Parcel Delivery Mailman

Parcel Delivery Mailman

Big Joe

Bronx, NY

Male, 31

I work in NYC for the USPS. I drive a 2 ton box truck and deliver packages that are too large for the regular letter carrier to take. I've been on my assignment for 5 years and a postal worker for almost 10. I spend most of my day running up and down stairs with heavy packages. I have to be on constant alert for dogs. Especially in apartment buildings with narrow hallways. I have lots of great customers and I love my job. All of my opinions are my own and I DO NOT speak for my employer.

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Last Answer on May 23, 2013

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Have you seen a lot of employee theft in the USPS, and are there certain package types that are more likely to be stolen? Like, if a package is from Amazon or Best Buy or Williams Sonoma or something...

Asked by shonuff about 6 years ago

Never. Even if someone wanted to, they couldn't. Let me explain. Each morning, the packages that belong to your route are scanned into the system as your assignment's parcels for the day. Every time you handle one, it has to be scanned (delivered, attempted, etc.) If one is entered into the system as attempted, you have to have it with you at the end of the day. If something is missing, they're gonna know. Nothing in the mail would EVER be worth your job.

Do you like the physical exercise you get from carrying all the heavy boxes? Are you a lot stronger now because of it?

Asked by njnyets about 6 years ago

Good question. I get this all the time. Once I'm out and delivering stuff, It's like going to the gym. I've gotten into the habit of taking steps 2-3 at a time. I also try not to eat heavily during the day because it slows me down drastically. Occasionally, I'll get a 200 pound exercise bike to deliver, but it's mostly standard size packages. I've always been a big dude and when I had the choice between walking and delivering letters, or driving and delivering parcels...I took this. I still work out whenever possible at home and I'm on a vitamin regimen to stay healthy. I drink tons of water and avoid sugar whenever possible. Some days are better than others though. I definitely think that it keeps me fit and strong. It's gotten to the point now that when I work out, the machine gets stronger ;)

Do your customers tip you during holidays and what's the range? A lot of us would like to tip but have no idea what's the right amount.

Asked by Jose about 6 years ago

AAHHHHH....The million dollar question. Technically, we aren't supposed to accept tips. Most people don't really tip anyway, At least where I work. I'm sure that carriers elsewhere make good money during the holidays, but I work in NYC.....and I guess times are hard lol. I guess you can try throwing your parcel post guy like $20, I'm sure he/she would appreciate it.

My friend told me that I could get something delivered for free if I put it in the mail with no postage, and put the address where i REALLY want it to go as the return address. Will that work?

Asked by charlie7 about 6 years ago

I'm sure that back in the day there was more of a chance of that happening, but I still have yet to see someone try it. I suppose it would work, but someone would eventually catch on and your friend would get caught for mail fraud.

What's the funniest thing that's happened to you while delivering a package?

Asked by KatieCuppyCake about 6 years ago

There's been tons of funny moments I can think of including finding a cat in a mailbox, getting into a snowball fight with some neighborhood kids, and having a drunk guy accuse me of being a member of the KKK because I refused to give him his mail without an ID. But the all time top has to be this one time I rang a doorbell and this guy came to the door in a dress. Not a regular dress mind you, but a full on evening gown with his chest hair bursting out of the front and a beard that would make Chuck Norris jealous. I handed him the parcel and he just said "cool" with a deep voice and slammed the door closed. I got back in my truck and almost died of laughter. I think it was the straight look on his face that really put it over the top. Anyway, nothing has beat that since.....but I look foward to something that can.

What happens to packages that are undeliverable and don't have a valid return address? Does the postal service get to open them and keep whatever's inside?

Asked by merritt about 6 years ago

I'm actually unsure about that. Whenever we get parcels like that, they go to a place where they deal with those kinds of things. I never really thought about it. I'll see if I can find out more.

What neighborhoods do you HATE delivering to?

Asked by nokando about 6 years ago

Ummm, since I work in the city, I'd have to say that delivering in the housing projects is probably the worst. The elevators are often broken and it forces me to use the stairs which are usually covered in human waste (use your imagination) and other things you don't want to step in/on. But I'm usually just in and out so it isn't that bad.