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Las Vegas Cab Driver


Las Vegas, NV

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Ask me anything! i will be as honest as possible as to my experiences as a cabbie in las vegas since 2007. if you want a day to day on some of the happenings in the job you can also follow me on twitter, vegascab @vagascab

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Last Answer on March 15, 2020

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Damnit, i was there earlier this year and cabbie asked me whether I wanted to take the freeway and I told him yes if it was faster. Sounds like I basically gave him permission to long-haul me. The fare was like $26. What SHOULD the fare be from McCarran to the Strip?

Asked by Tim about 8 years ago

the law does allow this to happen, the driver is supposed to tell you it is longer however. depends on traffic it could cost as little as 12-13 to the mgm to 20 ish to the stratosphere.

I've gotten aggressively hassled by Vegas cabbies for not tipping enough but have never had that happen in other cities. Is that a known problem?

Asked by Tim about 8 years ago

it is a known problem and it is a black eye to our business. people ask me all the time what is a good tip and i generally respond to them how much is it worth to you that i got you here without killing you. you have to remember that driving a cab in las vegas is a different animal than in any other city. in las vegas the laws do not allow us to buy or lease our own cab and have to work for a company on straight commission. a lot of our income is in tips. the passenger is by no means obligated to tip a driver and dont feel bad if you dont unless you are provided good service. the best of both worlds to me is for good service $3+. a driver will never complain and will almost always be happy with $5 and i generally say never pay with less than a 10 dollar bill think of that $4.50 cent ride from venetian to mirage (it happens a lot) the driver is getting AT MOST 50% of as his/her commission and may have had to wait quite a while for that ride.

Will you let people do drugs in your cab?

Asked by beo about 8 years ago

The legal answer to this question is no ;) however I do work on tips and what I don't know won't hurt me

Do you ever gamble yourself or has living in Vegas sapped you of all interest?

Asked by miko about 8 years ago

every now and then i will go out and play a bit. i havent really lost interest i love to go out and gamble but i have a family to support and if you gamble on a regular basis its hard to keep the lights on.

Do you get offended when passengers just shamelessly fart in your cabs? Do you just crack the window when that happens or what?

Asked by Cal31 about 8 years ago

That is one of the rudest thingsto me you can do back there is either that or loudly burp. No I don't open the windows I open the doors and put them out immediatly

Ever had any crazy / unexpected stuff go down with celebrities in your cab?

Asked by the silver eskimo about 8 years ago

lol this is a kinda funny question. the literal answer to your question is, with celebrities no nothing really crazy/unexpected with them for the most part. most of them just sit back and hold a conversation and for the most part tip pretty well. now to a vegas cabbie, at least between drivers in my company, a "celebrity" is a hooker. that way 1 we can talk about them over the radio without them knowing and 2 passengers/anyone listening into the radio don't know either. now the weirdest thing ive ever seen in that situation, sad actually, is a guy paid a girl $1700 just to walk into a club with him.

Do cops give cabbies extra leniency? Despite being some of the most aggressive drivers, cabbies never seem to get pulled over.

Asked by John boi almost 8 years ago

Cabbies get pulled over all the time, and not only do we have to deal with the metro police we also have to deal with the taxicab authority or the "TA." Everyone is out to write us a ticket. The state of nevada actually holds us drivers, as well as shuttle bus limo truck drivers, to a higher standard as a "professional" driver. If and when we get pulled over for whatever reason you get a secondary ticket tacked on to any ticket you are given in the first place its called standards of conduct on duty, and is $200 additional tacked on to any fine given. I've gotten this ticket twice...not fun