Hotel Employee

Hotel Employee


Oklahoma City, OK

Female, 22

Been working for Embassy Suites, a part of Hilton Hotels, for a year half now. I basically check guests in/out, make reservations, and assist as a switchboard operator. But that doesn't mean I don't act as a bellman, valet, adult/child babysitter, cafe assistant and lite housekeeping. I have a love/hate feeling for this job, but deep down I love it because it's always something new each day.

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Last Answer on September 26, 2014

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How long are your shifts, and are you on your feet the whole time?

Asked by bellboi over 11 years ago

Well my hours are very flexible since I do my schooling online, but I can end up with 7a-3p, noon-8p, or 3p-11p generally. Plus my hotel does not have thetraditional front desk counter,; we have three floating islands where I stand the entire shift. Comfortable flats are my best friends.

Thanks for answering. When you say "ease in check-ins", what do you mean? What makes them difficult?

Asked by mayday305 over 11 years ago

Well I mean when guests come in with zero photo id, forgot to bring in amethod of payment, days when 50 guests would like to check in at 8am (when check out is at noon & the hotel was sold out previously). Those are some insights that can turn checking in into a rough, bumpy experience.

As an employee, are you able to stay at other Embassy Suites and Hilton Hotels for free?

Asked by Charles H. over 11 years ago

Sadly no. Hilton does provide very low rates just for employees and then their family/friends at any property in the world.

How much do hotel managers make? Is there a big jump from front desk clerk to manager?

Asked by Luca over 11 years ago

Well i do know once you move up to assistant manager you're automatically salary. Now how much in salary, I'm not exactly sure.

Fill in the blank: "If there was one thing I could change about this job, it would be ___________."

Asked by mayday305 over 11 years ago

Hahaha I like fill in the blanks. If there was one thing I could change about this job, it would be an ease in check-ins.

Say a guest arrives super early, like 6-7am, perhaps from a red-eye flight. Check-in technically isn't until 2-3pm, but you have open rooms. Will you let him in his room early and not charge for an extra night?

Asked by jay.wunders over 11 years ago

Good question and if I have rooms clean to go then they would be allowed to check in, eat breakfast and wouldn't be charge an extra night. He would be charged an extra night anyways.

Why do those key cards fail so often? Seems like I can't stay in any hotel without having to get a card replaced at least once.

Asked by mike over 11 years ago

Well the keys are very sensitive and having them near magnets, cell phones and credit cards can wipe your room number.