Chick-fil-A General Manager

Chick-fil-A General Manager


columbus, OH

Female, 32

In the last 5 years I have worked every position within the store starting with the cow and now the GM. I handle all the interviews/hiring, ordering, employee issues, scheduling, you name it I do it. While the job demands long hours it is worth it.

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Last Answer on July 27, 2017

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What do you mean you were the "cow"? You mean you actually dressed up as the mascot for events?

Asked by libby01 over 9 years ago

Yes, most stores have at least one big Cow and one kid "baby" cow. It all depends on your height. I was the baby cow. You normally make just a little above minimum wage. Some times I worked in the store walking around and greeting the kids other times I would go to events that we were supporting and work. Without a doubt the best and easiest job at any store.

How often do you have to fire someone, and does it ever get ugly?

Asked by JOE over 9 years ago

Very rarely do I have to dismiss someone, I would say about 2 times a year. We try to hire the best people possible who we know will enjoy the job and meet our high standards. Of course, just like any job when we have had to dismiss someone they may disagree and it has gotten ugly, but I think on average people see it coming. We give verbal and written warnings explaining what will happen if it continues. The worst case I've had is we had to ask the employee to not return to the location.  

In your opinion, do people notice when Chick Fil A staff say 'my pleasure' instead of you're welcome or is that just a silly corporate branding thing that no one actually appreciates or cares about?

Asked by 7ask over 9 years ago

Our customers definitely notice and appreciate us saying "my pleasure". I have gotten complaints that say we forgot to say my pleasure as well as many compliments for us saying it. It takes a new employee a few weeks to get use to it, but once they do and can say it genuinely it adds to the experience that every customer has. No one chooses to come to a chick-fil-a just because we say my pleasure, but it is one of many things that make us stand out from other restaurants.  

Are nuggets REALLY all white breast-meat? I saw a news program once that claimed it was a bunch of different scrap meat from chicken just colored and texturized to make it seem like breast meat?

Asked by adobian over 9 years ago

Yes they are 100% white breast meat. It's the reason we can't sell a 20 piece nugget for a few bucks.  We are even in the process of making it even better for you and switching to 100% antibiotic free chicken (currently the grilled sandwich is). Also as a chain we are to lower sodium. 

Do you get any kind of advance warning when the health inspector is going to come?

Asked by Chick over 9 years ago

Nope. It would be pretty pointless if we did. They come in randomly a few times a year, walk around for about 30 minutes and leave. We have never had any issues with it so to us its not a big deal. As long a you keel your store clean and keep the food below food safety temps you are fine.

Do individual stores get any say in running promotions or ads? What if you have a really good marketing idea; can you implement it yourself or do you need approval from corporate?

Asked by Somaton over 9 years ago

We have say in some of what we do. Corporate sends us items that are part of our national campaign, which changes a few times a year, so if you go into a store in Texas they have to same national material that a store in Maine has. We have to put those in our restaurants in the correct places, but other than that we can do any marketing we want. Operators jobs are to sell food, so they can do pretty much anything that will help them sell more chicken . 

Who came up with the cow mascot / eat-mor-chikin campaign? Was it the founder or some ad agency, and are they like a mythic legend at the company:)?

Asked by Mirele over 9 years ago

A man named David Ring came up with the cows. He was an employee of The Richards Group.The cows made there first appearance in 1995 on a billboard the simply stated "eat mor chikin". In 2003 they actually stopped using the cows for a few months during the mad cow disease scare so people wouldn't think they were being insensitive and using the scare to get a sales increase.

We love our cows, they hold a very special place in our store. Many stores have cow cars. We use our cows during special events. If you go to corporate they will great you with cows. My favorite cow thing is the calendars.