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Dating Website Employee

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Female, 34

I work for a prominent dating website, focusing on mobile products. Having seen a dating website from the inside, I've learned quite a bit about how online courtship works, which members get the most attention, and why certain members strike out. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on March 29, 2013

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do you think there's still a stigma when people hear you met your bf/gf online?

Asked by marques over 11 years ago

Less and less. One in 3 relationships begin online and Facebook has really helped lower the barrier to publicly admitting you have a life (or love life) online. Among younger users it is much less of a stigma given that they grew up in a highly public social media environment.

Who gets more inquiries: blondes or brunettes?

Asked by Shogunn over 11 years ago

Blondes. Hands down

do YOU date online, now that you've been on the other side of it?

Asked by Cam_77 over 11 years ago

Yes, I do. :-) Offline and online. It's good to have your hands in a few cookie jars when you're single - you never know where your next great love will come from.

Do you have to have online dating experience to work for a dating site?

Asked by shogunn over 11 years ago

Typically it helps to have that experience when applying but it really depends on the role that you are applying for. If you are working in any of the following common positions at a dating company, then no previous dating experience would be required: Database Engineer QA Tester Finance SCRUM Master (if on Agile) Project Manager HR Business Development Analyst CRM SEO However if you are going in for a product or marketing position, previous experience would be very helpful when applying.

how come some dating sites charge while others don't...

Asked by maggie b. over 11 years ago

Dating sites that just start out need to start for free in order to build a database. From there they typically monetize with subscriptions or micro-transactions in order to offset costs. It is very challenging to get a large amount of new users so free or freemium is typically faster to increase member volumes.

say 2 people meet on your site. they go on a date and it turns out 1 is nuts and kills the other. and it turns out the killer has a loooong rap sheet. is your site liable?

Asked by brometheus19 over 11 years ago

Most reputable sites check immediately with background checks on every user that signs up in order to catch these type of folks coming onto their site. for example won't even allow a member on if they are a sex offender or have a criminal background that can be harmful to other members (I don't think tax evasion would count though). Haha

What do you do to keep creeps off your site?

Asked by the luvliest 1 over 11 years ago

Thorough background checks that weed out any sex offenders, molesters or those with any criminal history.