matte top coat which is very good. However because it's so good and remains matte, the colour is getting stained, and dirty. Is there anything I can do to help that?

Asked by Alex over 3 years ago


Which is better for nails and cuticles, jojoba oil or petroleum jelly?

Asked by Tonya Reeves 9 months ago


I recently removed my nails with acetone ofc and I've noticed that my nails have been looking really damaged there are dents on them like if I ripped up layers of the nail itself and its really thin. Please I need advice on how to care for it

Asked by Leah.j over 3 years ago


Hello what is something I can put on my nails to help them grown and not break and get brittle before applying builder gel?

Asked by Kiakai about 2 years ago


I am trying to do silk wrap tips at home. I'm using self adhesive swiss silk, brush on gel resin and activator. After it dries, I'm still seeing a screen print on my nails from the silk. How can I fix this?

Asked by Jen over 6 years ago


I have a problem with subconsciously picking at my nail beds, a friend of mine suggested going and getting acrylic nails to help. Would i have to wait for my fingers to heal before going in to get that done? (I have never been to get my nails done)

Asked by Lex 8 months ago


Hello! I just got my nails done with gel polish, but the pinky one started to break a little bit in the corner. Is there a way to fix it? Maybe glue it bakc somehow?

Asked by Diana almost 4 years ago


For regular manicures, is there really that much difference between cheap salons who charge $20 vs high-end ones who charge $40?

Asked by BB over 6 years ago


what do you like least about being a nail technician?

Asked by mercedes over 6 years ago


what characteristics on a set of nail enhancements might you see when carrying out an infill

Asked by amy over 1 year ago


Can you get a burn or chemical burn from soaking your nails in acetone? Or from filing your nails too much?

Asked by Likeshine over 4 years ago


How do you know when you need to cap your acrylic powder with clear?? When is it okay not to? Thanks so much!

Asked by Sanny over 2 years ago


Could you fit the word princess on your nail?

Asked by Nikki almost 6 years ago


How u take off acrylic nail off

Asked by Ashley over 2 years ago


After you get a nail tech license, the money you make, would it be enough to buy your own apartment?

Asked by Victoria almost 2 years ago


My nails peel all the time and when they grow they always break within a few days. I was thinking about getting acrylic put on so they dont break.I don't want long nails just past my finger tips.What can I put on them so they dont break but looknice?

Asked by Ash almost 5 years ago


Hello! I currently have gel tips on. Every time I go in for fill I get them trimmed down a little. By the looks of it, next time I get a trim my tips will be off. Does that mean I should get a new set or continue with getting fills despite no gel tip

Asked by Bella over 5 years ago


I wanted to start doing gel nails but I won't to work slow and not ruin my natural nails and ruin them. I just use normal full cover clear glue on nails so would it be work to glue those fake nails on and then add gel just for practice?

Asked by Jane Martin over 3 years ago


My nail broke off and it is very very short will a nail tech add a tip on it . I am nervous because I need them done cause I have a very important interview and my nails are all screwed up

Asked by Liz over 1 year ago


Is there anything I can do reconstruct my daughters nail after she has bit them to the cutical, I want to apply acrylic so they can look pretty while they grow but she has virtually no nailbed, is there anything safer to the skin that can be used

Asked by Jedwardsnurse almost 6 years ago


My mom won’t let me get acrylic nails or gels but is there anything else I can get to make my nails like look it is acrylic

Asked by ALIYAH over 3 years ago


I had a nail ripped off by a car door, do you know how long it will take to grow back? Thank you.

Asked by LouuoL almost 7 years ago


So I used press on nails and I had them in for 4 days and I took them off last night and there was green in my thumb and pinky fingernails is it safe to put them back on and what do I do about the green stuff

Asked by Andrea over 2 years ago


After i put acrylic dipping powder on my nails. it only stays on for about a week. It then pops off at my cuticle. How do I fix that

Asked by Marissa 12 months ago


Has a client ever come back later in a day because she decided she was unhappy with what she had done and would you give someone like that a refund?

Asked by Pand over 6 years ago


what would i ask my nail salon to do if i wanted these? and how much would they approximately cost?

Asked by katie almost 2 years ago


If i cut my acrylics myself and made them really uneven, is it possible to get them filled still or do i have to start over with new acrylics?

Asked by Catie over 1 year ago


I use at home gel nail polish, I have a UV light and do my nails every week somethings more if they fall off. I’ve been doing nails for a year now and I really love nail art but I just found out that it’s bad for you and causes skin cancer?

Asked by Jess 6 months ago


What's the weirdest request you ever got?

Asked by Jackson over 6 years ago


One side of my nail grows flat and downward, and the other side grows up and out. Is there a reason for this, and is there a way I can fix this?

Asked by Ero over 4 years ago


Skin Cancer is “low risk” for gel nails and lower for at home use I’ve heard, but I do use them often (every week). is it ok to continue and maybe wear sunscreen or is this bad and needs to stop?

Asked by Jess 6 months ago


I have had the powder dip nails for the last 4 weeks and have had them filled in one time. I have a nail appt. tomorrow which would be a 6 week appt. Should I stick with the powder dip or switch to liquid gel? What do you suggest?

Asked by Christy Helmick 6 months ago


I have a question, i am a beginner at nails i want to know whats the best nail kit that has everything to start practicing

Asked by Ale Mendoza 6 months ago


Describe if you are able to provide a manicure or pedicare service to clients with the following conditions and explain your reason why.
Beau’s lines/Corrugations
Bruised nails

Asked by pooja over 4 years ago


Describe if you are able to provide a manicure or pedicare service to clients with the following conditions and explain your reason why
Bruised nails
Beau’s lines/Corrugations

Asked by pooja over 4 years ago


Does jojoba oil soak through CND Shellac? I've read that it's the only oil whose molecules are small enough to penetrate.

Asked by Janet almost 5 years ago


Does jojoba oil penetrate through CND Shellac?

Asked by Jcfm almost 5 years ago


What is powder nails is it acrylic or is it different

Asked by Jamie almost 5 years ago


Do nail technicians like when we tell yall to do whatever yall want and have fun with our nails?

Asked by Harmony over 1 year ago


Why does my monomer run out so fast? Like a small dish usually can do one set, but when I used it I’d have to use two dishes of monomer to finish one hand. Do you have any advice/explanation? Also I had a fan pointing directly where I was working.

Asked by Serenity over 1 year ago


What made you pick this career?

Asked by Emily Barnes about 6 years ago


I thought I had a toenail fungus and the dr just got the results back that it's not, thank goodness, but how do I clear up the disgusting toenails I have now to get back nice toes like my other foot?

Asked by Nails over 3 years ago


I got a full set of acrylic tips with dip powder on top. Second visit I asked for a fill and dip powder again. I was told you can’t do dip powder after a fill, and I had to get a new full set. Is this true or was I scammed?

Asked by Gail M 11 months ago


I used to have long, slender nails. I cut them too short ONCE when I was like 10, I’m 18 now and my nails have never gone back to normal. The nail plate is so small, my nails are rectangular and short and fat. Can it be fixed?

Asked by Imani over 3 years ago