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Las Vegas Cab Driver


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Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want a day to day on some of the happenings in the job you can also follow me on twitter, vegascab @vagascab

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Damnit, i was there earlier this year and cabbie asked me whether I wanted to take the freeway and I told him yes if it was faster. Sounds like I basically gave him permission to long-haul me. The fare was like $26. What SHOULD the fare be from McCarran to the Strip?

Asked by Tim over 7 years ago

the law does allow this to happen, the driver is supposed to tell you it is longer however. depends on traffic it could cost as little as 12-13 to the mgm to 20 ish to the stratosphere.

I've gotten aggressively hassled by Vegas cabbies for not tipping enough but have never had that happen in other cities. Is that a known problem?

Asked by Tim over 7 years ago

it is a known problem and it is a black eye to our business. people ask me all the time what is a good tip and i generally respond to them how much is it worth to you that i got you here without killing you. you have to remember that driving a cab in las vegas is a different animal than in any other city. in las vegas the laws do not allow us to buy or lease our own cab and have to work for a company on straight commission. a lot of our income is in tips. the passenger is by no means obligated to tip a driver and dont feel bad if you dont unless you are provided good service. the best of both worlds to me is for good service $3+. a driver will never complain and will almost always be happy with $5 and i generally say never pay with less than a 10 dollar bill think of that $4.50 cent ride from venetian to mirage (it happens a lot) the driver is getting AT MOST 50% of as his/her commission and may have had to wait quite a while for that ride.

Will you let people do drugs in your cab?

Asked by beo over 7 years ago

The legal answer to this question is no ;) however I do work on tips and what I don't know won't hurt me

Do you ever gamble yourself or has living in Vegas sapped you of all interest?

Asked by miko over 7 years ago

every now and then i will go out and play a bit. i havent really lost interest i love to go out and gamble but i have a family to support and if you gamble on a regular basis its hard to keep the lights on.

Do you get offended when passengers just shamelessly fart in your cabs? Do you just crack the window when that happens or what?

Asked by Cal31 over 7 years ago

That is one of the rudest thingsto me you can do back there is either that or loudly burp. No I don't open the windows I open the doors and put them out immediatly

Ever had any crazy / unexpected stuff go down with celebrities in your cab?

Asked by the silver eskimo over 7 years ago

lol this is a kinda funny question. the literal answer to your question is, with celebrities no nothing really crazy/unexpected with them for the most part. most of them just sit back and hold a conversation and for the most part tip pretty well. now to a vegas cabbie, at least between drivers in my company, a "celebrity" is a hooker. that way 1 we can talk about them over the radio without them knowing and 2 passengers/anyone listening into the radio don't know either. now the weirdest thing ive ever seen in that situation, sad actually, is a guy paid a girl $1700 just to walk into a club with him.

Do cops give cabbies extra leniency? Despite being some of the most aggressive drivers, cabbies never seem to get pulled over.

Asked by John boi about 7 years ago

Cabbies get pulled over all the time, and not only do we have to deal with the metro police we also have to deal with the taxicab authority or the "TA." Everyone is out to write us a ticket. The state of nevada actually holds us drivers, as well as shuttle bus limo truck drivers, to a higher standard as a "professional" driver. If and when we get pulled over for whatever reason you get a secondary ticket tacked on to any ticket you are given in the first place its called standards of conduct on duty, and is $200 additional tacked on to any fine given. I've gotten this ticket twice...not fun

When I pay you a $20 fare, how much goes to you and how much to the cab company?

Asked by cabbb over 7 years ago

depends on which cab company you are riding in the simple answer is depending on seniority the driver gets anywhere from 39-50% of the meter plus tips minus trip charges which vary from .60-1.50 per ride

If a cab driver tells me his credit card machine is broken, what are the odds that this is actually true? And if I'm in a situation where I DON'T have enough cash but I DO have a credit card and the cab is supposed to be able to take credit cards, is that my problem or the driver's?

Asked by B-rad over 7 years ago

I would be inclined to say its the drivers responsibility to tell you that it is out of order before you try and use it. I tell all the people that get into my cab up front that I am cash only. As I said before it is illegal to get into a cab in las vegas without enough cash to pay the fare so there is that. Its my personal opinion that credit cards in a las vegas cab is a HUGE rip off in the first place there is a $3 surcharge on every transaction if you take 10 cabs in the time you are here you just waisted a decent meal. Or mcdonalds of 4-5 depending on how you look at it. It is hard for me to believe the amount of people that don't have cash in this city the machines and tables don't take cards if you have been gambling you should have cash.

Have you ever seen the show Taxicab Confessions, and do you think it's real or fake?

Asked by Sully over 7 years ago

I have seen the show and the blonde girl from ny that was on the vegas edition still works for yellow and I speak to her on a semi-regular basis. The show was real however,she spent lots of time at "hotspots" I spoke of this earlier...she spent al lot of time picking up hard rock stripclubs and swingers clubs with hours and hours of useless footage...also she had a producer in her ear coaching her on how to ask questions

In all seriousness, how much sex goes in the backseat of your cab on any given day? Does it even faze you at this point?

Asked by slowgrind over 7 years ago

On any given day you can pretty much expect it NOT to happen. if you get off of the strip and pick up at the strip clubs or swingers clubs it does tend to happen. and actually in any given week you could expect it not to happen that being said it has happend a bit and no it doesnt faze me anymore at all. most of the time i tell them to cut it out cuz its more annoying than anything else.

Who's the most famous person you've had in your taxi?

Asked by allie over 7 years ago

I've actually had quite a few celebrities in my cab, the most famous probably would have been shaq he was really cool actually even though he barely fit in the back seat. more famous now would probably be labron james however back then he was just a rookie that hasnt been proven yet. mrs france was in the backseat one day pamela anderson clive owen...depends on what you like i guess the one that i loved the most was, im a chiefs fan btw, was christian okoye the nigerian nightmare

Are vegas cabbies unionized?

Asked by MMarks over 7 years ago

some are yes and im actually a shop steward for the union that represents my company

What are the most common scams that Vegas cabbies pull? (other than you of course:)

Asked by bor over 7 years ago

The absolute most common is the practice of long hauling however there are many more that could end up costing you a lot more. It you are planning to go to a stripclub or massage parlor please research them for 5 minutes at least a lot of guys will take you to a "clip joint" with many promises so they can pad their own pockets. 1 thing to remember is that in las vegas prostitution is ILLEGAL don't ever let a cabbie tell you otherwise. Now there are some places for the right price you can get whatever you want but iit will cost. General rule of thumb if the driver won't give you their # so you can call them for a return ride something is fishey more than likely.

How much do the taxi valet guys who open the door for you at Strip hotels take home every year? My friends and I once estimated it to be over $80,000 CASH for what's got to be the most useless job on the planet.

Asked by p3ste over 7 years ago

lmao im glad that someone other than cabbies think is difficult to say how much they make it is however a ton for what they do. my friend is a doorman at the wynn owns 2 houses and buys a new car every year. as much as i hate to admit it i would say they arent completely useless i cant imagine how crazy it would be at a hotel after a show let out

How much do cabbies get for bringing customers to the Vegas strip clubs?

Asked by Ari over 7 years ago

It varies from club to club and isnt nearly the amount that most people think it is. i maybe get 2 a week. the doorman and such give them all to limos, the numbers have varied from 20-100 a head in my five years.

If you get pulled over and ticketed with a customer in your cab, do you shut off the meter? Do you eat the fare for inconveniencing the passenger?

Asked by curious george costanza about 7 years ago

Depends on the situation, I'm an never allowed by law to shut off the meter when there are people in the cab. But we will turn the time off so that the meter isn't counting time. If I were to get a ticket for being an ass then yes I would apologize and m9ore than likely eat the fare. Now if I were to get a ticket for say a "california stop" or a couple miles an hour over the speed limit then I would expect full payment, however I would be freaking shocked if there was any tip at all.

Here's a scenario. You take a passenger from Points A to B. Passenger attempts to pay with a credit card, but your credit card machine is broken. Passenger doesn't have cash or access to cash. What happens then?

Asked by makemecray over 6 years ago

The driver has the ability to call the company and have it done manually over the phone

Why do Vegas cabbies have the WORST reputation for long-hauling passengers?

Asked by Sam123 over 7 years ago

because for the most part they do. i'm proud to say that i am an honest driver. point of advice to anyone ever getting into a cab from the airport to ANY hotel on the "strip". the freeway is ALWAYS the longer way and more expensive. there are sometimes you should go freeway but not many. if you feel that you have been long hauled call the taxicab authority. the number is posted on the ratecard in the front seat just to the right of the drivers license.

Do you know a lot of vegas cabbies that run side-hustles out of their cars? Drugs, bookies, that kind of thing?

Asked by come on 7!!! over 7 years ago

There is a bunch of things that go on behind the wheel and everyone is out here trying to make a buck. I actually do know quite a few that do questionable activities. However the bookie thing wouldn't be profitable its too easy to go to any casino and place bets. The only "side-hustle" I do is when people ask me, "is this cash cab?" I say nope but we can play if you want $5 for every right answer $5 for every wrong answer on top of the fare...I have never lost!

We've all seen the reports and experienced the horrible habits of drivers in Vegas (non-Taxi, I'm sure!). Do you have any theories as to why they're so terrible? I bet you've developed some fabulous self-defense moves on the road!

Asked by SDS over 6 years ago

LOL its funny that you ask this and make the observation at the end yes I have come up with some doozies over the years to avoid accidents.  Non taxi?? really lol most of these guys that are behind the wheel of cabs have just received their licenses from the state of Nevada and some probably have never even seen a car before.  Its always amazing to me how many people in this city have no clue how to drive especially around the "strip."  A lot of these guys are just sight seeing from their drivers seat which make driving on the strip rather dangerous.  Ive actually had passengers ask me from time to time "how did you know that guy was going to do that" just years of observing.

How often do you get stiffed on fares? Will you ever chase after a guy or call the cops when that happens?

Asked by 123a over 7 years ago

I havent had a "run-out" or stiff on a ride in quite some time, most of these happen on longer rides away from the strip and it depends on the situation if i call the TA (taxicab authority) or the police or not. it is actually against the law and you can be arrested for getting into a cab in las vegas for without cash. i usually break the ice with my passengers on these rides away from the strip by getting a deposit from the customer before leaving the cab stand. i will generally give an excuse such as my company requires a x deposit for a ride passed y street and they usually comply, if they dont sorry buddy the bus stop is right down the street.

What do you think is the best club or bar on or near the strip for an average guy in his late 30's to find friendly ladies for hooking-up? Don't want professionals - just normal women.

Asked by Vegas Bound about 7 years ago

most clubs try their best to not let the working girls in, however they are everywhere. Another unfortunate thing is that almost every club in town is catering to the rich 21-25 kids that will never work a day in their life. There is a couple spots around town I would suggest though stoneys which is located on south las vegas boulevard a couple miles south of the strip or even going to the blue martini which is located pretty close to stoneys. These places are more local friendly but quite a few people from the strip make their way down there especially the blue martini. Not as many working girls go here because its more layed back.

What's the nastiest thing you ever found in your back seat?

Asked by ***me*** over 7 years ago

People leave all kinds of things in the back seat, you name it I've probably had it in the backseat, thank god if its bio I am actually prohibited by law to touch it the company has a whole unit for this. 1 of the nastiest things though wasn't in my cab it was in a friend of mines. He dropped at harrahs to find out the passenger had popped a squat and urinated on the floorboard!

How much do you take home every year?

Asked by al123 over 7 years ago

The job is straight commission plus tips so there is no set take home, my checks vary from as much as $200 back to back. its going to be a bad summer i would say this year may be 25k paycheck plus tips

Is Vegas the most lucrative place in the U.S. to be a cab driver, or are there other cities where cabbies make even more?

Asked by checkeredpast over 7 years ago

Kindof a trick question here, I think by far a las vegas cab driver brings in the most money yearly on the meter however since we are paid only up to 50% of the meter I am inclined to believe the drivers make more in other cities. I've heard they make more money in other cities, but that just be the grass is greener on the other side.

Is the way they run the taxi queue at McCarran with different numbered slots really the fastest way to do it? I've waited over an hour there before.

Asked by p3ste over 7 years ago

im not sure if its the "best" way to do it, it is the best way that ives seen around the world however. i hear this all the time from my passengers as well. i mean loading 28 cabs at a time is pretty effecient. the only way that i would try to make it better is make the pedestrians cross on a different level so that the cabs wouldnt have to wait for them

Do you hate it when passengers sit up front with you? Cabbies always seem pissed when I have to do this.

Asked by macattack over 7 years ago

no i dont hate it at all i do find it a little odd and at first a little unsettling, but for the most part i work for tips whatever makes you happy

Have you ever had a passenger pull a gun or knife on you?

Asked by wyldecard over 7 years ago

even though las vegas is statistically the safest city in the world to drive a cab in, yes it has happened. it was about 2 years ago i picked up at a bar and took the guy to an apartment complex a couple blocks away he hit me in the head with something to try and rob me. luckly for me he didnt hit me that hard and i got away.

Do Vegas cab drivers carry guns?

Asked by Argo over 6 years ago

I hate answering this truthfully but no! Nevada has a law that states a driver cannot carry a weapon of any kind. That being said plenty of us do.

What is the proper protocol if a passenger leaves a large sum of money in your cab? What's the biggest amount you've ever heard of actually being returned to the owner (if that ever even happens)?

Asked by mnmn over 7 years ago

there are actually laws in place for this however how would you police it? the honest and right thing to do is you take it back to your company and fill out a receipt for it. if the money or whatever the lost and found item may be minus credit cards and such gets returned to the driver after 90 days. there is a rumor that a driver has recently turned in 60k. i have yet to verify this though. the largest sum i have personally seen or been a part of a buddy of mine found a 25k chip from the wynn in his back seat. he ended up getting it back to the guy and the scumbag didnt give him a dime to say thanks.

Is there still any mob influence in the taxi business? Can anyone get a taxi medallion, or are there a limited number in circulation?

Asked by RGrover over 7 years ago

the number of medallions is regulated by the TA (taxicab authority) and every year they have an annual review of medallions to decide weather or not there is a need for more in the city. you can not just come into the city and buy a car and get a medallion and get to work. long story short there are 17 companies and if the TA says we need more cabs every company gets an equal amount. there is rumors that some of the company owners have "family" ties but you know how rumors go

What's the craziest gambling story you've heard from a passenger?

Asked by LV2 over 7 years ago

Don't hear too many crazy gambling stories most of them are "i got a system" and "i took them for X amount". mostly bs however i did have to escort a guy to his room after i dropped him at palazzo. when we got to the room he showed me why. envelope with 160k in it. he peeled off 2 100 dollar bills thanked me and shut the door.

Has anyone ever offered to pay their fare with something other than money?

Asked by KG over 7 years ago

Happens actually all the time, everything from sexual favors to free games at 1 of the local bowling alleys. I am a happily married man so I havent accepted the sexual favors but 1 of the best things i have taken for payment for fare is ringside seats to a ufc fight courtesy of chuck liddell.

Are you allowed to pick up fares anywhere or only at Vegas hotels?

Asked by chris over 7 years ago

Well mostly at hotels however, we pick up all over the city not just at hotels. the law just states that a cab can not impede traffic to load or unload passengers, so i'm sure in the spirit of the question that you are asking yes just at hotels.

Whenever I see two cabbies pull up to the same stoplight, they wave or say hi to one another. Is that just a camaraderie thing, or do most cabbies in a city actually know one another?

Asked by louis over 7 years ago

Although I know a hell of a lot of drivers it is only because of my envolvement in the union and PDA, I seriously doubt that many drivers are as recognizable as I or some of the other shop stewards or PDA board members are. That being said there is still thousands of drivers that I would venture to say if I saw them out of their cab I would not know they are a driver. So I guess its just a comraderie thing.

If someone passes out cold in your cab, what do you do?

Asked by The 2can over 6 years ago

Look for their wallet duh! Sorry that was to easy. For the most part they wake up when the car stops moving, I would say that happens aboit 98% of the time. If they don't or just a hand on the shoulder wakes them up pretty swiftly, however if it doesn't we have to call an ambulance, Taxicab Authority, or police to remove them and extract our payment. I'm sure this was put in place years ago to avoid the first thing i said here from even being an issue!

Do you guys get any benefits such as dental, vision, life insurance etc...?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Yes we do...most companies offer a benefits package, however doesnt obama care take effect soon?

Do you ever get hit on by attractive out of town woman? How often does that happen?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Happens quite a bit actually, you got to remember they are here to have a good time and pretty drunk lol

Why do taxi drivers prefer cash if the meter records exactly what the fare was anyway. I used to think it was so they didn't have to report it on their taxes, but doesn't the meter create an official record that would make not reporting it dicey?

Asked by Brian P. over 6 years ago

the only reason I would think that a las vegas cabbie would prefer cash is that it is a faster transaction! Personally I could care less which one.

Are you required to have a Nevada drivers license before you can get hired and work or do they give you some time to get it? Any special endorsements?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Yes you are required to have a nevada license...this is enforced by the nevada taxicab authority.  There are no special endorsements needed however

Which taxi company are better to work for, in terms of commission pay, benefits and incentives.

Asked by mkfk over 6 years ago

I believe that yellow checker star is the best company to work for but that is just my opinion rhat is something that would have to be researched and decided for yourself

How do taxi drivers get paid? Do you rent the cab for a price and then just get to pocket whatever fares you pick up?

Asked by Bleating over 6 years ago

I wish!! In las vegas you must work for a company and they are all different but pay their drivers based on commission. A driver depending on which company a driver works for they receive 39-50% of what they put on the meter plus tips.

What's the biggest tip you ever received?

Asked by J-n-Dub over 7 years ago

The biggest single tip i got was from a couple of kids that were not allowed to fly for bringing cocaine on a plane so i took them round trip from vegas to huntington beach california for a tournament. it was $1600 and they doubled the fare.

Do you love or hate when passengers wanna chat with you?

Asked by heyarnold over 6 years ago

Love it! Its pretty uncomfortable to ride in silence! However that being said I will not hold a conversation that makes 0 sense I give them 1 chance then I tell them they are broken and have lost their talking privileges for the remainder of the trip.

How often do passengers ask if you can help them score drugs?

Asked by topchopper over 6 years ago

Almost everyday actually, sometimes multiple times a day. I just ssy i dont know what you are talking about and carry on with the ride.

Do people ever ask you to keep your meter off in exchange for a cheaper fare? In Montreal, cabbies like when you do that because they get to keep the entire fare for themselves instead of having to split it with the cab company so you both win.

Asked by TimRaines over 6 years ago

Yes, it happens all the time however if we get caught "high flagging" a fare you could be immediately terminated. Not to mention a pretty healthy fine from the taxicab authority so its just not worth it to me for a couple more bucks.

My 22 year old daughter is coming to Las Vegas next week for a conference in Boulder City. She has little freeway driving experience and has been to Vegas once. Would she be ok renting a car and driving from airport to Boulder City or get a cab?

Asked by Erika over 6 years ago

A taxi to boulder city would be rather expensive probably looking in the neighborhood of abour 50-70 depending on where she is going, howevee that said it is all freeway.  I would love this ride personally but my personal suggestion is to set up sedan service, will end up being cheaper since they charge by the hour, and should only take about a half hour to get there.

Anything? I'm looking for a taxi for an xxx shoot later this month in Vegas. Do you know anyone who can help? My e-mail is

Asked by Jason over 6 years ago

This could get a little tricky...depends how freaky etc...i would live to help I've done similar things in the past...i will send an email when i return home

As a new driver how about getting a shift like thu-sun or wed-sun?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Maybe...probably going to be more like sunday-thursday

Great blog! I'm scheduled to begin driving taxi in Las Vegas beginning Monday July 15th for the same company I believe you are working for, YCS. Your posts were very helpful and informative. Thank you! I will be following you on twitter.

Asked by Newbie over 6 years ago

Thank you!! And good luck when you cirst start out its tough, especially during the summer but it does get better

How much does it cost to join a taxi union and what are the monthly dues?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

There is no cost to join...our dues are >$10 a paycheck

Are there some rough areas of Vegas that you refuse to drop off at or pick up from?

Asked by DavidS over 6 years ago

Not really, im 6'3" 285 Im not easily intimidated

How often to the back seats get cleaned? What do they get cleaned with?

Asked by anon over 6 years ago

I am not sure what the answer to this question is, however I do know that there is a biohazard crew that has to clean them with whatever it is they use that is mandated by OSHA for the health and safety of the public. Im sure if you check out osha they might have the answer. The taxicab aurthority checks out the cabs on a monthly basis so at least every month

Have you ever had someone who needed medical attention (like someone who O.D.'d) in your cab, where you had to take them straight to the hospital?

Asked by shock g over 6 years ago

i had a guy 1 time have a heart attack, we were close to a hospital so i swung in real quick.  there has never od'd though

Why do cab drivers put the car in Park at red lights and then in Drive when the light turns green? My friend says that it's because it somehow makes the meter run up faster than if they just kept their foot on the brake.

Asked by dave over 6 years ago

I have seen a couple of drivers doin this and it made absolutely 0 sense to me just more work. As to what your friend says about making the meter run up faster, at least in vegas, it is absolutely not true. Meters in a Las Vegas cab run by time if the cab is going less than 8mph and it is set by time it goes up 20 cents like every 30 seconds or so whatever equalls up to $30/hr. I myself dont do this and don't know why anyone would.

I am considering becoming a taxi driver, my problem is that not every cab company would hire a person under 25 years (i am 22), I know frias does, have you heard if the company is good? what about your company YCS? how is the starting for a newbie?

Asked by Alex Cortez almost 6 years ago

that company is hard to work for, for some they put a lot of pressure on you to book high...YCS i believe does now but for a newbie its pretty tough you work midnight to noon or like 2a-2p which are tough shifts to make money on

The 30k-35k average annual income, is that before tips or after? How many days a week working is average for this income?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

If you hustle and work hard this is before tips 4-5 days a week...i made 44k last year before tips

I'm thinking about moving to Vegas. Which company is the best to drive for? Is it easy to get a job driving a cab there??? Thanks!

Asked by Sally over 6 years ago

They are all about the same...the pay structures differ slightly but so does how you pay for gas, it is extremely easy to find a job as a driver

I just got back from Vegas and IT HAPPENED AGAIN! A $12.75 fare and I gave him $15 (reasonable) and he whines about it, then tells me to get the hell out of his cab when I tell him "Sry, I'm not rich." Was I too cheap? Attitude was WAY out of line!

Asked by Tim over 6 years ago

I agree the attitude is WAY out of line, like I said before you are in no way obligated to tip a driver!  The tip here is a little over 10% I myself would like to have more but I understand when it doesnt happen.  You were definatly not to cheap if this happens again and it offends you call the taxi authority and report the driver!!

I read that it is illegal for cab drivers to pick up fares on the strip except at cab lines. Is this current and correct?

Asked by Momatarms over 6 years ago

yes it is they will write you multiple tickets for it actually one for impeding traffic and another for loading passengers outside the rotation of a cab stand its pretty rediculous

What do you do when your in line to pick up and you have to use the bathroom really bad?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

I try to not let it get to that point but if it does you get out of line and go...multiple cab stands airport included have restrooms set up for drivers

I also drive in Vegas, what are some tricks to making top dollar during your shift, i may see you in the pit bros.

Asked by mike o malley over 6 years ago

Actually the more of a sarcastic asshole that I am to people thebetter tips I get.  I actually have found that i make the most money by just picking up wherever I drop, there is way to much time waisted looking for something that is working.  

thanks for the reply. what kind for dispatch system do you have? 2 way radio or taxi tricks? the system were you can see all available trips in town from your car

Asked by pensacola cabby about 6 years ago

Both actually...but that is in my cab because i have seniority most drivers have to chose one or the other

I have 2 friends that work in Las Vegas as cab drivers and they tell me on average they may get like 8-10 rides per day while another person who works as a cab driver gets daily like 30 rides per day........

How is that possible???? I know there

Asked by nikki over 6 years ago

Depends on how they chose to work...I average more rides than most drivers because i tend to load wherever I drop off as opposed to having a favorite spot to go to say like the airport and spending a lot of time driving around without someone in the backseat. Some drivers this is all they do is go to the airport from the time they start until the time they finish so they not only spend upwards of an hour to load there but they take 10-15 minutes to drive back there. It also depends on when they work during the day...the driver that drives my cab opposite me averages probably 10-15 less rides a day

Thanks anyway. Thought maybe the TA had some sort of listing of all registered drivers. I am in town again next week. If I wanted to use you as a driver how would I go about it?

Asked by Diane over 6 years ago

The TA does have a list of all drivers however i would imagine they would have trouble giving drivers bames with nothing more than initials, at least I hope the would.  If you would like me as a driver you can contact me through twitter @vagascab or through email at, I would prefer not to give out my number on tbis site but would through eitherof those 2 channels

Where do taxis park overnight? Do you own your own taxi outright?

Asked by Hagz over 6 years ago

In las vegas you can not buy or lease a cab you must work for a company that runs the cab for 24 hours

Does Nevada require a driving test if I already have an out of state license? Is the paper copy I receive good enough to get hired and go to work?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

If you are 25 no you just vo and get a license, im not sure if the temporary license is good enough

What days do you estimate are the most profitable to work and which are the least?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Friday and saturday nights, saturday and sunday days are the best tuesday and wedbesday or any religous holiday either shift are slow

As a driver does dispatch force dispatch you to pick up from residences or do they just call someone who's more willing?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

I dont know how it works with othet companirs but with tbe one I work for I do what I want when I want

Do you join the union first or get hired then join?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Depends on which company...with YCS you go to the union before you start but are not obligated to join

is there a high turn over of cab drivers in Vegas? how hard would it be for someone out of town to get hired? are their some months were you make more money then others?

Asked by pensacola cabby about 6 years ago

the average turnover for a cab driver is 60% so yea its pretty high.  if you want to be a cab driver they used to require you to have lived in the las vegas area for a year however i think all you need now is residency.  the summer months and the major religous holidays are pretty slow ie christmas easter and such, thanksgiving is not good either but other than that it's pretty good the first quarter of the year is by far the busiest

With a family of four, how much does someone need to pull in annually to live comfortably in Vegas? I'm considering some job opportunities in the area.

Asked by The DAO over 6 years ago

Depends on what your definition of "comfortably" is...but I would say that at least 30k I would venture to say 35k would be almost average salary here. However that is just a guess...i made almost 40k driving last year before tips.

I've heard that sometimes there are doctors, lawyers, and maybe teachers who drive cabs. Do you k now if this is true or not?

Asked by Donny over 6 years ago

Absolutely true! A lot of different people drive taxi in vegas you never know who you will be riding with...I absolutely love when educated people get in the cab and we debate

Is it easy to get some days off from time to time, like to play a poker tournament or something?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

After you get a little bit of time in yes, i can pretty much take off anytime i want now but april 22nd was my 6 year anniversary

hey im looking to start driving I read that u mad 40k+ before tips, out of curiosity what do you estimate your annual tip income to be? also if my driving record is spotless do you ting a felony arrest(not conviction) would hinder me getting a job?

Asked by vegassil80 about 6 years ago

As long as you were not convicted you are fine, the driving record does not have more than five points you should be fine the total income is hard to say since tips vary widely from day to day

Which Cab Companies pay the best....and or LIMO ????

How can a cab driver get more rides???

Whats a good night for a Cab driver as far as total rides per say???

Asked by nikki over 6 years ago

Cab companies pay in between 40-50% of what you make on the meter the company I work for starts you off at 40% and works it way up to 43.5% depending on your seniority however because we do not get paid 50% of the meter we do not have to pay of gas like the companies that do so if its busy its about the same on a slow night however my company is much better in my opinion.  Limo drivers make most of their money on the "side" which means strip clubs and massage parlors and sugh.  A good night for a cabbie is 24+ rides or a little more than 2 rides per hour.

I am from the East Coast (NYC) and want to relocate and drive a cab....Drove one in NYC when I was in I am used to the insanity of it all. What is the best way to get acquainted with the layout of Vegas?

Asked by Codymeister about 6 years ago

the town is really simple espedially since 90% of your rides start of end either on the strip or airport anything else its a grid just like nyc but I would suggest a gps

Do you need to take a test before you get a job like a taxi driver in Vegas? Or what are the requirements ?

Asked by Sammy over 6 years ago

There is a test you have to take, its fairly simple and most companies run a prep class...they used to require you lived in the valley for a minimum of a year however that gas been lifted recently.  The only other qualification really is no dui and a heartbeat lol

Is it possible to work a "normal" 40 hour, Mon-Fri daytime work week and make an OK living, say 25K/year?

Asked by Nick over 6 years ago

As a new driver it is near impossible to get a shift like this however yes...i am off sunday monday and thursday and work 12 hr i said before 40+k before tips

I've noticed WAY more female cab drivers in the past few years. Why is that? (or is it just an illusion)

Asked by Seth over 6 years ago

i have been noticing that myself lately i have no idea to tell you the truth I will have to look into it

Do you get paid weekly or bi-weekly?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Bi-weekly plus whatever i bring home in tips everyday

Are cab drivers required to take drug tests in Las Vegas?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Pre-test at most companirs

I respect that you're one of the HONEST drivers out there, and I too will do the same. But unfortunately, since many drivers in Vegas are indeed longhauling, and you are expected to compete with their average and "make book", how do you rememdy that?

Asked by Newbie over 6 years ago

It really isnt that hard really i dobt have much of a problem everkeeping up but i generally do 10 more rides than these guys because im not waisting time running back to the airport, so not only do i keep up but i make more in tips since i have nore rides

What is the most profitable shift to work?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

Noon to midnight weekdays and like 5p-5a friday anf saturday

On my last visit to Las Vegas I struck up a conversation with an off duty female driver. Any way to track her down. I know her first name began with an N, last name with a G and she was from the Philippines. Any help is greatly appreciated.

Asked by Diane over 6 years ago

I would have no idea where even to start, there are 9000 drivers in las vegas spread out over 17 companies...i wish i could be more help

What's living in Vegas like? Do you like it? Or does the glamour wear off real quick when it's where you live?

Asked by Banini over 6 years ago

absolutely love living here however it does get a little boring down the strip especially when all your friends and family want to come down and party all the timeI live about 5 minutes away from the strip and I still make it down every now and then and still have a pretty good time but like I said it doesn't lose its glamour after a little while

When credit card machines were installed in cabs, did you see your tips increase, decrease, or stay about the same as before?

Asked by Cole-train over 6 years ago

They have gone slightly down just because of the "voucher" fee.  There is a $3 service charge to use a credit card in a cab that is refered to as a voucher which most people think we share in.  One more reason is that we used to frequently get a $20 bill for a ride that was say $15.50 now we get like 20-30% which is still not bad but not $4.50. 

What percentage of the gross fairs do you estimate you average in tips?

Asked by Chuck over 6 years ago

I do very well and average sbout 50% but it definatly depends on the personality of the driver

Any taxi company pays cash daily on the meter( are the tips reportable as income or whats only on the meter.

Asked by mkfk over 6 years ago

We do have a tip allocation set by the irs that we always do better than...and desert cab pays cash daily

....Relocating from East coast....where can I rent a nice studio a decent area?

Asked by Codymeister about 6 years ago

they are all over the place this is a pretty nice town there aren't to many places that you have to watch for except north las vegas and east las vegas in parts every where else is at least decent

which las vegas taxi companies do urine drug tests only?, upon hiring drivers... not hair...

Asked by ken over 6 years ago

Not sure...i know ycs only did urine

Can you tell me what you do at the yard, how long your there before and after the shift, and also do you subscribe to cab dash or taxi insider? Is it hard to get 4 12's early on, or do you need months on hand first.

Asked by adunja about 6 years ago

The first time you bid you can get a four day twelve hour shift as long as one is available...i try not to be in the yard for nore than ten minutes at a time the longest wait is fetting gas

I work as a consultant and am usually gone during the week. Are there are part time/on call jobs where you can work at a moments notice? or is everything scheduled in advance?

Asked by Adiosboy1 about 6 years ago

Not at YCS where i work, however one of the others might i am not sure

How common is it for women to try to get out of paying their fare by threatening to make a false accusation of sexual assault, and do cabbies avoid picking up single women after dark due to this threat?

Asked by Psteverific over 6 years ago

I have honestly never had this happen so therefore not afraid to pick up women.  However women are worse tippers than nen so i dont like it lol

My husband would like to work as a cab driver in Vegas, he has a starter USA driver license, but he has more than 12 years driving experience from Europe?

Asked by Judit about 6 years ago

They used to make you have residence in town for at least a year however therules are pretty fluid the best infor would be on the Nevada Taxicab Authority website.

I will be in Vegas for 1 week in October with my wife. We rarely use drugs but its Vegas and our kids won't be coming on the trip. Is it safe to ask a cab driver for cocaine? What is the price of a gram or an 8ball. Where is the best place to get it?

Asked by Sean about 6 years ago

Wish i could help man...

im curious what your making a week

Asked by chris about 6 years ago

Depends on the week varies wildly anywhere from probably 2-5 a week in tips then same on wages i generally book about 2200 every two weeks

I want to take a cab from the quad to Freemont St. But I am by myself - will (can) the driver walk with me down Freemont St?

Asked by Kay about 6 years ago

I guess it depends on the driver however I would not just for the simple fact I would lose over an hour of work, unless in was worth my time money wise.  That being said there is no danger in walking down freemont by yourself, not anymore than walking down the strip by yourself there is security everywhere and is very well lit.  Downtown is one of my favorite places to go when I have family and friends in town you dont have anything to worry about

Just moved to Las Vegas, i have one point on my record, can i still get a job as a drive?

Asked by carlos about 6 years ago

You have to have kess than five points and i dont think anything but dui transfers

The requirements for obtaining a taxi cab driver permit state "Must be a resident of Nevada for thirty (30) days before applying for a permit."

Asked by Chuck about 6 years ago


I just got hired with your company and have loved your advice. I am starting on the 12:30 am shift, and advice, and what can I expect to make on average on that shift. Is your pick up/drop off still good on that shift?

Asked by adunja about 6 years ago

On that shift you need to learn which clubs are open the night before and dont work the airport until about 10.  Mgm is never a bad bet after like 6 lots of checkouts.  Also a good idea to be aware of convention schedule the last day and after last day will have multiple check outs.  That shift is bad do your best to get a later shift.  That is the worse shift to be in, and the worse time of year...hang in there it gets better

is there smaller companies which offer a car service in Vegas?

Asked by Sid about 6 years ago

yes i know for sure bell trans does as well as lucky not sure if there are more

Ive been on disability a little over 3 years because of spine issues and 2 surgeries. I'll be off disability soon and should pass the physical Will it be hard for me to get a job as a cab drive having not worked for 3 years and my former disability

Asked by George almost 6 years ago

you should not have a problem at long as you can pass the physical i think there would be some legal issues if they did not hire you!

I'm going to try and get on board with a cab company. I've been reading online stories of how cabbies are expected a "high book" of you and if you are on the low end for like 3 days you are out the door. I'm honest and longhauling isn't me. Truth?

Asked by Kevin about 6 years ago

depends on the cab company but there is a lot of pressure to keep up with the average however I work for YCS and do not longhaul and I have no problem keeping up with the average as long as you get out there and work you will be fine

hey I just got in at yellow checker,and im about to start training soon. don was telling me the first three weeks I will be working 5 12hr shifts. my question is how hard is it to get 4-10's or 5 ten hr shifts? and what do you typically work?

Asked by vegassil80 about 6 years ago

It will be quite some time before you get four ten hour shifts they are quite limited, however five ten hour shifts should not take long at all.  I work four twelve hour days have for a couple years now i love it!

Guys in this class at the TA said that as a new hire you can sit two hours waiting for a car, is that bs or true from what you see. Also do u subscribe to any of the sites offering alert info on shows, stands, and conventions? If so what's your fav

Asked by Adunja about 6 years ago

If you wait more than 90 minutes you can go home without question the general wait when i was extra was 30 minutes at most...and no i dont subscribe to any sights i hear they have pretty good info though

also i would like to know what the 15? test at the taxi authority consist of if you can help that would be great thanks

Asked by chris about 6 years ago

The company i work for YCS does a class to prepare people for the test as well as study guides to help with the test that would be your best bet

I'm a new cabbie (6 shifts) and I am not making average book per night. I'm close but no cigar. A couple of guys in my training class are making average book per night. I'm not getting as many trips as they are, but I feel I keep busy. Any tips?

Asked by Mark about 6 years ago

It depends on what shift you are working...kind of sounds like you are early days so that is what I will base the answer on.  You need to know what hotels have clubs that are working the night before for example on a Thursday morning you should head to the mandalay bay by the convention side because Wednesday nights the light club becomes "elipse" and is really popular.  The hotels with clubs on nights like this will have a lot of cabs because they are the only ones moving.  You have to remember that a lot of cabs is not always a bad sign also I found after about 10 is when the airport actually started to work kind of pointless to work there earlier unless there is a convention coming in that day or the next. I hope I helped my twitter is connected to hear I will always try to help as much as i can if you want to contact me through that channel

I'm thinking about driving a cab. Do they do Hair or urine drug test for employment? I have very little hair so should I start some facial hair to grow. which is the best cab company to work for?

Asked by SinCityDude about 6 years ago

I think that YCS is the best company to work for however that needs to be something that you research and decide for yourself pay scale where the cabs are restricted to etc and im not sure they only did urine when I started here

What percentage of new drivers would you say, get fired for not making book? Is this the reason for the high turnover for drivers?

Asked by Rob almost 6 years ago

taxi drivers have a 60% turnover rate, the biggest reason for the high turnover is mostly the money though when you start you are on a bad shift it takes some time to make any kind of money

I need 700 per wk take home. Is that realistic for a new driver working full time? Thanks for all the info.

Asked by Michael over 5 years ago

for a new driver you will probably be coming in slightly less than this

I am a taxi driver in London. What I should do to get a licence for Vegas taxi driver?

Asked by americo over 5 years ago

look up the nevada taxicab authority website...they make minor changes all the time that would be your best way to find out up to date and accurate information

I forgot the details.I will have just had a male to female makeover - does that change your answer? What would be a good figure to offer a driver to do this? Do you make money by doing these
Q and A's? Can drivers or pax smoke in a cab? Thanks!

Asked by Kay about 6 years ago

thats a mouth full lol no that does not change my answer most drivers have heard and seen it all and are comfortable in most situations, I'm not sure what would be a good figure to tell you the truth but like I said before you will be fine doing it yourself, hell might even meet someone while down there.  No I do not make any money doing these, and as long as the driver doesnt mind you smoking in the cab then it's fine however its actually illegal for me to tell you that you cannot smoke in my cab....its weird

I applied at YCS, got hired then failed the drug test :-(. Apparently they took urine AND hair, which i was not ready for. Do u know how long i have to wait before i can reapply? also, how long was it before you never got assigned a Geo cab?

Asked by TJ about 6 years ago

I'm not sure how long until you can reapply and you will never get assigned a geo cab once you have gotten a shift, and that is completely up to you how long that takes

can a 59 year old from the east coast find a job driving a cab in las vegas? I am ready now.

Asked by cmeister about 6 years ago

Yes there really is not an age limit you just have to be ready to work long hours as long as the state will give you a drivers license and you can pass a physical they will hire you

How is the security industry there? Thinking of moving there, I work armed prisoner watches and executive protection. My company hasn't had any armed work in a while and I'm just doing vehicle patrol making 10 an hour. Armed I was averaging 20-30/hr

Asked by Jboxx over 5 years ago

there are a lot of patrol jobs for about 10 per but the armed guards at casinos start i believe at 18 per and there is a lot of private security positions available out here

is fingerprinting a
prerequisite to drive a cab in Vegas?

Asked by Santa almost 6 years ago


Do you get paid bi weekly or weekly. Also does the company pay you with a company check?

Asked by niko79 over 5 years ago

when you first start you will be on the extra board and will receive a check from 2 of the three companies bi weekly and 1 the off week for those... once you get a shift you will be paid by whatever company you work for bi weekly with a company check

I've just relocated to Las Vegas & would like to drive a cab here for an income source. What's the best company to drive for? Where do I look for details on this endeavor? Info/tips greatly appreciated Thanks!

Asked by Rob over 5 years ago

i love working for YCS but have never worked for another company so I couldnt tell you, the best place to find info is on the nevada taxicab aurthority website there is a link to every company

I have lived in vegas 33 years .and have worked on ycs as a lot supervisor as first job at age 16 always wanted to come back and drive . I have another job , do they do just weekend or shorter days like 2-3 days a week ?

Asked by adam s. about 5 years ago

they only do part time for senior citizens that have been with the company for more than ten years

Does a Las Vegas Cab driver still make money from door fees? How long does it usually take to go from entry level to at least average level driver.

Asked by Ash over 5 years ago

yes, depends on the company that you chose to work for, some companies have different wage scales

if i work a 12 hour shift for 5 days the company pays OT?

Asked by fluffy over 5 years ago

there is no overtime in a commission based job

Where can I get some blow

Asked by Frank about 4 years ago

Probably from a drug dealer

What does bidding for a shift mean? I understand that when new one has to work the dog shifts, but how long before you get to work the good shifts?

Thank you. I've enjoyed your useful and to the point blog.

Asked by Ian over 5 years ago

every six months my company holds a shift bid, there is a 66% turnover rate for cab drivers so every day there are shifts available.  today is my 7th anniversary at YCS my seniority when i started was 715 and I am right about 200 now over 500 people just in my 7 years gone and that was just people with more seniority than I had think about all the new guys that don't hack it.  now because of this every six months they hold a shift bid every cab and every shift is available by seniority.  It took me about a year and a half to get a good shift and only about 8 months to have something that I could work with

what do you do about the heat in the summer?

Asked by roscoe over 5 years ago

it is only bad for about 45 days or so for the most part go from air conditioner to air conditioner

did you know the guy that found the 300k? would u have done the same?

Asked by evb325 almost 6 years ago

i do know the guy that found it he is actually a friend of mine we call "pety" really good guy...i probably would have done the same however it would have been really hard lol

Hi, is it easy enough to get a taxi on xmas day from the airport to the mgm, and how much would it be about?

Asked by clare almost 6 years ago

It will be very easy to get a cab on christmas nobody gets to take off unless it is their scheduled day should be between $12-15 to the mgm DO NOT LET YOUR DRIVER TAKE THE FREEWAY swenson to tropicana is your route

Also is there any sort of companies that do executive protection and driving that you know of? If so how hard are they to get into and what is the name of them? Thanks from CA

Asked by Jboxx over 5 years ago

there is but i'm not sure where or who to contact

An awesome sight you have, with a plethora of useful, informative, factual, knowledgeable information!!! I Just got hired on by a taxi company. I have read that the current test is 15 questions total (19 Multiple Choice & 5 True/False with the T/A?

Asked by Mickel over 5 years ago

I'm not sure what it is now when I took in seven years ago it was multiple choice 40 questions on is now on a computer and I have no idea what is on it sorry

What is the situation as far as hair/beard standards for cab companies. Are they pretty lenient on that sort of thing or should long-haired, freaky people not apply? Also, what are the typical upfront fees for licenses/physicals etc.?

Asked by Kelly Patterson almost 6 years ago

facial hair is accepted, however it has to be clean and "well kept" the costs for every thing is about $100 to start for licensing and testing

How much money does a green cab driver make just starting out ?

Can you explain how the shifts work when you start out ? Are you on call ? Do you work full time right away ?

Asked by Mike over 5 years ago

For a new driver it is tough to make money because it is difficult to get into a groove as to what works on certain nights and where and when to go to places like the airport.  When you start you will be on an early morning shift and be on what is known as the "extra board" but you will get to work as much as you want

As a newbie on YCS, what will be my starting shift? They said 6 days 12 hour shift. On average, how much do I get in tips per day? How much salary do I get bi-weekly before tips?

Asked by CC over 5 years ago

you will be working like one in the morning until about one in the afternoon your tips depends on how quick you learn how to read people,  salary is about the same its tough to begin with for sure

In Las Vegas can a limo company run thier business like a taxi company and still make money even if they charge double or tipple the fair of taxi? How much will it take to start a taxi business up from strach in Las Vegas? What are the steps to do?

Asked by MR Budman for the how to's? almost 5 years ago

It is a major process that has to be done through the transportation authority and taxicab authority. Im not sure however about cost

Hello. How much is reasonable for a taxi from mccaran to casino royal on the strip?

Asked by rosasilvestre almost 5 years ago


I had a cab driver rear end my car near the strip and am less than pleased with the evasiveness of their third party insurance adjuster. Is it common for them to diminish or deny claims if they can get away with it?

Asked by getreal almost 6 years ago

im sure they will if they can get away with it i mean hell most of the population would do the same most of these companies are ran by a bunch of lawyers so....well im sure you can get it

If I were to drive 10 hrs/day 5 days per week what can I expect to earn total including tips for the week.

Asked by Andrew patz about 5 years ago

it variew greatly by the company you work for and the hours you work just answered this question a few up and like 5 times already

What do you think the cause of the high (66%) turnover rate is? And a related question: What is hardest thing for you about being a cab driver? You've hung in there for 7 years. Thanks.

Asked by Ian over 5 years ago

it's a stressful job because of the long hours a lot of people can't handle it,  the hardest part for me is the kids that will never work a day in their lift it makes me sick how blind to the world they are

Is it a 50 50 split

Asked by tony over 4 years ago

Depends on which company you work for

Hi Friend, I'll be visiting Vegas for the first time for visitors renting a car would be better choice or using CAB? how much a Gallon cost in Vegas?

Asked by Man about 5 years ago

I personally would say you're better off taking a taxi by the time we figure out where to park scare your bags all this way it's a lot more frustration than what its worth rent a car I believe the average price of gasoline in town is about 360

i had first dui can I become taxi driver

Asked by abrahalle over 5 years ago


I'm writing a television series in which the main character is a taxi driver in Las Vegas. I'm from the east coast and I've never been to Nevada. Can you briefly explain how you go the job and what it's like (what is the culture)?

Asked by jrodhaynes over 4 years ago

Sounds like a fun project, feel free to e-mail me any questions at


Asked by NISHANT KUMAR over 5 years ago

every driver is different depends on how quickly you pick it up and what shift you are on.  you are guaranteed minnimum wage but there is literally no limit to what you can make.  go to the las vegas taxi authority website posted on here early and it will tell you every step you have to take


My 29 year old son is thinking of moving there next year. What could he expect to make if he did? He has a felony on his record. Does that matter?

Thank you,


Asked by Laurie about 5 years ago

when you first start its tough to make money but it is not bad, depends on what the felony is for and it is completely up to the taxicab authority to say if he could get a job or not

i have a dui from 9 years ago. My driving record has been clean for 9 years now with 0 points and no tickets. will this effect me in becoming a cab driver?

Asked by new2vegas over 5 years ago

yes it will that is the one thing that is an absolute no for driving

hey buddy, nice to meet you. thanks for sharing all this information.

i go to vegas every year, attending a conference. can I have your number or e-mail, so I could hire you?

already had some bad experiences with bad drivers (tips, wrong change

Asked by big rod about 5 years ago

FYI....I interviewed on Thursday, told I got the job, went directly to physical, no drug test. Then TA where I took a easy common sense 15 question test. Company orintston on 25th. TA class 26th.....driving the 27th.

Asked by huskerpr over 4 years ago

Feel free to e-mail me

I drove for ycs over a year ago and was let go after a preventable. I'm looking for a job again and am thinking of applying again to be a cab driver at a different company (frias, desert, nellis). Will the prior accident prevent me from being hired?

Asked by dk about 4 years ago

Shouldn't people do it all the time

Do you get paid daily after your shift or weekly

Asked by over 4 years ago

Bi-weekly, and you take your tips home daily desert however gets laid daily

How much does it cost to rent cab. Daily or weekly

Asked by tony over 4 years ago

In las Vegas you do not pay to drive you show up to work just like any other job, I show up at a certain time on certain days and just get in the cab and drive

What company is the best for drivers to work for in vegas

Asked by over 4 years ago

It's personal preference, I personally like YCS western I hear is a good company but normally have older cabs. Deluxe is always a good option

Can a cab driver in Las Vegas legally carry a hand gun?

Asked by Joe over 4 years ago

Legally no, but it does happen

What happens if you get into an accident? What is the process the company has to go through with insurance and everything?

Asked by Justen over 4 years ago

It's just like any other accident really but you have a supervisor show up and taxi authority to take pictures and access who was at fault but the fault is almost never in question with the safety cameras. The insurance is totally provided by the company

If you have a family member who works for ycs can they pick you up and take you to a location without turning on the meter without getting in trouble? Or does the camera come on and they get in trouble?

Asked by sunshine over 4 years ago

The camera won't necessarily just come on but the answer is no nobody is allowed in your cab without the meter being engaged

would you please repost this link to help out a fellow cab driver from las vegas.

Asked by cheeseburger about 5 years ago

posted thank you someone even put it up at the airport for a few days

I've heard LV cab drivers are employees, not contractors. Is that true?

Asked by Andrew Alabama over 4 years ago


In you opinion, what's the most dangerous area of town to pickup? Give 3 examples of scary situations you've had as a taxi driver in Vegas?

Asked by Bill W. over 4 years ago

I've never really been scared to pick anyone up, I however will not go to north las Vegas deep east vegas or Sandy valley

Can a guy with an unfortunate felony on his record 15 years ago (banking related) ..(I was forced to take a bad deal) get approval? (long time resident with 0 points)

Asked by bob about 5 years ago

this may pose a problem, but it is something you would have to take up with the taxicab authority.  they handle things on a case by case basis

if you don't know the destination to whome you will ask for correct address of passengers destination

Asked by meher afridi about 5 years ago

i have a gps of google can normally help

I just filed ch 7 bk due to credit card debt. Can I still get hired as a ab driver ?

Asked by mike818 over 3 years ago

No problem

I have a felony conviction that is old is it true i can't Become a cab driver?

Asked by jane over 4 years ago

Unless they recently changed the laws yes this is true

Does Pete Rose still sign autographs out of a particular card shop and if so, which one is it. We're going in mid Feb. Thanks.

Asked by Keith almost 4 years ago

Pete Rose actually has a bar and grill here now on the strip, across from aria. I would say that would be your best shot

If I were to ask my cab driver where I could find any blow, while I was visiting in march for NASCAR what would the average cab driver reply? Thanks in advance.

Asked by Robbadob over 4 years ago

I would answer in not a drug dealer

what are taxi union's benefits?

Asked by Meriad about 5 years ago

set bonuses set pay guaranteed seniority benifits and a lot more protection in a right to work state just to name a few

What are your personal feelings about Uber? The company's gone on record saying they're being actively kept out of the Vegas market, even though the public wants them there.

Asked by Uber over 4 years ago

I accepted uber, competition makes you better. Just the fact at uber refused to follow state regulations as they are written in the transportation industry is what was their demise.

What would happen if you wanted to take a break and just park and go somewhere for a little?

Asked by Justen over 4 years ago

You can do whatever you want to do whenever you want to do it. One of my favorite part of the job

Does a cab driver know where to get drugs

Asked by Jojo about 4 years ago

My best guess would be, from a drug dealer

Can you explain how drivers are paid in Vegas? In Illinois we lease the cab. I understand that Vegas cabbies are employees. Do you pay for gas? Do you get overtime over 40? Any benifits? What is the revenue split? Thank you!

Asked by chicago taxi almost 4 years ago

There is a new lease option coming in the future nobody knows details as of yet, however now it depends on the company you work for. Drivers are full time employees with varying benefits depending on which company you work at. Drivers at some pay for fuel some do not depending on seniority booking incentives etc. The company I work for takes 65 cents for "trip charge" 0 fuel cost for driver, and up to 44%

What constitutes of the initial drug screen? is it urin? Do you give a hair sample?. Also, if I have a doctors recomendation for Marijuana can I have Thc in my system and still pass the test.

Asked by Mclovin it about 3 years ago

Not sure I didn't take one actually I believe it was urine....however THC I believe is a deal breaker

Where can I find candy?

Asked by Candy about 4 years ago

There's a great sweet shop in town square mall

Is there a cab company in Vegas that doesn't pay you the driver with a check instead you pay lease and keep the rest of money after you pay the lease I drove in denver Colorado it's like that here

Asked by sal almost 5 years ago


Whatbuf you're new to Las Vegas, and want to be a taxi driver. Would it be ok to use GPS?

Asked by Cats over 4 years ago

I have been here for 15 years and been driving a taxi for 8 of them still use my gps

What is the name of companies with 50 50 split

Asked by over 4 years ago

Most are, ycs is not

My boyfriend has watched Taxicab Confessions. We come to Vegas often. He has a fantasy of taking my top off riding in a cab. I have always said no and stopped him when he tries to unbutton my top in the cab. If I let him have his fun, is it OK?

Asked by Good Girlfriend almost 4 years ago

"good girlfriend" lol nice. Ive seen and heard a lot worse than this if you're not comfortable with it don't do it, if you are 99 percent of cabbies won't mind. If you want email me and I'll give you my number text or call next time you're in town. I'll pick you guys up

how dangerous is a woman to be a cab driver in Vegas

Asked by nora about 3 years ago

I know plenty of girls that drive and they do pretty well....its not any more dangerous than a guy I don't think

Who do you work for and how long have you been driving taxis in Vegas?

Asked by Cabbies Rule over 3 years ago

I work for yellow cab, been driving for them since April 07

Can you get hired with a ch 7 be on your credit report.

Asked by mike over 3 years ago


Hi I am new to the cab driving business, are their any tips you could offer to help me get closer to that elusive 300/day mark?

Asked by Mike H over 3 years ago

Ever since uber/lyft started it has been tough without regulars and or long hauling people it will be hard

Actually took my test yesterday and they did both urine and hair. THC would be a deal killer according to the manager who I interviewed with.

Asked by VegasCabGuy about 3 years ago

I thought so

Hi we are coming to vegas with an 18 month old and was just wondering how it works with getting a taxi, i.e. Does he need a car seat to travel, do taxis provide them etc, thanks

Asked by Nutmeg about 3 years ago

In a taxi or any public transportation it is not required to use one actually. If you bring one the driver will help you put it in

I just moved here from Detroit already changed my address and license to Nevada will i still be able to get a taxi permit and what company u think would be great to work for thank you for your time

Asked by Happy about 3 years ago

They make you wait 6 months before you can even apply and must have proof you have been in town that long. My advice is to look into lyft or uber for the time being after that if you choose to drive cab I would look into western

Are yor really driving the shortest way to the destination?

Asked by about 2 years ago

I did yes....unless asked to do so by the passenger. "The customer is always right"

I was arrested 15 years ago in my home state for trying to pick up a prostitute. Will this prevent me from getting a hack license from the TA?

Asked by Bflo taxi driver over 2 years ago

I am not sure....i dont think so

How many times have people puked in yout cab since you are driving?

Asked by LeakTom about 2 years ago

Not as much as people think but more than i care to count

How quickly can someone who moves to Vegas land a job as a taxi driver ?

Asked by Mike818 over 2 years ago

Only takes about a week or so now

Where can I get some meth right now

Asked by Vera about 2 years ago

Probably from a drug dealer...i am not 1

Have you ever had Problems with people running away and not paying the bill?

Asked by Basti83 about 2 years ago

Happens from time to time just depends on the tine of year always worse around the holidays

Do people ask you to get them drugs and do you?

Asked by CuriousCat almost 2 years ago

Yes they do, and no I dont unless its weed which is 100% legal in Nevada now

Where can I roll in vegas??

Asked by VT over 1 year ago

Any craps table

I need to pass the medical exam to drive a taxi. I have diabetes and am getting the run a round from the doctors. I am told I need an exemption. Help! I need to start working

Asked by Curt about 2 years ago

Im sorry i dont know how to help with that

I have been reading all the Q&A and cracking up! Are you still doing cab service in LV as the Q&A are from 5 yrs ago. I’m taking a trip alone in Oct and would feel comfortable as having you for a driver.

Asked by Iowa gal over 1 year ago

I am not however you can email me at and i can get you in touch with some trustworthy glad i got to provide you with some humor

All of the other questions are a bit dated, so I'll have to ask . . . as of March 2018, which are the best cab companies to work for? I can sure tell you they aren't Western, A Cab, or Deluxe. It's been a while since I drove a cab. Thanks!

Asked by Alias over 1 year ago

I enjoyed working for yellow amd still believe that wpuld be the best. All of the cab drivers get kind of screwed in vegas as to the potential money that can be made.

I want to move to Vegas and get a job forcing a taxi. Which taxi companies in Vegas are currently hiring if any ?

Asked by Mike about 1 year ago

All of them

How difficult would it be to get a taxi can job in Vegas in 2018 ?

Asked by Mike about 1 year ago

If you have a heartbeat you jave a job

Has Uber/Lyft effected the taxi business in Las Vegas ?

Asked by MotivatedMike818 about 1 year ago

Tremendously....last month companies claimed millions in losses just over last year

Is $10,0000 enough money to float until I secure a job as a taxi driver. I will be coming from SouthCali and I will be paying about $400 a month rent. I heard it takes a while to get a job as a cab driver.

Asked by Mike about 1 year ago

It does take a while and this would be cutting it close

Do you often drive drunk people?

Asked by Merle91 11 months ago

In las vegas especially on the strip 90% of the passengers you pick up in the evening have been drinking

What has been your most interesting fare experience?

Asked by aadelle77 about 1 year ago

Depends on your definition of interesting....ive had everything from ceo's of companies to inventors to wait staff to tweekers to a couple that flew in for 3 hours and wanted a tour after they had sex in the cab.

How long can it take someone to get a job to driver a taxi in Las Vegas ? (assuming you just moved there today and you applied today)

Asked by Mike818 8 months ago

They used to require that you lived there for 6 months however thay may have lifted. The fbi background takes a few days but other than that it doesnt take long at all

How long does it take to get a job as a cab driver in Vegas ?

Asked by MotivatedMike818 11 months ago

Depends on if they lifted the requirement to live there 6 months or not. The background check takes a few days

Why did you stop driving a cab?

Asked by Rob about 1 month ago

I stopped driving because i had a major hralth scare

What is the worst thing you have ever encounterd on your job?

Asked by dkfjlas 6 months ago

Entitled drunk females

I hope you are OK now. If it weren't for the health scare would you still be driving?

Asked by Rob about 1 month ago

Yes i am and thank you. Its hard to say but there is a good possibility it was an extremely fun job

If you where assaulted would you count as a special victim?????

Asked by Jamie way way about 1 month ago

Im not sure if a driver falls under "special victim" or not however drivers are "protected servants" same as an officer

Heading to Vegas on Thursday 8/29. Going from McCarren to Tropicana, what's the best route to tell the driver?

Asked by MsEllaneous about 1 month ago

Swenson to tropicana take a left on tropicana....first light coming out of the airport then take a left into the tropicana extremely short ride

Have you ever had a unruly passenger refuse to leave the car? What happens?

Asked by Dan 27 days ago

I had 1 lady refuse to get out one time so i exited the car removed the luggage and got back in.....she wad in shock still refused to get out i said "ok ill still take you but your luggage is staying here" she got the picture and exited

Also what line has to be crossed before you will kick someone out?

Asked by Dan 27 days ago

It depends im pretty patient most of the time as long as you are respectful we are good

Do taxi drivers get random drug testing

Asked by Need to know 25 days ago

I was told we did.....i have never been tested

Who was the most famous person you drove around and where were they going?

Asked by Ash 13 days ago