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Las Vegas Cab Driver


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Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want a day to day on some of the happenings in the job you can also follow me on twitter, vegascab @vagascab

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How much do the taxi valet guys who open the door for you at Strip hotels take home every year? My friends and I once estimated it to be over $80,000 CASH for what's got to be the most useless job on the planet.

Asked by p3ste almost 8 years ago

lmao im glad that someone other than cabbies think is difficult to say how much they make it is however a ton for what they do. my friend is a doorman at the wynn owns 2 houses and buys a new car every year. as much as i hate to admit it i would say they arent completely useless i cant imagine how crazy it would be at a hotel after a show let out

How much do cabbies get for bringing customers to the Vegas strip clubs?

Asked by Ari almost 8 years ago

It varies from club to club and isnt nearly the amount that most people think it is. i maybe get 2 a week. the doorman and such give them all to limos, the numbers have varied from 20-100 a head in my five years.

If you get pulled over and ticketed with a customer in your cab, do you shut off the meter? Do you eat the fare for inconveniencing the passenger?

Asked by curious george costanza over 7 years ago

Depends on the situation, I'm an never allowed by law to shut off the meter when there are people in the cab. But we will turn the time off so that the meter isn't counting time. If I were to get a ticket for being an ass then yes I would apologize and m9ore than likely eat the fare. Now if I were to get a ticket for say a "california stop" or a couple miles an hour over the speed limit then I would expect full payment, however I would be freaking shocked if there was any tip at all.

Why do Vegas cabbies have the WORST reputation for long-hauling passengers?

Asked by Sam123 almost 8 years ago

because for the most part they do. i'm proud to say that i am an honest driver. point of advice to anyone ever getting into a cab from the airport to ANY hotel on the "strip". the freeway is ALWAYS the longer way and more expensive. there are sometimes you should go freeway but not many. if you feel that you have been long hauled call the taxicab authority. the number is posted on the ratecard in the front seat just to the right of the drivers license.

Do you know a lot of vegas cabbies that run side-hustles out of their cars? Drugs, bookies, that kind of thing?

Asked by come on 7!!! almost 8 years ago

There is a bunch of things that go on behind the wheel and everyone is out here trying to make a buck. I actually do know quite a few that do questionable activities. However the bookie thing wouldn't be profitable its too easy to go to any casino and place bets. The only "side-hustle" I do is when people ask me, "is this cash cab?" I say nope but we can play if you want $5 for every right answer $5 for every wrong answer on top of the fare...I have never lost!

Here's a scenario. You take a passenger from Points A to B. Passenger attempts to pay with a credit card, but your credit card machine is broken. Passenger doesn't have cash or access to cash. What happens then?

Asked by makemecray about 7 years ago

The driver has the ability to call the company and have it done manually over the phone

We've all seen the reports and experienced the horrible habits of drivers in Vegas (non-Taxi, I'm sure!). Do you have any theories as to why they're so terrible? I bet you've developed some fabulous self-defense moves on the road!

Asked by SDS almost 7 years ago

LOL its funny that you ask this and make the observation at the end yes I have come up with some doozies over the years to avoid accidents.  Non taxi?? really lol most of these guys that are behind the wheel of cabs have just received their licenses from the state of Nevada and some probably have never even seen a car before.  Its always amazing to me how many people in this city have no clue how to drive especially around the "strip."  A lot of these guys are just sight seeing from their drivers seat which make driving on the strip rather dangerous.  Ive actually had passengers ask me from time to time "how did you know that guy was going to do that" just years of observing.