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Day Trading: is it a game? A skill? A science? Instinct? Luck? I have no idea, but I do it for a living. Day traders employ a mix of speed, instinct, guts, knowledge and emotional intelligence to trade millions of dollars with a keystroke. The faint of heart need not apply. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on August 23, 2012

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I have heard that patterns repeat themselves in trading. Do patterns that happen in the morning tend to occur throughout the day, or is it more widespread than this?

Asked by LB over 1 year ago


I trade Nasdaq only. I just wanted to know when the market opens at 09 30 - 10 00, where the manipulation takes place, is it market execution orders or limit orders that they use?

Asked by Kaaris over 1 year ago


What is the best way to exempt some taxes? The TTS status but is there any other tips or tricks that you could give? United States/ Texas

Asked by about 1 year ago


I trade from home with my own money. I find emotions completely take over during pullbacks if I'm long. I panic and sell then sit watching the screen as the SP rises again beyond where I bought it in the first place! How do you deal with emotions?

Asked by Dan Jenkins over 10 years ago


I am watching Spring (S). For the past hour and a half almost all trades going off at the bid price without a price change. Is the Market Maker accommodating a huge order and will then let the price go up? Is this a bullish sign?

Asked by Richard Goyette over 7 years ago


That's Sprint

Asked by Richard Goyette over 7 years ago


Hello, I am thinking about dropping out of college and becoming a full time trader. Do trading firms hire traders with no college degree and with only two years of part time trading experiences? Could you give me some advice on how to get started?

Asked by Julius over 8 years ago