Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


39 Years Experience

Marbella, ES

Male, 56

I have been in the graphic design industry since 1981 working in London, Los Angeles & Spain. My career started in the traditional way on a drawing board, using Rotoring Pens, Magic Markers, Pantone Pens & Letraset working as a Designer/Visualiser/Artworker. My design career has taken me through the music, toy, t-shirt, packaging & print industry. I am now a freelance graphic designer (British) based in Spain with many clients worldwide using Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign on a Mac.

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Last Answer on May 19, 2020

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What is the course which would help me in full fledged professional learning of matte painting ? Is it the same as digital painting ? What topics it involves ?

Asked by Smriti almost 6 years ago

As above, I am purely graphic design and do not get involved in matte or digital painting so am not aware of courses in this subject. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Do employers care about diplomas over certificate when hiring a graphic designer?

Asked by Courtney over 5 years ago

When I see recruitment adverts for graphic designers I see that a lot are asking for at least 2 - 3 years experience and some kind of degree. So they do help ...but at the end of the day it is your portfolio and creativity that will get you the job. Before I was freelance all the jobs I had I was never asked for my diploma certificate (I did have one) ...but it was my portfilo that got me the job. Hope this helps.

is graphics done after inter second year

Asked by shiva almost 6 years ago

To be honest I do not know. I went to Art School over 30 years ago and am now in my 50's. So I guess things may be very different now. I suggest contacting the college itself to ask this question.

Hi paul One of my work to design a Logo using the Zombie Character especially women ,I tried several times designing the logo but unfortunately my client disagree with the designs.

Asked by Harshavardhan almost 6 years ago

Did you agree on a price and are you following her brief? ...and did you take 50% up front? Unfortunately at the end of the day if the client is paying you and the brief hasnt changed from the original, you need to get it right for them.

But if you have had many attempts and they are still not happy you need to ask them if they have seen any designs that they like the look of for you to see the exact style they are looking for. But if that doesnt work you may have to say that you have already put a lot of time into it and need ask for more money if they want you to continue. 

Hi, I would like to learn digital painting and excel in matte painting as well. I want to what is the difference between both ? And how can I learn them ? I am a graphic designer and know basic painting in Photoshop. What are the softwares required ?

Asked by Smriti almost 6 years ago

I am purely graphic design and do not get involved in matte or digital painting so am not aware of the difference or the software requirements. Sorry I cannot be of more help.

Even under an alias, will doing commissions for adult work inhibit a young artist from finding good paying illustrator or graphic design jobs?

Asked by sandy134 almost 6 years ago

Only do the commisiions for the adult work if it is paying well and if you are worried it may inhibit you for other work just do not put it in your portfolio ...and as you said, use an alias. I have designed adverts for porn mags and even a porn DVD catalogue for client ...but this sort of work never goes in my portfolio as it will not help me get other work just cheapens my work. I only designed it as the money was good.

How do they create the Human Pixel art used on fiverr? example

Asked by Duvall over 5 years ago

To be honest, I don't really know. I guess the only way is to do as the guy on the link is offering have someone like him draw the people (a big job) or have an ariel view photo of people in the shape they are required ...other that that I am not sure may have to Google the answer.