Las Vegas Cab Driver

Las Vegas Cab Driver


Las Vegas, NV

Male, 31

Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want a day to day on some of the happenings in the job you can also follow me on twitter, vegascab @vagascab

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Last Answer on December 03, 2017

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When I pay you a $20 fare, how much goes to you and how much to the cab company?

Asked by cabbb over 5 years ago

depends on which cab company you are riding in the simple answer is depending on seniority the driver gets anywhere from 39-50% of the meter plus tips minus trip charges which vary from .60-1.50 per ride

In all seriousness, how much sex goes in the backseat of your cab on any given day? Does it even faze you at this point?

Asked by slowgrind over 5 years ago

On any given day you can pretty much expect it NOT to happen. if you get off of the strip and pick up at the strip clubs or swingers clubs it does tend to happen. and actually in any given week you could expect it not to happen that being said it has happend a bit and no it doesnt faze me anymore at all. most of the time i tell them to cut it out cuz its more annoying than anything else.

Have you ever seen the show Taxicab Confessions, and do you think it's real or fake?

Asked by Sully over 5 years ago

I have seen the show and the blonde girl from ny that was on the vegas edition still works for yellow and I speak to her on a semi-regular basis. The show was real however,she spent lots of time at "hotspots" I spoke of this earlier...she spent al lot of time picking up hard rock stripclubs and swingers clubs with hours and hours of useless footage...also she had a producer in her ear coaching her on how to ask questions

If a cab driver tells me his credit card machine is broken, what are the odds that this is actually true? And if I'm in a situation where I DON'T have enough cash but I DO have a credit card and the cab is supposed to be able to take credit cards, is that my problem or the driver's?

Asked by B-rad over 5 years ago

I would be inclined to say its the drivers responsibility to tell you that it is out of order before you try and use it. I tell all the people that get into my cab up front that I am cash only. As I said before it is illegal to get into a cab in las vegas without enough cash to pay the fare so there is that. Its my personal opinion that credit cards in a las vegas cab is a HUGE rip off in the first place there is a $3 surcharge on every transaction if you take 10 cabs in the time you are here you just waisted a decent meal. Or mcdonalds of 4-5 depending on how you look at it. It is hard for me to believe the amount of people that don't have cash in this city the machines and tables don't take cards if you have been gambling you should have cash.

How much do the taxi valet guys who open the door for you at Strip hotels take home every year? My friends and I once estimated it to be over $80,000 CASH for what's got to be the most useless job on the planet.

Asked by p3ste over 5 years ago

lmao im glad that someone other than cabbies think is difficult to say how much they make it is however a ton for what they do. my friend is a doorman at the wynn owns 2 houses and buys a new car every year. as much as i hate to admit it i would say they arent completely useless i cant imagine how crazy it would be at a hotel after a show let out

How much do cabbies get for bringing customers to the Vegas strip clubs?

Asked by Ari over 5 years ago

It varies from club to club and isnt nearly the amount that most people think it is. i maybe get 2 a week. the doorman and such give them all to limos, the numbers have varied from 20-100 a head in my five years.

Are vegas cabbies unionized?

Asked by MMarks over 5 years ago

some are yes and im actually a shop steward for the union that represents my company