NHL Team Marketer

NHL Team Marketer


Washington, DC

Male, 33

I'm the Director of Strategic Marketing of an NHL team. I focus on revenue generation and customer engagement via digital media. My expertise includes strategy, business development, mobile marketing and application design, CRM, online marketing and market research. Ask me anything.

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Last Answer on June 24, 2013

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Do you think the NHL could ever fold?

Asked by all gray all day over 11 years ago

It's possible but I don't think it will. There's enough interest in the sport to keep it as one of the big four major leagues, but it's definitely the most susceptible of the four, because so much interest is driven by the teams in Canada and in the North.

Is Gary Bettman good or bad for the NHL?

Asked by Jon over 11 years ago

I don't think he has much longer as Commissioner.

What did you major in college? Did that help with your job today, or is it completely different from what you do now? Thanks.

Asked by Al about 11 years ago

I got my BS in Materials Engineering (useless), MS in Industrial Engineering (still use a bunch of concepts) and an MBA in Marketing (very useful). Obviously the MBA is the most useful and applied directly to my job.

Could the NHL hire replacement players if it had to?

Asked by manicghost over 11 years ago

I suppose they could dip into the AHL ranks for replacement players if they had to but it obviously would really hurt the quality of play.

What does it mean when TV announcers say that you're not even allowed to disseminate REPORTS of a game's action without a team's consent?? I understand not rebroadcasting it obv, but I can't even WRITE about what I SAW?

Asked by Jessy about 11 years ago

No idea, that some legal shit that I try to avoid like the plague!

How much does it cost to buy one of those ads along the boards in an NHL rink?

Asked by intl about 11 years ago

It depends on a bunch of factors like team (market), placement of the dasherboard ad, whether it's packaged with other ads, etc. but it could range from $50k to $150k. 

If lockouts are gonna be inevitable every year, why don't the league and players start the discussions earlier on and avoid cutting into the season?

Asked by eight-oh-eight over 11 years ago

I wonder the same thing. I guess it comes down to workload. During the season, there are so many things going on that you can never get to everything you want to do. You would think that the labor agreement would take priority but who knows why it doesn't.