Hairstylist and Makeup Artist

Hairstylist and Makeup Artist


Richmond, VA

Female, 30

I work as a hairstylist and makeup artist for anything and everything you could imagine. A typical work-week can be special events, photo shoots, commercial production, makeup & styling lessons and more. Ask me anything!

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Last Answer on April 18, 2013

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How come sometimes my stylist washes my hair, and other times a separate washer does it instead? It seems like just another way to bilk an extra tip out of me.

Asked by SenecaW over 6 years ago

An assistant or shampoo tech help the stylist manage their schedule. Having someone someone shampoo the client allows the stylist to finish up the previous client, eat lunch or go to the bathroom. Scheduling can be more efficient and the stylist can book 45 minute appointments with no breaks instead of hour appointments and a specific lunch time. The two biggest benefits to the client are that they usually don't have to wait and typically get an extra nice scalp massage while their stylist is getting the station set up for their appointment. You can tip the same amount that you would if your stylist did everything. The stylist usually tips out the shampoo tech at the end of the day (similar to a server tipping out the bus boy) or you can divide your tip between the two. Its whatever you are most comfortable with.

How much am I supposed to tip my hairstylist? Am I also supposed to tip my hairwasher?

Asked by P_Minus over 6 years ago

A tip is a little something extra and a way to say "thank you" to your stylist. The amount is at your discretion, but 15-20% is most common. Feel free to bump that up to 20-25% when the stylist has to squeeze you into the schedule, stays late, gives you extra attention for a special occasion, or for a holiday bonus. Stylists really appreciate and remember those clients who tip generously, and this can be really helpful when you need that last-minute appointment and the schedule is packed. If someone other than you stylist shampoos your hair, an appropriate tip is $2-5, depending on how fabulous the massage was!

Does it bother you when clients play on their phones during an appointment?

Asked by Loueez over 6 years ago

No, it is your time to use however you like. I do need you to keep your head up (especially if you want a straight haircut or want me to be able to do your makeup) and still. Since I am working on the head and face area, holding the phone to your face is not a great idea since that would be directly in the way of me doing what you have made the appointment for.

What was the largest tip you've ever received? Had you done something extra special to earn it, or was it just a wildly generous client?

Asked by JaimeJay over 6 years ago

I’ve been lucky to receive some pretty fabulous gifts and cash tips around the holidays when I worked in a salon. Now that I’m a freelancer, about half of my clients will add a little something extra on top of what they pay for the event. It’s not expected but always appreciated. The best "just because" tip I have ever gotten was from a male client, who I had been doing monthly haircuts only ( no color, etc) for about a year. One day for no reason, it wasn't my birthday or any other major holiday, he left me $100 in cash. On the envelope he wrote, thank you for all your hard work." It’s nice to be appreciated.

Do you cut men's hair too? What one hair / skin / hygiene tip do you wish all men would adopt?

Asked by David over 6 years ago

Yes, I do cut men's hair. The good news is that guys still have it pretty easy in this department. You aren't expected to do much, just the basics. Just keep it clean and simple. Not too much, just enough, product in the hair. The biggest thing that men often ignore is skin care. You don't wear makeup, so protect yourself from the sun with a basic moisturizer with SPF 30 everyday.

When choosing which styling product (e.g. gel, pomade, hairspray) to use at the end of a haircut, does the stylist choose what she actually thinks will work best, or whatever product the salon is pushing that month?

Asked by Jason over 6 years ago

That would depend on the stylist. I always kept my clients best interest my priority since that is a more valuable long term relationship than whatever I would make off a short term promo. Good stylist/client relationships are based on trust. I am going to be honest with my client and only recommend what they need or what will work well for them so that I remain the expert and they continue to see me.

If a client fails to pay or the check bounces or something similar, what recourse do you have? Do you just badger them with phone calls, or do you get the authorities involved?

Asked by Chesuray almost 6 years ago

Because most of my business is special events, corporate events, commercial advertising I don't have too much of an issue with that. My contract/service agreement requires (non-corporate) clients to pay prior to the service. So, if they didnt pay, I don't do the service. My contract has a returned check fee, that has only happened twice and they promptly submit the payment with the fee. Bouncing checks isn't legal so people will pay up when they do that. These days I accept credit card or cash on location so that I don't have to run that risk. I never have a problem with my corporate clients, except that it takes them FOREVER to pay.