Hotel Employee

Hotel Employee


Oklahoma City, OK

Female, 22

Been working for Embassy Suites, a part of Hilton Hotels, for a year half now. I basically check guests in/out, make reservations, and assist as a switchboard operator. But that doesn't mean I don't act as a bellman, valet, adult/child babysitter, cafe assistant and lite housekeeping. I have a love/hate feeling for this job, but deep down I love it because it's always something new each day.

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Last Answer on September 26, 2014

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If a bellhop tries to assist with my bags, but I insist that I handle them myself, but then he takes them anyway, am I expected to tip him? This happens WAY too frequently and is insanely annoying.

Asked by tr3 over 11 years ago

Well that is a very aggressive bell service you run into and you are not expected to tip. The bellmen in our hotel and any Hilton make the same as Front Desk. Generally by the 2nd "no" the bellman should have obeyed your wishes. I'm sorry you go through that.

Can you give guests room upgrades at your discretion? Do you ever do this if someone is just really nice and polite?

Asked by Q4U over 11 years ago

When the occupancy is low and I'm not forced to sell/get rid of rooms I can upgrade a standard room at my discretion. You also have to remember that Embassy Suites only have two room suites and that is considered an automatic upgrade than if you stayed at a Holiday Inn. I have upgraded a regular guest to our presidential suite before on a slow night and on sold out nights a random guests was upgraded.

Have you ever been hit on by sleazy males guests who check in alone?

Asked by JSB over 11 years ago

Sleazy, no. Been hit on by businessmen 20-30 years older than I, yes.

Sounds like you get asked to do a lot of stuff that's not your responsibility. Have you ever complained to your boss about it?

Asked by Jamie S. over 11 years ago

I've never complained because bottom line is that I'm here to be a team player & make a guests stay memorable. The guest see the front desk first, so its a given that they will associate their problems/needs with me to supply an answer.

What kind of training did you receive and how long did it take? Also, did you study hospitality in school?

Asked by margaret over 11 years ago

To become a Guest Service Representative, which is my position, you have to complete about 26 hours (about 3-4 days) of computer training of the system. The plus about doing the training is that if you transfer to another Hilton property you don't need redo the gruesome computer work. I'm currently a senior in college and double major in International Business & French with a minor in European History.

Do you get annoyed when guests ring the bell at the front desk?

Asked by joe torch over 11 years ago

Well my hotel doesn't have bells for guests to ring, thank heavens.

What was the craziest request you ever received from a guest?

Asked by Uncle Larry over 11 years ago

That's a hard one to think of indeed. I know I was working a night shift and an older gentleman wanted me to shuttle him to a strip club at 11pm. He didn't want my male coworker to take him, only myself and said he would tip me well. Nonetheless that gentleman was not taken to the club.