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Dating Website Employee

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Somewhere, CA

Female, 34

I work for a prominent dating website, focusing on mobile products. Having seen a dating website from the inside, I've learned quite a bit about how online courtship works, which members get the most attention, and why certain members strike out. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on March 29, 2013

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If I'm honest and list myself as "divorced" will i be seen as damaged goods by anyone who isn't also divorced?

Asked by 1nce bitten about 11 years ago

Millionaire Matchmaker says divorcees are the best kept single secret. I don't think so. 

never used a dating site, but still wonder - why don't they use rating systems where members can rate other members they've dated? kinda like yelp? (e.g. "It didn't work out w/john but he's very sweet, kind, and generous. 4 stars.)

Asked by falldowngoboom about 11 years ago

Think about it - people use Yelp and Amazon when they mainly love or hate a place vehemently- usually hate. So if you went out on a date with someone and for some reason that other person didn't like you or didnt like that you weren't interested in them, they could be pretty cruel with a low rating - and that wouldnt be fair to those who pay for the dating service. 

has working for a dating site -- and seeing all the mistakes people make -- made you a "better" dater yourself?

Asked by slowhold about 11 years ago


What do you do when one of the people who sign up in your dating site turns out to be a stalker? And what do you suggest the "stalkee" should do?

Asked by anon about 11 years ago


Can site employees read the messages users send each other?

Asked by Syeth about 11 years ago


What's the overall proportion of men's messages to women that get replied to versus women's messages to men?

Asked by blast about 11 years ago