Track and Field Coach

Track and Field Coach


Manoa, HI

Male, 52

I am a track and field coach and my specialties are in the throwing events namely, the shot, the discus the hammer and the javelin. The training involves a lot of strength training as well as technical development. My other responsibility is in recruiting men and women (in this case women only as I am with an all female team), to represent the university in various collegiate competitions.

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Last Answer on November 10, 2013

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Some college athletes, like football and basketball players, have a goal of reaching the pros. But aside from the Olympics, what's the post-college goal for Track & Field athletes?

Asked by Big Daddy Jack almost 11 years ago

The post collegiate goal for some post college Track and Field athletes is a professional career as a competing international athlete. The governing body for all track and field world wide is IAAF. They have a website, and there the listing of international competitions ( Diamond League) available to athletes. Most athletes need/have an agent who is certified by the IAAF and are able to represent and negotiate appearance fees, shoe contracts and bonuses on behalf of their athlete. If you are in the right event, you can earn a significant amount of money in a competition season. Significant is in excess of $100,000 per year.

What would you do if you found out one of your athletes was using banned PEDs but he hadn't failed a drug test yet?

Asked by k-rod almost 11 years ago

He would be reported to the Athletic department's sports administrator and the NCAA. He would be most likely be tested and if found positive, would be subject to the NCAA discipline.

Do you prescribe certain diets for your athletes, or can they eat whatever they want?

Asked by Mikail almost 11 years ago

I do not prescribe a diet for the athletes as the university has a nutritionist who will assist the athletes in designing a meal plan.

When you're a recruiting an athlete and you're neck-and-neck with another school, what's your final pitch?

Asked by bl1nds1de over 10 years ago

A final pitch to an athlete is: asking if he/she sees the value of what we are offering today? If yes, then great, come to our university. If no, what are your concerns? If we can make this right, will you come here?

Are steroids a big problem in college track and field? How often are your athletes tested, and is the test easy to beat?

Asked by Jim almost 11 years ago

Steroids are no longer a big problem in college track and field. There is testing for performance enhancing drugs during the competition season especially at the NCAA championships. There is also drug testing during the off season and if any national records are set, the athlete has to undergo a drug test in order for the record to be ratified.

At what grade level do you start recruiting high school athletes? Do you start as early as their freshman year?

Asked by Binxy12 almost 11 years ago

I start recruiting high school athletes based on the NCAA rules and regulations that govern the NCAA college sports and coaches. The current rule is that we can begin phone calls following the completion of a prospective student's junior year or July1.

Does the NCAA ever add NEW track & field events? Are there any that you're aware of that are up for consideration? Seems like it's been the same set of events forever.

Asked by slowgrind almost 11 years ago

The track and field events for outdoor competition, other than changing from yards to meters, has not changed in the events contested. There are no new events that are up for consideration. In recent history, the Women's Pole Vault, the Women's Steeplechase , Women's Hammer throw and the Women's Triple Jump were all added to the NCAA competition events. The same events, give a history of the development of the sport as well as a comparison of athletes over time.