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Las Vegas Cab Driver


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Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want a day to day on some of the happenings in the job you can also follow me on twitter, vegascab @vagascab

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Here's a scenario. You take a passenger from Points A to B. Passenger attempts to pay with a credit card, but your credit card machine is broken. Passenger doesn't have cash or access to cash. What happens then?

Asked by makemecray almost 5 years ago

The driver has the ability to call the company and have it done manually over the phone

Why do Vegas cabbies have the WORST reputation for long-hauling passengers?

Asked by Sam123 over 5 years ago

because for the most part they do. i'm proud to say that i am an honest driver. point of advice to anyone ever getting into a cab from the airport to ANY hotel on the "strip". the freeway is ALWAYS the longer way and more expensive. there are sometimes you should go freeway but not many. if you feel that you have been long hauled call the taxicab authority. the number is posted on the ratecard in the front seat just to the right of the drivers license.

How often do you get stiffed on fares? Will you ever chase after a guy or call the cops when that happens?

Asked by 123a over 5 years ago

I havent had a "run-out" or stiff on a ride in quite some time, most of these happen on longer rides away from the strip and it depends on the situation if i call the TA (taxicab authority) or the police or not. it is actually against the law and you can be arrested for getting into a cab in las vegas for without cash. i usually break the ice with my passengers on these rides away from the strip by getting a deposit from the customer before leaving the cab stand. i will generally give an excuse such as my company requires a x deposit for a ride passed y street and they usually comply, if they dont sorry buddy the bus stop is right down the street.

What are the most common scams that Vegas cabbies pull? (other than you of course:)

Asked by bor over 5 years ago

The absolute most common is the practice of long hauling however there are many more that could end up costing you a lot more. It you are planning to go to a stripclub or massage parlor please research them for 5 minutes at least a lot of guys will take you to a "clip joint" with many promises so they can pad their own pockets. 1 thing to remember is that in las vegas prostitution is ILLEGAL don't ever let a cabbie tell you otherwise. Now there are some places for the right price you can get whatever you want but iit will cost. General rule of thumb if the driver won't give you their # so you can call them for a return ride something is fishey more than likely.

What is the proper protocol if a passenger leaves a large sum of money in your cab? What's the biggest amount you've ever heard of actually being returned to the owner (if that ever even happens)?

Asked by mnmn over 5 years ago

there are actually laws in place for this however how would you police it? the honest and right thing to do is you take it back to your company and fill out a receipt for it. if the money or whatever the lost and found item may be minus credit cards and such gets returned to the driver after 90 days. there is a rumor that a driver has recently turned in 60k. i have yet to verify this though. the largest sum i have personally seen or been a part of a buddy of mine found a 25k chip from the wynn in his back seat. he ended up getting it back to the guy and the scumbag didnt give him a dime to say thanks.

Do Vegas cab drivers carry guns?

Asked by Argo almost 5 years ago

I hate answering this truthfully but no! Nevada has a law that states a driver cannot carry a weapon of any kind. That being said plenty of us do.

Is there still any mob influence in the taxi business? Can anyone get a taxi medallion, or are there a limited number in circulation?

Asked by RGrover over 5 years ago

the number of medallions is regulated by the TA (taxicab authority) and every year they have an annual review of medallions to decide weather or not there is a need for more in the city. you can not just come into the city and buy a car and get a medallion and get to work. long story short there are 17 companies and if the TA says we need more cabs every company gets an equal amount. there is rumors that some of the company owners have "family" ties but you know how rumors go