Bar Mitzvah DJ

Bar Mitzvah DJ


Toronto, ON

Male, 28

I know how to Blame it on the Boogie better than the Jackson 5, point my disco finger higher than John Travolta and Time Warp better than Bill & Ted. I am the party. I am a BAR MITZVAH DJ.

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Last Answer on April 03, 2013

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How much do DJs typically get paid to work a barmitzvah? How does it compare to the cost to hire a live band?

Asked by ren_stimpy over 12 years ago

Emcees, the hosts of the party doing all the talking get paid anywhere between $300 and $1500 a night depending on seniority. Some high level emcees have base packages that start at $6000 or $7000 but you also get some dancers and a lighting package with that.

What's your backup plan if your equipment fails (i.e. no music playing)?

Asked by speakercity over 12 years ago

5 years ago the only backup was to blame it on the kitchen for blowing a fuse with their big strong powerful equipment. These days, all you need is a backup ipod....providing you really didn't blow the hell out of your equipment. The emcee can buy some time in between songs by talking on the mic to make up for the dead air in between choosing songs. These days, djs are djing from macs and digital turntables, so there's a lot less fuses or connections that can malfunction.

Have you ever put your foot in your mouth big-time while on the mic?

Asked by togato5 over 12 years ago

Yes, I was on the microphone and trying to get everyone on the dance floor excited. With the bat mitzvah girl Erica up on stage with me, in an effort to clear some room on the dance floor for a break dancer i said on the microphone "Now, everyone take 3 giant Erica-size steps back". Before i could realize what i had just said, she turned to me in front of everyone looked me up and down and remarked, "Ewww, you're rude". There was a brief awkward moment of silence...the longest 3 seconds of my life. Luckily the music picked back up quickly and i was able to smooth it all out...sorta. It also didn't help that Erica was visibly overweight.

Why are event DJ's such jerks when it comes to song requests?

Asked by mastercraft over 12 years ago

Judging by the tone of your inquiry, i'm willing to bet you're one of those " it's 11:30, im drunk and know what's best for the party" types. I'd be lying if i said that i haven't been a bit abrupt with guests on occasion in the name of my personal favourites BUT for the most part its all about flow. I have a set list of songs A - F in my head that i know i need to play and mix well together. When i say mix, i mean that they have similar beats and can allow me to blend the songs seamlessly one into another to keep the energy high on the dance floor. I can tell you with absolute certainty that if you change the music too abruptly, people use it as an opportunity to say "hey honey, lets get a drink" and your dance floor starts to thin out. If you keep the vibe going, so too does the energy. We meet people like YOU every weekend of our life who ask for songs that ONLY you and your 3 buddies will get a kick out of and have perfected the "for sure man, its coming right up" or my favourite "i'm playing one request at a time man, ill get there in sequence"; to buy us some time and hope you forget about that idiotic request and let us do what we KNOW is best. All that said, i had a guy slip me $100 to play ACDC and i obliged immediately. So do me a favour, next time 11:30pm rolls around and you're just DYING to hear that played out Black Eyed Peas song, make sure you hit the bank on the way to the venue first and i'll get your song on WAY BEFORE the rest of your drunk buddies for 1 low payment of $24.99 (plus applicable taxes).

What's the craziest thing you've ever seen at a bar mitzvah?

Asked by 2live2 over 12 years ago

Once a kid made his entrance on a helicopter, at another party the mother of the bat mitzvah girl fell off the stage, broke her wrist and had to be rushed to the hospital and my personal favourite, the bat mitzvah girl with enough product in her hair to pollute an entire country stands too close to the batmitzvah candles....POOF!

Have parents ever complained or refused to pay after an event because they were unhappy with your work?

Asked by rentz over 12 years ago

Always, thankfully I’m not the owner of the company and i always get paid. Sometimes people just don’t want to dance and there’s nothing I, or Justin Bieber can do about’s just a stale crowd. The key is to always get the adults liquored up. Having servers bring shots onto the dance floor is a little secret of mine.

What songs gets requested most?

Asked by MC_Wrench over 12 years ago

It's always changing. The nostalgia songs change as the parents’ generations change. Springstein is a hit with the current parents. Anything about sex or drugs gets the kids going. They like to sing the choruses as loud as they can, the unedited version of course, and emphasize all the naughty words and/or sexual innuendos, e.g. Cee Lo Green’s F___ You.