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NHL Team Marketer


Washington, DC

Male, 33

I'm the Director of Strategic Marketing of an NHL team. I focus on revenue generation and customer engagement via digital media. My expertise includes strategy, business development, mobile marketing and application design, CRM, online marketing and market research. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 24, 2013

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I live right outside of Philly. For me to take my family to a Flyers game, it costs over $150, including the tickets, parking, and food. Suffice it to say, we don't go often. Are NHL teams trying to bring DOWN the prices on any of the aforementioned?

Asked by Sol over 4 years ago

Sorry to say that for teams with high ticket demand like Philly, it's very unlikely they will ever lower their prices. To achieve an lower average ticket price, I'd suggest buying a partial season package. But hopefully the efforts that the teams are making to improve the in-game entertainment brings up the value of the game experience commensurate to the price.

If your team had a player who came out as gay, would your marketing and publicity folks go out of their way to highlight that, or would they act as if it never happened?

Asked by Gregg over 4 years ago

Obviously this is a touchy subject, so anything I write here is my personal opinion and may not reflect what the Marketing team as a whole may do but I think it would be somewhere in the middle of your range. If that subject comes up, it is what it is and we'd of course support that player's decision but I don't think we would try to hide nor push to have it highlighted.

From a pure marketing perspective, is fighting in hockey good or bad for the game?

Asked by Domi over 4 years ago

First of all, I like your username. Second, fighting definitely gets the fans pumped up which of course adds to the in-game experience. So I'd say that fighting is good for the game from the marketing perspective.

Which team(s), if any, do you expect to be gone or relocated in the next 5 years?

Asked by poof over 5 years ago

I have no idea what is on Gary Bettman's mind but I imagine that one or more of the southern teams will relocate. Phoenix is an obvious choice, given their tenuous situation over the last couple of years. The Florida Panthers are probably on thin ice (pun intended) as well. I think those two are the most likely to not exist over the next five years, and they'll probably move to Canada.

Did you ever play hockey yourself? Is that sort of an informal requirement of working for an NHL team?

Asked by flyerbynight over 4 years ago

I played street hockey a little bit when I was a kid. Playing hockey, nor being a fan of the team, aren't really requirements for working there. Passion for the game or team may help but isn't necessary at all.

Might sound like a dumb question, but does your team have any African-American players, and if so, do you guys make a conscious effort to play that up in your marketing efforts?

Asked by will.i.aint over 4 years ago

Not a dumb question at all. Yes, we do have an African-American player on our roster but we don't highlight him in our marketing and advertising any more than other players. We'll feature him whenever we feel he would work best but nothing out of the ordinary.

Regarding the lockout, do you think players are just being greedy, or do they have legitimate gripes?

Asked by Eric L.G. over 4 years ago

Both sides have legit gripes and you can say that both and neither are being greedy. The owners are billionaires, but many are losing millions every season. The players are millionaires but they would essentially be taking pay cuts. It's an ugly situation but it needs to be fixed.