Hotel Employee

Hotel Employee


Oklahoma City, OK

Female, 22

Been working for Embassy Suites, a part of Hilton Hotels, for a year half now. I basically check guests in/out, make reservations, and assist as a switchboard operator. But that doesn't mean I don't act as a bellman, valet, adult/child babysitter, cafe assistant and lite housekeeping. I have a love/hate feeling for this job, but deep down I love it because it's always something new each day.

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Last Answer on September 26, 2014

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Why do hotel toilets clog so often??

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How much Hilton pay for house keeping

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Where do hotels get their sheets? A hotel in Vegas with my favorite sheets in the world sold what they claimed were the same sheets they used in the rooms in their gift shop, but they were 100% not the same. Is that a common scam?

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How much discretion does the front desk have if someone asks for a complimentary room upgrade?

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Which guests tip better: annoying tourists or entitled businessmen?

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is it true that hotels don't (or rarely) wash the bedspreads?

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I hate this hilton can I transfer to another hilton

Asked by I hate this hilton can I transfer to another hilton almost 8 years ago