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What's the difference between a programmer, a developer, and a software engineer?

Asked by Artamus over 9 years ago

"Programmer" and "developer" are pretty much synonyms, and refer to anyone who writes code, whether for love or money. "Software engineer" implies that the subject programs for a living, and that they've mastered what we call "programming in the large." What that latter refers to is the fact that making a large software system is not the same as making a small system, only with more of it. There are certain techniques and principles that help prevent a big system from becoming a giant unmaintainable mess, and a "software engineer" should ideally be competent in those.

I designed an app for a computer and now want it to be compatible with mobiles how do I go about doing that ? whats the code?

Asked by smile about 8 years ago

Take out everything that's specific to desktop machines, replace it with a corresponding version for mobiles.

Seriously. Read the answer I posted to your question the other day. That's how you do it.

Hello, I need to somehow convert search results from Hotel websites and return the available rates to the corresponding search dates back into the form of a table or csv doc. I am unsure as to where I should start ? which systems to use or learn ?

Asked by marc about 9 years ago

If you're starting from no experience and want to get this done, your best bet is probably to use Amazon Mechanical Turk, and pay people about five cents per listing they enter.

function named groupPairs inputs a new array thats half the length of the given array. the function then fills the new array by concatenating the successive pairs of elements of given array, how do i write line that concatenates?

Asked by Nathaniel Turner over 9 years ago

Depends on the language, I suppose. We're talking mutable array passed by reference, so I'm thinking C and I'm thinking strings passed in.

I am not going to do your homework for you, but if my assumptions above are correct, here are some hints to get you thinking in the right direction.

  • There are existing built-in ways to join strings. Use those if you are allowed. Even finding out how you find this out is a useful skill to develop.
  • If you are expected to do the actual concatenation of strings yourself (which you might be if this is a basic exercise), understand how you know a string is over in C.
  • Look at all the parts that go into a for loop and think about what each one really does: this is about getting past looking at the for syntax as a monolithic blob.
Let me know how it goes!

I need to be able to convert a flow chart into a program using visual basic. What is the quick and easiest way to do this?

Asked by StrcuturesGirl almost 9 years ago

  1. Learn to program in Visual Basic.
  2. Write a Visual Basic program that corresponds to the flowchart.
Seriously? A flowchart?

Assume that video store employee works 60 hours.she get paid GH4.10 for the first 40 hours; she get 2 times the regular pay rate for hours up to 50hours; and she gets 3 times pay for all hours over 50. Assume the tax rate of 28%, write a c program

Asked by mose over 7 years ago

Sure thing. Here you go, you'll just need to fill in some details:

int main(int argc, char *argv[]) { [...calculate payment here...] return(0);}

can you please tell me what adding ?fd=1 to the back of a url does? I was trying to use a URL for a G+ page that would enable users to leave a review from desktop OR mobile the only way to do that is by placing ?fd=1 at the end of the desktop URL

Asked by stephanie over 8 years ago

It depends entirely on the site in question. Try asking Google.