Graphic Designer

Graphic Designer


41 Years Experience

Marbella, ES

Male, 58

I have been in the graphic design industry since 1981 working in London, Los Angeles & Spain. My career started in the traditional way on a drawing board, using Rotoring Pens, Magic Markers, Pantone Pens & Letraset working as a Designer/Visualiser/Artworker. My design career has taken me through the music, toy, t-shirt, packaging & print industry. I am now a freelance graphic designer (British) based in Spain with many clients worldwide using Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign on a Mac.

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Last Answer on September 13, 2021

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i am currently studying graphic design in mexico and im moving to the UK when ive finished would i have trouble finding a job...

Asked by gabriela over 8 years ago

Even though I am British I have been based in Spain for the last 10 years so not sure on the job opportunities in the UK. It might be worth finding a company that takes on student exchanges which will get your foot in the door at least ...then it is up to you to prove your worth. Otherwise you need to do an extensive search online for companies recruiting around the time you move there.

Sorry I can t give more help than that. Good luck for the future.

Hello! My name is Sequoia McCray and I am a student at the Brentwood Freshman Center. In my Honors English class we have to do a career project and the career that I chose was a graphic designer. In this project we were required to interview the pers

Asked by Sequoia over 7 years ago

Hi Sequoia, I dont think it is a good idea to put you name and what college you are studying at in a public area like this. Also I dont think I can give out my contact details via this medium as it is not a place to publicise my company. I am happy to answer a few questions you may want to put on here, but I suggest that you would benefit a great deal more in approaching a Graphic Designer in your area and interviewing them face to face ...probably would give you bonus points in your course too.

I saved all my photos onto some flash drives, they were all fine when I first transferred them, but now almost all of them are choppy and distorted. I have no other copies of these photos, is there anything I can do to fix them? Thanks.

Asked by Hannah over 8 years ago

Well, firstly I am not sure why the photos would have gone like that on your flash drive ...only a PC techy could answer that one. And as for fixing them it really depends on how badly distorted they are. If not too bad you can restore them in photoshop ...thats is if you are good at photoshop and retouching images. Other than that all I can suggest is always keep photos, documents etc backed up in more than one place (too late for you now, but good to do it from now). I learnt my lesson the hard way ...about 4 years ago my hard drive crashed and I lost 7 years of photos and music because I never backed up my personal stuff ...but luckily I did back up my clients work. Now I have my back up running every hour onto an external hardrive and now and again I copy the back up onto another drive.

I want to design my own website loading screen page but don't know how. I'm using (I'm creator website maker page) how do I make the animation then make it compatible to I'm creator? What do I need to download. Please help

Asked by add loading page website? about 8 years ago

I'm afraid I cant help you here ...I am purely a graphic designer and all my work is based on being creative. I do not know anything about animation or web programs such as Creator. I am sure there must be tuturiols online somewhere for learning this. Sorry I cant help ...good luck in finding what you need.

Photo Paint is nothing less than the Photoshop...! If you can't guide me in switching between the two, kindly guide me some basic tutorials fo PS.. Thanks...!

Asked by UMER Qaiser over 7 years ago

Hi, there are many tutourials out there and the only way I would be able to find them would to Google search them unfortunately that is what I suggest to you. I have been using Photoshop since in first came out many years ago and online tuturials didnt exist then, so the only option I had was to teach myself. Even many years later I am still learning but have never used an online tuoturial. But I am guessing that lessons online are more advanced now so Google search 'Basic Photoshop' and you should get many results. Sorry I cant be of more help.

Do you like being brought in AFTER a product is functional and just needs a facelift, or would you rather be involved right from inception?

Asked by CKing about 8 years ago

No not really ...but a client is a client and if I can prove I can do better than what they have had done by someone else it makes me look good and hopefully get referrals for more work. I get a lot of clients that decided to go the cheap route for design and using options like DIY on there own computer or outsourcing to somewhere in India or a friend of a friend can do it cheap for a favour. Then they realise a few months down the line that the artwork has been lost or designer is not contactable anymore and cant access the artwork. I have done many rescue jobs before ...and then won the client for ongoing work.

I am a designer myself, but have a project where I need to use images of vintage products such as: the first Crayola box or the first Barbie doll. Normally, I'd take a photo of it and use the photo, but how can I do this if don't have the item?

Asked by Paul E almost 8 years ago

I guess the only option you have is to search stock image librarys such as Shutterstock, istock and Fotolia etc ...I think Getty Images specialise in vintage images. Or another possible option is to contact Crayola and the makers of Barbie to see if they have a photo to use for your project.

Hope this helps