Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


41 Years Experience

Marbella, ES

Male, 58

I have been in the graphic design industry since 1981 working in London, Los Angeles & Spain. My career started in the traditional way on a drawing board, using Rotoring Pens, Magic Markers, Pantone Pens & Letraset working as a Designer/Visualiser/Artworker. My design career has taken me through the music, toy, t-shirt, packaging & print industry. I am now a freelance graphic designer (British) based in Spain with many clients worldwide using Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign on a Mac.

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Last Answer on September 13, 2021

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Is the salary equivalent to the work performed by being a graphic designer?

Asked by Tamy almost 7 years ago

That's a bit of an open question depends on who you work for, in what country and your experience. If you are good and working for a good company then yes the salary is equivalent to the work you do. In some companies you are paid for what you are worth to the company and according to your experience. I am freelance so charge according to my experience. Hope this helps

How do they create the Human Pixel art used on fiverr? example

Asked by Duvall almost 7 years ago

To be honest, I don't really know. I guess the only way is to do as the guy on the link is offering have someone like him draw the people (a big job) or have an ariel view photo of people in the shape they are required ...other that that I am not sure may have to Google the answer.

I love graphic design and other than a web developer course I took once. I'm not very trained, but I have dabbled in it as an amerteaur for years. I see the outstanding talent out there in the field. Is there any need for someone like me in the field

Asked by mcmjuly almost 6 years ago

Loving graphic design and being good at it are 2 different things. If you are very creative, fantastic at design and know your design softwares inside out there is always a need for you out there. And it is always a bonus if you are a good web developer too.

But if you are poor at design you will struggle ...apart from getting small underpaid jobs from clients you will not make money from it.

You need to be creative on paper as well as on the computer to impress bigger clients. I have been in this industry since 1981 and so been creative well before computers. I am never short of clients and have even recently merged with a large media company as they saw my potential to help grow their company.

If you are only average at design but better at web development I think you should concentrate on the web side of things and only offer a bit of graphic design on the side as part of the web package. You will make more money this way.

Hope this helps

what do you mean by Hip flyer

Asked by fajju almost 7 years ago

To be very honest I do not know ...all I can guess that it means a cool designed flyer ...but, as I said that is a complete guess may have to Google this one.

How would you define branding? ??What is the role of the designer in branding? And why do you think branding is important?

Asked by lorena almost 7 years ago

A brand is more than just a logo is a powerful tool that is in the public eye all the time which needs to reassure the consumers that the product etc is the best in their field. A logo usually takes a couple of days to get right ...but a brand can take months with many meetings with the client and lost of research by the designer. Branding is very important for big companies as it is stuck with them for a long long time and will always be remembered ...for example Coca cola and Apple etc.

Dear Sir,
I'd like to ask you a question about more technical stuff than using the specific programme-why downloaded images in Adobe Photoshop are distorted-elongated when rotated 90 degree clockwise, also why A4 new document in Ward becomes square?

Asked by over 6 years ago

Hi, I guess I have to very honest here and say I do not know has never happened to me before and I have not known it to happen, so unfortunately I cannot help with an answer. Also Word it not a program I use so cannot help there too.

What is minimal design??

Asked by Nirbhay about 6 years ago

Minimal design is a design with a lot of white space, very little colour and nicely laid out text. Hope this helps