NHL Team Marketer

NHL Team Marketer


Washington, DC

Male, 33

I'm the Director of Strategic Marketing of an NHL team. I focus on revenue generation and customer engagement via digital media. My expertise includes strategy, business development, mobile marketing and application design, CRM, online marketing and market research. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 24, 2013

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As home entertainment gets better and better, what are some of the ways you're enhancing the game-going experience to put more butts in seats?

Asked by AM almost 7 years ago

Though HD has been a godsend for the NHL, the league hasn't been impacted as much as the NFL, NBA, or MLB as home entertainment has improved, since it's way better to see hockey live. Nevertheless, we focus a lot of our efforts on the game experience to keep fans happy and coming back. We do a lot of in-game fan engagement, such as text message voting, text-to-screen, intermission activities, giveaways, and contests. We play a lot of music and play a bunch of pump-up videos at certain points of the game to energize the crowd. We treat our games like big concert-like events, not just as hockey games.

From a pure marketing perspective, is fighting in hockey good or bad for the game?

Asked by Domi over 6 years ago

First of all, I like your username. Second, fighting definitely gets the fans pumped up which of course adds to the in-game experience. So I'd say that fighting is good for the game from the marketing perspective.

If your team had a player who came out as gay, would your marketing and publicity folks go out of their way to highlight that, or would they act as if it never happened?

Asked by Gregg over 6 years ago

Obviously this is a touchy subject, so anything I write here is my personal opinion and may not reflect what the Marketing team as a whole may do but I think it would be somewhere in the middle of your range. If that subject comes up, it is what it is and we'd of course support that player's decision but I don't think we would try to hide nor push to have it highlighted.

Did you ever play hockey yourself? Is that sort of an informal requirement of working for an NHL team?

Asked by flyerbynight almost 7 years ago

I played street hockey a little bit when I was a kid. Playing hockey, nor being a fan of the team, aren't really requirements for working there. Passion for the game or team may help but isn't necessary at all.

I could never understand - how on earth does random city like Columbus have a team??

Asked by The Gherkin over 6 years ago

I have no answer for this one!

Which team(s), if any, do you expect to be gone or relocated in the next 5 years?

Asked by poof over 7 years ago

I have no idea what is on Gary Bettman's mind but I imagine that one or more of the southern teams will relocate. Phoenix is an obvious choice, given their tenuous situation over the last couple of years. The Florida Panthers are probably on thin ice (pun intended) as well. I think those two are the most likely to not exist over the next five years, and they'll probably move to Canada.

What cities are next on the list to get an NHL team?

Asked by Robbie Redfellow over 6 years ago

Probably a Canadian city like Ontario or something. Tough to say, but it ain't gonna be in the South, I'll tell you that much.