NHL Team Marketer

NHL Team Marketer


Washington, DC

Male, 33

I'm the Director of Strategic Marketing of an NHL team. I focus on revenue generation and customer engagement via digital media. My expertise includes strategy, business development, mobile marketing and application design, CRM, online marketing and market research. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 24, 2013

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When owners say that they're losing money in a given year, how does the math work? Does it take into account the appreciation of franchise values?

Asked by mj over 11 years ago

No, appreciation of the franchise value is not taken not account. They lose money on the income statement.

What city's fans do u think are the most obnoxious?

Asked by TeddyR about 11 years ago

Philly fans are always obnoxious. Boston fans are annoying as well. I know Canadian team fans are some of the out passionate but I'm not sure how annoying they are. 

I am a sports enthusiast, and here is what I love about hockey: Because of on the fly substitutions, hockey is the only fame I can think of where players put out maximum effort when thay are in the game. Why not market it based on this attribute?

Asked by rndballref about 11 years ago

That's a great part of the game (along with games lasting only 2.5 hours, being the best in-game experience, etc.) but it just never has been an aspect that marketers could leverage, not sure why. 

Relating to thinice's question, can't the league and the players see that when this b.s. cuts into the season, it only winds up making the least popular major sport even less popular (and therefore less money to go around)?? Everyone loses!

Asked by sheesh over 11 years ago

Yeah, this isn't good for the sport at all. It took at least four or five years to rebound from the last lockout in 2004-05, and who knows what will happen now. It really sucks because the NHL was doing really well before this happened. Everyone does lose!

Perhaps you can answer a rules question: When both teams are shorthanded because of simultaneous penalties, playing 4 on 4, and a team scores, why doesn't their player come out of the box and play?

Asked by rndballref about 11 years ago

I believe that when both teams receive simultaneous penalties, they actually play at full strength (5 on 5) while the penalized players serve their time in the penalty box, so this question is moot. But I wish they would play 4 on 4 hockey in this situation...it's more exciting!