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Day Trader


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Day Trading: is it a game? A skill? A science? Instinct? Luck? I have no idea, but I do it for a living. Day traders employ a mix of speed, instinct, guts, knowledge and emotional intelligence to trade millions of dollars with a keystroke. The faint of heart need not apply. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on August 23, 2012

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I have heard that the "covered call" techniques taught by companies such as CSE can be very lucrative,even in a down market. And that you can on average earn as much as 5-6% returns daily? Even with some extensive ongoing training,is this possible?

Asked by DavidB over 9 years ago


If I have a stock that has doubled but is expected to possibly triple or more.. should I sell it and take the profit then buy more or just just let it ride till it gets to the target price?

Asked by dok0619 over 5 years ago


What time does daily candle for forex opens and closes ? Does the chart changes in a few days or few weeks or it remains same forever ?

Asked by Tshering almost 7 years ago


Why do you think about Trumps economy?

Asked by Seth almost 4 years ago


why did my td ameritrade option order cancel before experation And I did not cancel it I ended up with a pl $1.50

Asked by Trademan825 almost 6 years ago


I read your answer about what day trader's bring to society, which didn't sound like much. How would you describe the CHARACTER of most day traders? Are they just completely self-interested people who will they do anything for a buck?

Asked by Raul d. over 11 years ago


What is the significance of 514 shares being treated and those other codes that we see once in awhile thank you if you could give us a list of those codes that would be nice

Asked by Hub Investor over 3 years ago