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Day Trader


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Male, 32

Day Trading: is it a game? A skill? A science? Instinct? Luck? I have no idea, but I do it for a living. Day traders employ a mix of speed, instinct, guts, knowledge and emotional intelligence to trade millions of dollars with a keystroke. The faint of heart need not apply. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on August 23, 2012

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I recently read that something like 80% of trades are done automatically by computers that suss out market inefficiencies. How can humans compete with that?

Asked by Chad Wilkes over 11 years ago


We’re looking for Daytraders willing to test our virtual trading platform. It’s completely free and designed to be a lot of fun, but apparently it’s not as interesting as we thought, so we’re looking for some honest opinions from specialists.

Asked by over 10 years ago


Ok,here's my question.I'm with a licensed USA broker,but I noticed a UK broker(FCA)cert,has hundreds of more products but does not accept USA customers(firm ETX in London.Are there any loopholes or any way to trade with these guys from USA?How to?

Asked by Herbert Marshall about 8 years ago


What type of impact would there be if the bids/ask showed an average of all the traders skill level next to it? For instance of a frequent trader had an imaginary rank of say 10 and a new trader, 1 with an avg bid rating of 5 at that bid. Good? Bad?

Asked by Jason over 10 years ago


how do you lock in profits when using a trailing stop?

Asked by john over 7 years ago


how do you lock in profits when using a trailing stop?

Asked by john over 7 years ago


Is it considered a day trade if I buy stock in aftermarket and sell it the next day?

Asked by Will about 5 years ago