Las Vegas Cab Driver

Las Vegas Cab Driver


Las Vegas, NV

Male, 31

Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want a day to day on some of the happenings in the job you can also follow me on twitter, vegascab @vagascab

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Last Answer on December 03, 2017

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Who's the most famous person you've had in your taxi?

Asked by allie over 5 years ago

I've actually had quite a few celebrities in my cab, the most famous probably would have been shaq he was really cool actually even though he barely fit in the back seat. more famous now would probably be labron james however back then he was just a rookie that hasnt been proven yet. mrs france was in the backseat one day pamela anderson clive owen...depends on what you like i guess the one that i loved the most was, im a chiefs fan btw, was christian okoye the nigerian nightmare

Do you hate it when passengers sit up front with you? Cabbies always seem pissed when I have to do this.

Asked by macattack over 5 years ago

no i dont hate it at all i do find it a little odd and at first a little unsettling, but for the most part i work for tips whatever makes you happy

Is Vegas the most lucrative place in the U.S. to be a cab driver, or are there other cities where cabbies make even more?

Asked by checkeredpast over 5 years ago

Kindof a trick question here, I think by far a las vegas cab driver brings in the most money yearly on the meter however since we are paid only up to 50% of the meter I am inclined to believe the drivers make more in other cities. I've heard they make more money in other cities, but that just be the grass is greener on the other side.

Have you ever had a passenger pull a gun or knife on you?

Asked by wyldecard over 5 years ago

even though las vegas is statistically the safest city in the world to drive a cab in, yes it has happened. it was about 2 years ago i picked up at a bar and took the guy to an apartment complex a couple blocks away he hit me in the head with something to try and rob me. luckly for me he didnt hit me that hard and i got away.

What do you think is the best club or bar on or near the strip for an average guy in his late 30's to find friendly ladies for hooking-up? Don't want professionals - just normal women.

Asked by Vegas Bound over 5 years ago

most clubs try their best to not let the working girls in, however they are everywhere. Another unfortunate thing is that almost every club in town is catering to the rich 21-25 kids that will never work a day in their life. There is a couple spots around town I would suggest though stoneys which is located on south las vegas boulevard a couple miles south of the strip or even going to the blue martini which is located pretty close to stoneys. These places are more local friendly but quite a few people from the strip make their way down there especially the blue martini. Not as many working girls go here because its more layed back.

Is the way they run the taxi queue at McCarran with different numbered slots really the fastest way to do it? I've waited over an hour there before.

Asked by p3ste over 5 years ago

im not sure if its the "best" way to do it, it is the best way that ives seen around the world however. i hear this all the time from my passengers as well. i mean loading 28 cabs at a time is pretty effecient. the only way that i would try to make it better is make the pedestrians cross on a different level so that the cabs wouldnt have to wait for them

Do you know a lot of vegas cabbies that run side-hustles out of their cars? Drugs, bookies, that kind of thing?

Asked by come on 7!!! over 5 years ago

There is a bunch of things that go on behind the wheel and everyone is out here trying to make a buck. I actually do know quite a few that do questionable activities. However the bookie thing wouldn't be profitable its too easy to go to any casino and place bets. The only "side-hustle" I do is when people ask me, "is this cash cab?" I say nope but we can play if you want $5 for every right answer $5 for every wrong answer on top of the fare...I have never lost!