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using RAM Chips of size 1024*1bit, Design 32 k words of memory for a 32-bit process system.

1-calculate the number of chips used
2-determine the number of address line

Asked by yasser about 10 years ago


I am using GameMaker to create a small Jump and Run game but when i press the Left key it enters into a Main loop which basically stops the game. Please help ASAP as I need an answer quickly.
Ahmed Jamal

Asked by about 9 years ago

Not a clue, have never touched GameMaker.

Write an application (name the class “AddCash”) that adds a number of coins (stored in 6 integer variables) and displays the total in dollars and cents. Define a variable (type double) to store the total number of cents.

Asked by Elpz about 10 years ago

10 PRINT "I think some random programmer on the Internet is going to do my homework for me"

20 GOTO 10



Give that a try.

a certain electrical company charges for electricity as follows:

kilowatt-hours cost

1-200 50.00
201-100 50.00+.05
1001 and more 50.00+.03

Asked by Xel almost 10 years ago

That's nice.

What programming language would be best to code a program that identifies, manipulates, and processes audio inputs like music or tones?

This program would be used to eg. distinguish different tones, and instruments.

Asked by Jackie almost 10 years ago

It's not a matter of the language. Most programming languages are general-purpose. It's like asking "Is English or French better for writing novels?"

The answer is whichever one you know and can either find appropriate libraries for, or can write them in.

Can you please explain very basically what REST and SOAP are and also if either of them are actually needed in a simple web application.

Asked by Zac about 10 years ago

The absolute simplest explanation I can think of, is they're both ways of using other people's systems on the web, and if you don't need to do that for your application, you don't need to worry about them yet.

hello , What is better or c ???

Asked by Sherif over 9 years ago

C. But if you're asking because you're looking for a language to learn as your first language, I recommend Python over both of these.