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I forgot my phone's password any suggestions ? ( I have an android phone)

Asked by The clumsy one almost 9 years ago

Yes--try googling "Android phone forgot password." Programming is not the same as IT.

I have a programmer/analyst aptitude examination to do, do you know anything about what kinda of topics would be on the exam itself? worried because i am pretty sucky at math.

Asked by Aaron over 8 years ago

The kinds of math that keep coming up in programming are mostly what they call "discrete math," which is logic and set theory more than the algebra and geometry you'd probably learn in high school. (That assumes high school still works like I remember.) So you can expect to see a fair number of logic problems. A typical one might be like:


  1. John is taller than Mary
  2. Mary is shorter than Steve
Is Steve (a) taller than John; (b) shorter than John; (c) we can't tell from the information given?

They might also give you a list of instructions in "pseudocode," which is an explanation of some process in English but written out so it looks like a computer program, and ask you to figure out what the result of the instructions is.

What's the difference between a programmer, a developer, and a software engineer?

Asked by Artamus almost 9 years ago

"Programmer" and "developer" are pretty much synonyms, and refer to anyone who writes code, whether for love or money. "Software engineer" implies that the subject programs for a living, and that they've mastered what we call "programming in the large." What that latter refers to is the fact that making a large software system is not the same as making a small system, only with more of it. There are certain techniques and principles that help prevent a big system from becoming a giant unmaintainable mess, and a "software engineer" should ideally be competent in those.

I need to be able to convert a flow chart into a program using visual basic. What is the quick and easiest way to do this?

Asked by StrcuturesGirl about 8 years ago

  1. Learn to program in Visual Basic.
  2. Write a Visual Basic program that corresponds to the flowchart.
Seriously? A flowchart?

I designed an app for a computer and now want it to be compatible with mobiles how do I go about doing that ? whats the code?

Asked by smile over 7 years ago

Take out everything that's specific to desktop machines, replace it with a corresponding version for mobiles.

Seriously. Read the answer I posted to your question the other day. That's how you do it.

Is it difficult to learn how to set up a program to scrape data from a website? and how long would it take an experienced programmer?

Asked by DTSMT over 7 years ago

Compared to other programming tasks, it's not so hard--it's more a matter of gluing together big parts that other people have already made.

What gets tricky with screen scraping is dealing with pages that almost-but-don't-quite fit the pattern. Setting up a basic scraper is pretty easy, dealing with the exceptions to the rules is what gets you.

can you please tell me what adding ?fd=1 to the back of a url does? I was trying to use a URL for a G+ page that would enable users to leave a review from desktop OR mobile the only way to do that is by placing ?fd=1 at the end of the desktop URL

Asked by stephanie almost 8 years ago

It depends entirely on the site in question. Try asking Google.