Las Vegas Cab Driver

Las Vegas Cab Driver


Las Vegas, NV

Male, 31

Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want a day to day on some of the happenings in the job you can also follow me on twitter, vegascab @vagascab

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Last Answer on February 03, 2018

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How much do cabbies get for bringing customers to the Vegas strip clubs?

Asked by Ari almost 6 years ago

It varies from club to club and isnt nearly the amount that most people think it is. i maybe get 2 a week. the doorman and such give them all to limos, the numbers have varied from 20-100 a head in my five years.

Do you hate it when passengers sit up front with you? Cabbies always seem pissed when I have to do this.

Asked by macattack almost 6 years ago

no i dont hate it at all i do find it a little odd and at first a little unsettling, but for the most part i work for tips whatever makes you happy

What are the most common scams that Vegas cabbies pull? (other than you of course:)

Asked by bor almost 6 years ago

The absolute most common is the practice of long hauling however there are many more that could end up costing you a lot more. It you are planning to go to a stripclub or massage parlor please research them for 5 minutes at least a lot of guys will take you to a "clip joint" with many promises so they can pad their own pockets. 1 thing to remember is that in las vegas prostitution is ILLEGAL don't ever let a cabbie tell you otherwise. Now there are some places for the right price you can get whatever you want but iit will cost. General rule of thumb if the driver won't give you their # so you can call them for a return ride something is fishey more than likely.

If you get pulled over and ticketed with a customer in your cab, do you shut off the meter? Do you eat the fare for inconveniencing the passenger?

Asked by curious george costanza over 5 years ago

Depends on the situation, I'm an never allowed by law to shut off the meter when there are people in the cab. But we will turn the time off so that the meter isn't counting time. If I were to get a ticket for being an ass then yes I would apologize and m9ore than likely eat the fare. Now if I were to get a ticket for say a "california stop" or a couple miles an hour over the speed limit then I would expect full payment, however I would be freaking shocked if there was any tip at all.

Have you ever had a passenger pull a gun or knife on you?

Asked by wyldecard almost 6 years ago

even though las vegas is statistically the safest city in the world to drive a cab in, yes it has happened. it was about 2 years ago i picked up at a bar and took the guy to an apartment complex a couple blocks away he hit me in the head with something to try and rob me. luckly for me he didnt hit me that hard and i got away.

Is Vegas the most lucrative place in the U.S. to be a cab driver, or are there other cities where cabbies make even more?

Asked by checkeredpast almost 6 years ago

Kindof a trick question here, I think by far a las vegas cab driver brings in the most money yearly on the meter however since we are paid only up to 50% of the meter I am inclined to believe the drivers make more in other cities. I've heard they make more money in other cities, but that just be the grass is greener on the other side.

What do you think is the best club or bar on or near the strip for an average guy in his late 30's to find friendly ladies for hooking-up? Don't want professionals - just normal women.

Asked by Vegas Bound over 5 years ago

most clubs try their best to not let the working girls in, however they are everywhere. Another unfortunate thing is that almost every club in town is catering to the rich 21-25 kids that will never work a day in their life. There is a couple spots around town I would suggest though stoneys which is located on south las vegas boulevard a couple miles south of the strip or even going to the blue martini which is located pretty close to stoneys. These places are more local friendly but quite a few people from the strip make their way down there especially the blue martini. Not as many working girls go here because its more layed back.